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43 Cool Websites To Kill Your Boring Time (2024)

by Jayant

Getting Bored? Or, feeling frustrated from that hectic schedule? Explore these amazingly cool websites and get some relaxation. You can also Bookmark this webpage’s URL for accessing these cool websites later because the below-mentioned websites will be going to kill the boring time.

I have some fun websites for adults as well as for kids that you can visit to kill your boring time. If you are at your workplace and craving a 5-minute break, use these fun & interesting websites to relax your brain cells.

There are millions of untapped interesting websites on the internet to explore and it would be crazy to explore them all. Check out these 43 Fun & Cool websites to kill boring time.

43 Cool Websites to Kill Boring Time (2024 Updated)

There is a huge possibility that you have NEVER EVER Visited these Cool websites and I am damn sure, you are going to love them. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s check out these interesting, fun websites to kill boring time.

Click on the Title to Visit the Website

1. Virtual Gym Trainer

Here is a super cool website that gives workout videos in a super fun way. Just open it and click on the muscle you want to pump. It then shows the different exercises with dedicated videos from different angles so that users can learn the proper form to do the exercise. This is indeed an interesting website to check out.

2. Bing AI Image Creator

Bing AI Image Creator is one of my favorite fun websites to explore in my free time. Unlike Midjourney, it is completely free to use and it also works fast, without any waiting. You just need to go to Image Creator of Bing, login, enter the prompt and hit Create. It will start generating the image for you. It gives 15 Credits per day which means you can create up to 15 images per day which is acceptable and good to go, considering the free AI platform. If you are getting bored right now and looking to explore your creativity, this is indeed the coolest website you should try right now.

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3. 100,000 Stars

This is probably the most exciting and beautiful thing you can experience on the internet. If you love to know the deeper mystery of Space, this is for you. Know about our Sun, Milky Way, and our probable neighbors (we call them aliens). Do not miss this fun website.

4. Spend Elon Musk’s Money

We all know Elon Musk and his worth of a Billion of Dollars. Would you like to spend his money? Here is how you can do that. Go to the link mentioned and start spending Elon Musk’s fortune. You can buy PS5, Macbooks, Yacht, CyberTruck, Exotic Vacations, Exotic Cars, Helicopters, Mansion, NFL Team, Private Jet, Army Tank, and whatnot. This is a fun website to kill boring time, don’t get serious. Working smart might turn this into reality.

5. Sandspiel

Do you like Sandbox games like Minecraft where you don’t have a goal or mission, just random tools and an open game environment to explore? Sandspiel is a free sandbox game which is a super cool website to visit when you are getting bored. You will find some tools like Wind, Water, Fungus, Plants, Acid, dust, Lava, etc. and you can have endless fun with these tools. The whole game mechanics are just brilliant and you will find yourself in awe while having fun with this cool website. Must visit.

6. MusicMap

Would you like to explore some untapped music genres that you might have never heard before? Here is this fun website called MusicMap that gives you the finest details about different music genres from the 1870s to 2016. Not just info, it also gives you a ready-made YouTube & Spotify Playlist so that you can actually enjoy those lost music genres. If you are a music lover, this interesting website is a goldmine for you.

7. ChatGPT

The new era of AI has been started and ChatGPT is one of the final products powered by AI. ChatGPT is a chat-based platform where you can ask anything AI and it will reply to you just like human replies. It doesn’t feel like you are talking to a bot or technology. You can ask ChatGPT to write an essay, write codes for a new app, talk about life problems and whatnot. It is definitely the coolest website to kill boring time.

8. My Fridge Food

This is fun as well as a life-saving website for those who are living far away from their home and mom. My Fridge Food is a website where you can find a recipe with the ingredients in your fridge. Just mark the ingredients you have in your fridge and there you have your next tastiest meal. If you don’t have any of the ingredients, rush to your nearest store or to McDonald’s.

9. Listen to the Global Radio With Radio Garden

What if I say, you can listen to the radio of Dubai, New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, and Sydney while sitting in India or anywhere in the world? Well, in that case, you should try Radio Garden which is one place to get access to the Radio of the world. Well built and super easy to access. Just place the mark on the Globe to listen to the Radio of that City. Interesting website? Indeed!!!

