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How to Change Spotify Profile Picture in 2023

by Jayant

Wanted to change Spotify Profile Picture because you are looking better now or wanted to share Spotify playlist publicly, here is how you can change the profile picture on Spotify.

Spotify is one of the most loved music streaming app around the world. There are a couple of reasons why Spotify is preferred over other streaming apps like Streaming quality, User-interface, user experience, music library, and whatnot. Along with streaming, Spotify can also be used as Social media platform.

You can add friends on Spotify, access your friend’s playlist, follow your favorite music artist. This is the reason why many people care about their Spotify profile picture.

If you are wondering how to change your Spotify profile picture, this is the place for you. You can change Spotify profile picture in just a minute. Along with that, you can also change Playlist Cover picture of Spotify so that you can attract more followers to your playlist.

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Change Spotify Profile Picture on PC & Mac

If you are using Spotify on a PC or laptop, follow the steps mentioned below to change the Spotify profile picture

1. Open Spotify Desktop app.

2. Click on the Top Right Corner Arrow beside your profile picture.


3. On the drop-down menu, click on Profile.


4. Hover over your profile picture and click on Choose Photo.


5. Select ‘Choose Photo’ and select the photo you wanted to use as Spotify Profile Picture.


That is how you can change profile pictures on Spotify on PC or Mac app. It is super quick to do. Make sure you are using the latest version of Spotify otherwise you might not find the exact steps. All in all, you just need to go to Spotify Profile and find an option to change the profile picture.

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If you are using the Spotify app on your Android Smartphone or iPhone, follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Change Spotify Profile Picture on Android/iOS App

We have already discussed how you can change Spotify Profile picture on PC app but for Android & iOS Spotify users, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Spotify app.

2. Tap on the ‘Gear’ icon at the top right corner. See the screenshot for the exact location.


3. Now tap on ‘View Profile’.


4. You have entered your Profile. Tap on ‘Edit Profile’.


5. Click on ‘Change Photo’ or simply tap on your ‘Profile Picture’ to change it.


6. Choose the Photo from Gallery or if you are good-looking and confident enough, you can select the ‘Take Photo’ option to click the photograph.


That’s all. Your Spotify Profile Picture has been changed now. If you are using Spotify using Facebook Login, you will see the exact Facebook profile picture on Spotify as well. But now you know how to change it. Simply follow the steps mentioned above and you are all set to change your profile picture on Spotify.

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Change Spotify Profile Picture: Final Words

So that is how you can change the profile picture on Spotify. Spotify is a leading music streaming app with social media elements. If you are an artist or just wanted to share your Spotify Playlist, a profile picture can definitely make an impact. If you are using an old profile picture on Spotify, it is time to update it.

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