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How to Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number in 2023

by Jayant

Are you trying to find someone’s address by their phone number? Well, there are people around us that we don’t know personally but mean a lot, especially when they move to another place.

They could be colleagues, roommates, classmates, friends or even loyal customers. Having only a phone number is not enough if you are trying to meet them, and you don’t know their current address.

In that case, you can use reverse phone lookup platforms and public databases that let you find someone’s address using phone number. These tools and databases provide you with extensive information on the person’s current address just by their phone number.

In this article, I will give you some of the best ways that you can do that. If you have a phone number and trying to find the person behind it, here is how to find someone’s name by phone number.

Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number

The public databases and reverse phone lookup sites are meant for public access and are made to ease the process of finding someone’s address using the power of the internet.

Some of the ways mentioned here are absolutely free to use and you can easily find someone’s address by phone number for free but for extensive information of old and current addresses of person, social media accounts, name of the person, property information and other personal information, there would be some costs which are generally less than $1.

These paid platforms give you a proper online report of the person with all the information packed into it. Some platforms even allow to download the online report in PDF format for offline access. You can print or read it later on at your convenience.

Here is how you can find someone’s address by phone number in 2023:

1. Intelius

Intelius is one of the most popular and reliable public databases that hold a tonne of information including backgrounds, criminal reports, social media accounts, family history as well as addresses. The whole interface of Intelius is very intuitive and it takes a few seconds to find an address by phone number. Here is how to find someone’s address with phone number using Intelius.

1. First, go to Intelius and enter the phone number of the person.


2. Now simply hit search and Intelius will start doing its work. It will take a few seconds, depending on the size of the report associated with that phone number. Make sure you don’t refresh or go back while it is processing the information.

3. Once it is done, Intelius will show the whole report of the person including the current address of the person. Open the report and find the current address or location part in the report. That’s where you will see the address of the person.

Depending on the latest database Intelius has, you may find current address of the person, their possible social media accounts, photos, possible relatives, and much more. Having access to deeply personal information is not free but it is not hefty either.

Intelius charges $0.95 for 5 days trial where you will get access to the report that you generated, unlimited phone number lookups, customer support (US-based only), and private & secure reports.

Intelius also has a dedicated customer support number to cancel the trial after 5 days or to get other customer support. Also, all the searches on Intelius remain confidential and no one will ever know the search you initiated on that particular person. So, it is completely safe.

Intelius is the most trusted and reliable platform you can use to find person’s address by phone number as well as other personal information associated with a phone number. Give it a try.

Find Address using Intelius

2. Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the biggest platforms that provides deep information about the person just by their phone number. It sifts through billions of phone directories, white page records, and public databases to provide the most reliable and updated address by phone number.

The best part of Spokeo is that you will get a lifetime update of the report you purchased. That means, that whenever Spokeo updates its database associated with a particular phone number, you will receive an email notifying you of the latest information available about the person. You can access the latest information without paying any extra cost.

Here is how you can find someone’s address with a phone number using Spokeo.

1. To find someone’s address by phone number, go to Spokeo here and enter the phone number. Please cross-check the number for accurate results.


2. Now click on the ‘Search Now’ button. Spokeo has industry-leading records that include 130 Million property records, 3.9 Billion historical records, 120+ Social media networks, 6 Billion consumer records, and much more. Searching and generating reports using this much data will take some time. Just wait for a few seconds.


3. Once it is done, you will be able to see the current address, past address, neighbors and other residents living around that area for the most accurate and reliable results. Not just address, Spokeo also provides other information including family & associates, criminal records, wealth data, and more.

Getting access to such deep, personal information costs you $0.95 which includes free access to the report and a 7-day trial in which you get full access to social search in the US and Instant access to name, phone and address search. You can cancel the trial period anytime you want. Just like Intelius, Spokeo also has a dedicated customer care number for 7 days a week customer support.

Spokeo is indeed the best way to find someone address with phone number. It offers reliable information, detailed reports at super affordable pricing, lifetime updates of the report, confidentiality and 7 days a week customer support. If nothing is working out for you, give Spokeo a try and find address by phone number just like that.

Find Someone’s Address Here

3. BeenVerified

While other reverse phone lookup services provide you with online reports, BeenVerified can also provide offline reports in PDF format. BeenVerified is a popular public database service that also got popularity after featuring in MTV’s Catfish TV show. They have been in the market for the last 10 years, providing deep information that is otherwise not possible to access.

If you are looking to find someone’s address using a phone number, BeenVerified is just good to go. Here is what to do.

1. Go to BeenVerified here and enter the phone number in the search bar.


2. Once done, click on search and wait for a few seconds to get the final report. BeenVerified has billions of records that include information about the location, current address, past address, Job & education, Contact & home information, photos, and social media accounts.


Not only that, you will also get information related to criminal records, traffic violations, VIN numbers, caller identification and much more.

3. Open the report and access all the information you might be looking for. The generated report is well-organized and easy to read. All the information is structured into different columns and headings which also makes it visually appealing You can also see the sample report in the screenshot.

Just like any other reliable source of sensitive information, BeenVerified charges $1 for a 7-day trial that includes access to the report you just generated, 100 reports per month, and online access to reports.