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10. Play Retro Nintendo Games

If you are a Nintendo fan but are now busy with life routine, well you can recall all your childhood memories on your laptop or PC. Go to mynintendo.online and play all the Nintendo retro games on your laptop using the keyboard. If you have a gaming controller, that would be even better but you can also play using the keyboard. You can play Super Mario, Pokémon, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Kart, Star Fox, and much more. Pretty fun website, right?

11. Animated Drawings

Getting bored? Try this cool website that animates all your creativity. If you like to draw or your kids like to draw cartoon characters or anything else, you can animate that drawing using this cool website. To animate the drawing, click a photograph of the drawing. Now go to sketch.metademolab.com and upload your drawing. Wait for a few seconds and it is done. Choose animation and your drawing is now animated. Isn’t it fun?

12. Pointer Pointer

Check this fun website to kill boring time. This website shows the finger pointed right at your mouse cursor. Move the cursor on the screen and it will give you a random photo of a person pointing a finger at your cursor. It is a super fun website that you should visit to cure boredom.

13. GeoFS Flight Simulator

If you are like me who wanted to fly an Airplane and like to watch, and travel on airplanes, this cool website is just for you. GeoFS allows you to experience the flight module using which you can fly an airplane. It is an online flight simulator and you don’t need to install anything. You can choose your Aircraft and then just fly it off. This is definitely one of my favorite fun websites for boring times.

14.  A Soft Murmur

A soft murmur is a beautiful way to help you in concentrating on what is more important to you. The website plays ambient sounds like Chirping birds, Sea Waves, Rain, Thunder, Wind, etc. which are soothing and help you avoid distractions. You can also download the Soft Murmur app on Android and on iPhone. Believe me, you need it.

15. 2000’s TV


Let’s go back to 2000s TV when we didn’t have Netflix, Prime Video, and Youtube in our pockets and we used to explore TV channels for killing boring time. This cool & fun website has different categories like 2000s Cartoons, Music, Movies, Daily Soap, News, shows, Sports and even Commercials. You can select the category you want to watch and using the retro remote controller, you can switch to different channels. This will take you to the old memory lane and it feels nostalgic. They also have the 60s, 70s, and 80s TV versions to explore.

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16. A Good Movie to Watch

If you go through all the interesting websites mentioned above and still find nothing to kill boring time, here we have a website that will suggest a Good Movie to watch. Along with movies, you will also see some good TV show suggestions. You can sort movie/TV show suggestions based on genre, Mood, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. You will see movies and TV shows from Netflix US, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, and Canada only. All in all, a great website to get suggestions for movies and TV shows.

17. The Useless Web

As the name suggests. The Useless Web is a website that brings you to another ridiculously Useless Website. But, it is pretty fun. Give it a shot.

18. I Waste So Much Time

This is another website to kill time. The website included nothing but pictures embedded with some text. It is just like a Meme, a Huge amount of Memes.

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19. The Pixel Thought

This is so beautiful. With Pixel Thought, you can meditate for 60 Seconds. It allows you to add a thing that is bothering you and you will get some beautiful facts that actually help you in recovering from your biggest problems, conditions, or whatever it is. Must give it a shot.

20. Patatap

Do you like playing music? Patatap is going to impress you in no time. Patatap plays sound effects with animation whenever you press a button on a keyboard. For music producers, this is a hidden music mine where they can easily find some cool sound effects for their music. This is definitely a cool website you should visit. The synchronization of sound effects and animation looks so fun to do.

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21. JS Paint

Do you remember the classic ‘Paint’ app on Windows XP we used to play? If you are missing that version of ‘Paint’, this fun website kept it alive for us. Simply click on the link and it will take you to your childhood. It has all the features of classic Windows XP Paint and you can draw anything you want. Not just draw, you can also ‘Save’ your creativity and even upload it to Imgur.

