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50 Cool Websites on the Internet That is Going To Kill Your Boring Time


Getting Bored? Or, feeling frustrated from that hectic schedule? If you find this article on Weekends, then you don’t have any reason to not to explore these amazingly cool websites. If you are at your workplace and craving for a 5 min break, use these fun websites to relax your brain cells. Take a deep breath, have a beer and take a look at these 50 Cool Websites + Bonus Website that will make your day even better.

If you are an avid internet user then you might love to explore the interesting blogs, websites over the internet that are interesting and really adds the value to you. There are millions of untapped interesting websites on the internet to explore and it would be crazy to explore them all. Check out these 50 Best interesting websites to kill boring time.

50 Fun Websites to Waste Time

There is a huge possibility that you NEVER EVER Visited these Cool websites and I am damn sure, you are going to love it. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out these 50 Fun website to kill boring time. You will also get a bonus website.

Click on the Title to Visit the website

1. Virtual Gym Trainer

If you are like me who wants to go to the gym but never goes because we don’t have the time or willingness to go to the gym. Well, in that case, Home exercise is necessary to stay in shape. Here is your Gym Trainer on your laptop/smartphone. Just click/tap on the muscle you want to tone and get simple exercises. Along with the pictures, you will also get videos for each muscle exercise. Stay Fit, Look Good.

2. Your Web Browser Knows You Better

There is nothing like Privacy these days. The web browser is one thing that we open second after opening the music player. We surf the most private websites like Banking websites on our Web Browser, in that way, your browser knows very much about you. This website will tell you what your browser knows about you including your device, exact location, social media accounts and more. Take a look.

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3. Dive into Space with 100,000 Stars

This is probably the most exciting and beautiful thing you can experience on the internet. If you love to know deeper mysterious of the Space, this is for you. Know about our Sun, Milky Way and our probable neighbors (we call them aliens).Do not miss this.

4. My Fridge Food

This is fun as well as the life-saving website for those who are living far away from their home & Mom. My Fridge Food is a website where you can find a recipe with the ingredients in your fridge. Just mark the ingredients you have in your fridge and there you have your next tastiest meal. If you don’t have any of the ingredients, rush to your nearest store or to Mcdonalds.

5. Listen to the Global Radio With Radio Garden

What if I say you can listen to the radio of Dubai, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney while sitting in India? Well, in that case, you should try Radio Garden which is one place to get access to Radio of the world. Well built and super easy to access. Just place the mark on the Globe to listen to Radio of that City. Interesting? Indeed!!!

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6. Car Makes Noise

If your car makes weird noises and you don’t know what actually making the noise, this website will help you a lot. Just click on the part of the car that you have any doubt on and listen to the sound. If both the sounds seem similar, you will get a better idea about the exact problem.

7.  A Soft Murmur

A soft murmur is a beautiful way to help you in concentrating on what is more important to you. The website plays ambient sounds like Chirping birds, Sea Waves, Rain, Thunder, Wind etc. that is soothing and helps you from getting distractions. You can also download the Soft Murmur app on Android and on iPhone. Believe me, you need it.

8. Explore Mount Everest

Not everyone is a daredevil with the courage to climb the Mount Everest. Well, you don’t need to be there to explore the Everest. The Discovery Channel created a website just to explore The Mount Everest in 3D.

9. How A Car Works

A lot of people loves driving and for a good driver, it is important to have basic knowledge about his/her machine. This website will help you in understanding each and every part of your car and how it actually works.

10. Real-Time Stats

If you are in the mood to get surprised. Click on the title to visit Real-Time Stats of Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tinder, Instagram, and whatnot. You can see real-time numbers and it is pretty fascinating to see them. Try it.

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11. Is it Normal?

Humans tend to make mistake every day. Have you done something which is embarrassing you internally and you have no idea whether it is normal or not? Well, This is a website where you can ask a question anonymously and other people will answer you without knowing your identity.

12. Faces of Facebook?

Ever had a thought of having all the facebook profile pictures on a single web page. Here are Faces of Facebook for you. Check them out and don’t miss the First Face 😉

13. Lamebook

Yes, you got the idea. Lamebook is all about Lame, embarrassing statuses on Facebook. Enjoy the stupidity of people.

