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How to Find Someone’s Instagram Account by Phone Number in 2023

by Jayant

Are you trying to find someone’s Instagram account by phone number? Here you will find all the possible ways to find Instagram account using phone number. Instagram app natively provides you the option to find someone on Instagram but if that doesn’t work, there are dedicated services and platforms that let you find all the social media accounts using their phone number.

You can even find someone’s location by phone number which gets pretty handy in case you want to track the location of someone in your family or friends. Here we are only going to talk about ways to find Instagram by phone number.

How to Find Instagram Account by Phone Number in 2023

So without any further talking, let’s talk about the best ways to find someone’s Instagram using a phone number.

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1. Using Instagram App

It is super easy to find people on Instagram using their phone numbers. For finding someone on Instagram using phone number, make sure that the person’s phone number is already saved in your contacts. Also, make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your Profile.


2. Now tap on the small icon on your profile page. See the screenshot for reference.

For those who want to know all the secret Instagram icons, here is the meaning of Instagram icons and symbols.


3. You will see a couple of suggestions. Tap on ‘See All’.

4. On the next screen, Instagram will ask to access your contacts. If it is not asking, you can do that manually by tapping on the ‘Connect‘ button. Simply tap on ‘Allow Access’ and move on to the next step.


5. Now you will see all the Instagram accounts that are connected to phone numbers saved in your contacts. Simply follow them and you are good to go.

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This is probably the best and easiest way to find someone’s Instagram by phone number. But It only works when the other person, whose account you’ve been trying to find, has already added their phone number to their Instagram account.


If you are not able to find the Instagram account of a person by phone number, cross-check if the saved number is correct or not. If everything seems fine from your end and still not able to find it, try the next solution because there are high chance that other person is not using their phone number on their Instagram account.

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2. Intelius

Intelius is one of the most popular services for finding people online. It has a database of millions of users and with mere a single search, you will be able to find the location, social media, and criminal background of any person. You can also use Intelius to find Instagram accounts by phone number.

To find someone’s Instagram using a phone number, you need to go here on Intelius and select ‘Phone’ search. On the same Intelius page, you just need to enter the phone number of the person and hit ‘search’. Next, you need to confirm your age.


After verifying your age, go to the next screen. It will take a couple of seconds to load all the information. In the report, you will see social media profiles including Instagram account. Not just that, Intelius also shows the locations, addresses, and much more about the person.

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Once the report is ready, you just need to click on View Report to get all the information about the person including their Instagram account and other social media accounts.


Intelius is a powerful tool that contains a lot of information about the person. If you are an employer, property owner or any other professional and want to crosscheck the person’s identity and their social media presence, Intelius will help you find Instagram using phone number.

Try Intelius

3. Spokeo

Spokeo is yet another people search tool that lets you find an Instagram account using a phone number. You can search for an Instagram account using a mobile number as well. Using Spokeo, you will also be able to find the hidden Instagram account, which otherwise, is not possible to find.

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To find someone’s Instagram using a number, simply go here to Spokeo, enter the mobile number, and click on ‘Search Now’. Spokeo has a database of 12 billion records which includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, addresses, email addresses, relatives, and much more.


Once the search is completed, you will get all the Instagram accounts associated with the phone number. Please note, if the Instagram account you are trying to find is not associated with any phone number at all, you might not be able to get the desired results but you should definitely try Spokeo to get the Instagram account as well as other social media accounts associated with that phone number.

Find Instagram Account here

4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder also offers you to reverse phone search for finding an Instagram account. Just like other people finder services, TruthFinder also has billions of user’s database which includes social media profiles, name, gender, address and everything related to that phone number.

To find Instagram by phone number, first, you need to go to the TruthFinder website here and then enter the phone number. It will take a couple of minutes to create an extensive report about the person. It will also include some super personal information that otherwise is not possible to get.

All this data is already available publicly, TruthFinder just gives you a ready report including all the information with Instagram accounts, other social media accounts, and other confidential information. Just to be very clear, all these services are 100% legal and you are not violating any legal rules & regulations.


TruthFinder also helps you find other social media accounts using the phone number which is good if you are having new tenants, hiring a new employer, going on a blind date, or just wanting to enquire about new neighbors. TruthFinder is a powerful tool and finding someone’s Instagram account using a phone number is quick and easy with TruthFinder

Try TruthFinder

5. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is a popular service that lets you find social media accounts, job profiles, phone histories, vehicle histories and much more. If you are looking to find someone on Instagram using their phone number, you should definitely try BeenVerified.

They have a huge database of publicly available information about billions of people. Finding an Instagram account is super easy on BeenVerified. BeenVerified was also featured on MTVs Catfish TV show.

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Head over to this BeenVerified website and enter the phone number and hit search. Wait for a few minutes while BeenVerified is looking for the Instagram account associated with that phone number.


Once it is done, you will see a proper report that includes all the information about the person. Not just Instagram, you will also be able to get Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media account. Apart from social media information, you will also see other information like address, job profile, education, background, relatives, etc that might be helpful to you.

Overall, BeenVerified is an ocean of information and you are just a search away to find the Instagram of a person using a phone number.

Try BeenVerified

Find Instagram Account using Phone Number: To Summarise

So that is how you can find someone’s Instagram account using a phone number. The native Instagram app has a feature to sync your contacts to Instagram but most Instagram user uses an email address to login to Instagram and they don’t add a phone number to their Instagram account. In that case, you will not be able to find Instagram by phone number. But with other services like Intelius, BeenVerified, Spokeo, you might get the person’s Instagram by phone number.

These services have all the public records which include information related to social media, addresses, work, education, family etc. That way, one can easily find Instagram by phone number using such legit services.

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If you seriously need to find someone’s Instagram account by phone number, you can try services like BeenVerified, Intelius, TruthFinder, and Spokeo. These are professional services that let you find the person’s Instagram using a phone number using a deep search of the database of billions of people. Not just Instagram, these services also allow you to find other private information that otherwise is not possible to get.

Do you have any other way to search Instagram using a phone number? Let us know in the comments.

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