Here is more, there is another $5 plan that includes all 3 features plus the additional benefit of downloading the report for offline access in PDF format.

You can print the report and access the report without having an internet connection. BeenVerified users also get customer support via telephone LIVE customer care number as well as email address. Users can email or simply call BeenVerified to get free support.

In a nutshell, BeenVerified is a trusted & reliable source to find address by phone number. It has an intuitive user interface, flexible plans, LIVE customer support, Billions of reliable records, and provides accurate, latest information about the person’s address via phone number.

Try BeenVerified Here

4. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a legit service that can help you find current address by phone number. Not just current address, but the past addresses of where that particular person lived. TruthFinder has a huge database that may provide you with the information you are looking for. Not just mobile numbers, TruthFinder also works on Landline numbers which are usually not easy to track.

1. In order to find the address by Phone number, first you need to go to TruthFinder and enter the phone number. If any permissions pop up, click on ‘Confirm’ and proceed to the next step.


2. Now TruthFinder will initiate the search which will take a few seconds to minutes to generate the final report.


3. Once it is done, you can get online access to the report which also includes the address of the person and current address and you might also see other information related to the address.

Along with current address, location and past address, TruthFinder also includes possible relatives, associates, dating profiles, photos/videos, phone carrier, and other online activity in the report. Every possible information about the person is included in this report and users don’t need to go here and there to search for particular information.

TruthFinder also provides online as well as customer care numbers for customer care support. While Intelius, Spokeo, and BeenVerified are providing access to reports for $1 or even less than $1, TruthFinder is charging $4.99/month to access the running report, unlimited phone number lookups, and US-based customer support.

There is no trial period plan in TruthFinder which is good as well as bad at the same time. At $4.99/mo, you are getting unlimited reverse phone number lookups for a month.

If you want to find the address of a person for a single time, it is better to consider Intelius, Spokeo or BeenVerified. If you want to find an address by phone number repeatedly for hiring, for business purposes, to know your customers, or to get information about multiple people, TruthFinder would be a cheaper option for you.

Try TruthFinder

Find Someone’s Address by Phone Number for free

All the above-mentioned are very affordable and reliable ways to find someone’s address by phone number. But to find an address by phone number for free, you can use Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Google Search is another free tool for finding someone address. If you have someone’s email, here is how you can find someone social media using email.

These are long shots but worth the try. Indeed you won’t find the deep personal information like these reverse phone lookup platforms provide but if you want something absolutely free, here is how to find someone’s address for free.

1. Instagram

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform where people around the world share photos and videos. A lot of Instagram users also use their phone number to login to the app. So if you want to find someone’s address using phone number, try Instagram.


First, you have to sync contacts in your phone with Instagram so that Instagram can show you the exact profile you are looking for. Here is how to find someone’s Instagram using phone number. Once you find that particular person’s profile on Instagram, you can explore their posts to find the address.

Please note, that if their Instagram account is private, you won’t be able to see their posts and to see their Instagram posts and videos, you need to send them a follow request. Once approved, you will be able to see all their Instagram posts and videos.

That is how you can use Instagram to find someone’s address for free. It completely relies on guesswork. If you are lucky enough, you might see some hints of their address in their posts otherwise Instagram itself does not provide the complete address of their users.

2. Facebook

Just like Instagram, you can also use Facebook to find a person’s address for free. If you have the phone number of a person, simply search on Facebook with that number or sync contacts with Facebook to see the Facebook profile associated with that number.


After that, the only option you have is to explore their posts, photos and videos to get an idea of their address. Some Facebook users also add their current address and city on their profile which can also help in finding addresses for free. You can check their ‘About’ section to see if they have added some address or even city to get an idea.

3. Google Search & Google My Business Listing

Google Search is a widely used search engine of the earth but in terms of finding someone’s address, Google Search sits in the last. It is a long shot but if nothing free is working for you yet, try Google Search to find someone’s address for free.

Go to Google search and enter the phone number. Although you won’t find the personal details but if that number is associated with some business listed on Google Maps, you will definitely find something. From there, you will also find the complete address for free.

Google, for privacy reasons, will not show you the address of anyone just by phone number which also makes complete sense. Google only searches other websites, business listings, and social media apps to search for addresses associate with that particular phone number. If that is publicly available, Google will show the results.

Find Address by Phone Number: Final Words

That is how you can find someone’s address using the phone number for free. Intelius, Spokeo, BeenVerified, and TruthFinder are the most reliable and practical ways to find addresses by phone number but there is a small cost associated with it. For under $1, you can get access to a complete report of the person that includes current address, past address, neighbors, relatives, social media profiles, court records and much more.

But if you don’t want to spend and want to find an address by phone number for free, you can try Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Search which are absolutely free to use but don’t have reliable results. There are high chance that you will not get the desired address details of the person at all.

Social media platforms do not provide such personal information on their own but if user has added the address details on their profile or some social media post, you can at least get an idea of their current address. Instagram is still a better idea to find someone’s address for free because people sometimes add the city and place they are posting from.

For the best, accurate, reliable and extended results of someone’s address with phone number, it is suggested to give Intelius, Spokeo, BeenVerified or TruthFinder a try.

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