14. A Good Movie to Watch

If you go through all the interesting websites mentioned above and still found nothing to kill boring time, here we have a website that will suggest you a Good Movie to watch. Along with movies, you will also see some good TV shows suggestions. You can sort movie/tv shows suggestion on the basis of genre, Mood, Netflix, Amazon Prime. You will see movies and tv shows from Netflix US, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada only. All in all, a great website to get suggestions for movies and tv shows.

15. The Useless Web

As the name suggesting. The Useless Web is a website that brings you to another ridiculously Useless Website. But, it is pretty fun. Give it a shot.

16. I Waste So Much Time

This is another website to kill time. The website included nothing but the pictures embedded with some text. It is just like a Memes, Huge amount of Memes.

17. The Pixel Thought

This is so beautiful. With Pixel Thought, you can meditate for 60 Seconds. It offers you to add a thing that is bothering you and you will get some beautiful facts that actually helps you in recovering from your biggest problems, conditions or whatever it is. Must give it a shot.

18. Cracked

Cracked is an amazing collection of fun articles that will kill your time. The articles are pretty addictive and it is fun to read them and to see photos. And yes, Cracked is America’s Only Humour Site (that’s what they say)

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19. Eat This Much

Eat this Much is your virtual dietician which allows you to track your meals on automation. You just need to make your profile including weight, height, age, and goal and it will automatically generate the food you should eat. With that, you don’t need to check the food metrics again and again. If you are trying to weight loss or weight gain, you should give it a shot.

20. Make your Own Game

If you are a coder who has the basic knowledge of C, C++, Java, Python, and other languages, this is for you. With the templates, you can make your own game. Show your skills and creativity.

21. Slither.io

This is a fun website in which you can play the game. The game is very much like the popular Snake game that we play in the mobile phone. It is pretty fun.

22. Crossfade.io

Crossfade is the web-based app where you can mix two videos into one. You can add video link from Youtube, Vimeo, Giphy etc. Along with videos, you can also add a soundtrack from Soundcloud. If you have any idea to mix up to videos, this is pretty handy as you don’t need to install any video editor.

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23. Oddee

If you like weird things, here is Oddee for you. It consists of a list of weirdest things on the planet earth. Well, some lists are full of filth but some are really cool and interesting. Give it a Shot.

24. Madeon’s Adventure Machine

It is an amazing website to create music in few clicks. There are drum loops, vocals loop and synths that you can combine to create endless Music. Pretty Fun and good for those who love to play with music.

25. Stumble Upon

This is my favorite time killer. I also have Stumble Upon app on my phone. Stumble Upon is an amazing website where you can add your interests like technology, gadgets, entertainment, movies, Hollywood, art, graphics, tv shows, cars and other hundreds of Interests. Then just click on the Stumble to get the most popular content of your interest. It is totally random and this is the beauty of Internet. You can also like the pages you want to save. Must give it a shot.

26. Giphy

You are a liar if you say that you don’t like GIFs. Giphy is a godown of gifs. You can find thousands of gifs on Giphy from different categories. So, what are you waiting for? Go explore giphy and share the best one on your social media.

27. BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed is a popular website which posts breaking news from different sectors. Not only news, it also includes the lists of things which are pretty fun to read. You will never get bored when you are on BuzzFeed.

28. Fail Blog

Fail Blog is another website that provides epic fails pictures and gifs. The gifs and pictures are pretty fun when you don’t have anything to do. Take a look and tone your facial muscles.

29. Awkward Family Photos

You got the idea from the name itself. The websites contain awkward family pictures and nothing is good to see someone’s photo which is on the internet because the pictures are awkward. Do you have any reason to not to open it?

30. People of Wal-Mart

Here is another fun website including photos of people in Walmart. People are not ordinary. They are weirdly dressed with some really weird grocery shopping list. You will not see such kind of people on a regular basis.

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31. Reddit

Now don’t say you find Reddit a boring place? If you think so, you never use the Reddit. Go to some exciting subreddits to get entertain. The world is there for you to entertain you. Google some best subreddits list. Thanks to me later.

32. Open Puppies

Love puppies? This is for you only. Press the Space button and enjoy the cute and adorable puppies from around the world.

33. Uncrate

Uncrate is a website just for men. Uncrate has 9,000 Products, especially for men. You can find a product like Super Cars, Bikes, Yacht, Styling Products, Gears, Tech stuff and a lot more. Explore the website and find something that can enhance your manhood.

34. This is Why I M Broke

The website title is pretty attractive. If you run out of ideas to gift someone, this website is ready to help you. You can filter products according to men and women. Before going to gift someone, visit this website.

35. James Edition

Money can’t buy Happiness but it can buy a yacht or a Private Jet. Well, this is not so useful for most of the people but it is fun to explore the site for all of us. James Edition is a website for extremely rich people who want to buy Super Cars, Bikes, Yacht, Private Jet, Helicopter, Mansion and what not. Take a look at what money can buy.

36. Rich Kids Instagram

Maybe you are bragging about your new car or a new iPhone but Instagram feeds of these super-rich kids will make you feel poor. This is a dedicated blog for the Rich Kids of Instagram. Take a look at the life of these Kids.

37. Wiki How

Think about any possible thing that you want to do and search on Wiki How. You will get all the information on How to do that thing. Go crazy and search anything.

38. Incredible Things

Do you like new and weird things? Incredible things are for you. You will find the incredible and weird thing on the internet on this website. Go check them out.

39. The Odd 1s Out

If you love comics humor, this is for you. You will get hundreds of comic which are hilarious. These guys also have a Youtube channel if you want to dig up more.

40. Wait but Why?

Read normal news but in an all-new way. The website publishes normal real-life news but with a flavor of Humour. Give it a shot, It is a pretty good way to update yourself in a better way.

41. Google Earth Web

Have you tried it before? No? You are missing a lot. See our Earth from all new perspective. The new Google Earth has 3D maps and images which seem like a magic. With I’m Feeling Lucky button, you would get some beautiful places you never heard of. Go check it out NOW. Do Not Miss this.

42. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler is an Adobe’s official website to suggest you the color scheme. If you have a problem finding the perfect shade with a particular color and have problems to find Color Scheme, this is going to help you a lot. Choose the best color for your logo.

43. Built With 

Built With is an ultimate solution to find the backend info of any website. The Web hosting, framework, Database, Advertising agencies and more. If you are in the Internet space and want to know about your competitor’s site, this online tool will help you a lot.

44. Quora

Quora is the next big thing. Quora is Question and Answer based website that holds the questions and answers of millions of people. You will find some of the really interesting questions here. Beware, Quora is an Addictive thing. Manage the time properly.

45. Touch Piano

Playing Piano is not an easy task. Very few people are blessed with such kind of talents. But if you love playing piano, this website is going to help you. Just click and play the beautiful piano melody.

46. Little Alchemy 2

This is the latest version of the Little Alchemy. The website is pretty cool and you will have a great time with this. Little Alchemy is a fun website that shows you 4 basic elements of life, that is Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. You need to mix different elements to create more and more elements. Confused? Why don’t you visit yourself?

47. 9Gag

Wait, did we really miss the 9Gag on this list? This should be at least on the top 10 but it will take time to change the numbering on this list. Anyway, here we have 9Gag which is indeed a fun website for killing boring time. 9Gag is a popular website which has some of the finest collection of memes, Photoshop failures, and whatnot. Just visit the website/App and kill your time.

48. Hacker Type

Do you recall the scenes from the movies where villain who is also a world-class hacker hacks the whole city with his magnificent code? Well, you can write that code without any skills. So you don’t believe me now? Visit this cool website and hack whatever you want to hack, if you can do.

49. Duo Lingo

Have you ever thought about learning a new language? This is the time I guess. Duo Lingo allows you to learn a new language for free.

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50. Child’s Own

Okay, this is really a fun website. Do you have a child who draws stupid but adorable things on paper? Well, you can get a Soft toy of that same stupid but adorable thing. Yes, someone on the internet is doing it. Just submit the image of the drawing and you will get a Soft toy of that drawing. It is not free though. Do check that out.

Bonus: Find the Invisible Cow

Oh god. This is funny. You have to find the invisible cow and it is pretty funny. Go ahead.

50 Interesting Websites You Know Already

These are some of the really cool interesting websites that surely gonna help you in killing the boring time. Some of these are really interesting and helpful. Do you have any other interesting website to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below. Do not forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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