22. Classic Reload


Classic Reload is a collection of old, Windows/DOS games from the 1990s which are preserved for the future generation. If you are craving to play those classic games that we used to play on Intel Pentium 3 CPU, this fun game website has all those games available to play. This cool website has all the titles like Prince of Persia, Doom 2, Dangerous Dave, Bomber Man and much more. You can use your laptop or PC’s keyboard to play and it also has all the original background and sound effects. Relive the old memory with Classic Reload.

23. ‘WBWWB’ by Ncase.me


‘We Become What We Behold’ is a game developed by Nicky Case. This ‘WBWWB’ is a game about the News Cycle and how this breaking news is creating a never-ending vicious cycle of fear, anxiety, hate, and disharmony in society and how we react to it. It is an extremely cool website with a beautiful message. You can spend hours and hours on this without getting bored. Go visit this cool website and kill your boring time.

24. Google Quick Draw


This is Google’s platform which is made to teach Neural engines about doodling. If you are getting bored, you can show some doodling skills on Quick Draw. It will give you objects, and things, to draw, and using a mouse, you have to draw that on the screen. The AI in the backend will keep on saying things you are drawing and this is a pretty fun website to kill boring time.

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25. Awkward Family Photos

You got the idea from the name itself. The websites contain awkward family pictures and it is good to see someone’s photo which is on the internet because the pictures are awkward. This is a fun website you can visit to see what people are capturing around the world.

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26. Open Puppies

Do you love Dogs? This is the perfect fun website to visit. Press the Space button and enjoy cute and adorable puppies from around the world.

27. This is Why I M Broke

The website title is pretty attractive. If you run out of ideas to gift someone, this website is ready to help you. You can filter products according to men and women. Before going to gift someone, visit this website.

28. James Edition

Money can’t buy Happiness but it can buy a yacht, supercars, rare luxury Watches and even a Private Jet. Well, this is not so useful for most people but it is fun to explore the site for all of us. James Edition is a cool website for extremely rich people who want to buy supercars, Bikes, yachts, Private jets, helicopters, mansions, and whatnot. Take a look at what money can buy. Indeed, an interesting website, at least to me.

29. Google Earth

Have you tried it before? No? You are missing a lot. See our Earth from an all-new perspective. The new Google Earth has 3D maps and images which seem like magic. With I’m Feeling Lucky button, you will get some beautiful places you never heard of. Go check it out NOW. Do Not Miss this. This is one of my favorite fun websites to kill time.

30. Bored Button


Bored Button is a collection of different fun game websites that gives you a new game every time you refresh the page. It has simple, casual, light-hearted games which are best for boring times. If you are getting bored and don’t know what to do, visit Bored Button and kill your boring

31. Touch Piano

Playing Piano is not an easy task. Very few people are blessed with such kind of talents. But if you love playing the piano, this website is going to help you. Just click and play the beautiful piano melody.

32. Little Alchemy 2

This is the latest version of Little Alchemy. The website is pretty fun and you will have a great time with this. Little Alchemy is a cool website that shows you 4 basic elements of life, that is Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. You need to mix different elements to create more and more elements. Play with it and kill the boring time right away.

33. 9Gag

Wait, did we really miss the 9Gag on this list? This cool website should be at least in the top 10 but it will take time to change the numbering on this list. Anyway, here we have 9Gag which is indeed a fun website for killing boring time. 9Gag is a popular website that has some of the finest collections of memes, Photoshop failures, and whatnot. Just visit the website/App and kill your time. Also, you can follow them on Instagram. Pretty cool guys.

34. Hacker Type

Do you recall the scenes from the movies where a villain who is also a world-class hacker hacks the whole city with his magnificent code? Well, you can write that code without any skills. So you don’t believe me now? Visit this cool website and hack whatever you want to hack, if you can.

35. Duo Lingo

Have you ever thought about learning a new language? This is the time I guess. Duo Lingo allows you to learn a new language for free.

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36. Child’s Own

Okay, this is really a fun website. Do you have a child who draws stupid but adorable things on paper? Well, you can get a Soft toy of that same stupid but adorable thing. Yes, someone on the internet is doing it. Just submit the image of the drawing and you will get a Soft toy of that drawing. It is not free though. Do check that out.

37. Neal.fun

Neal.fun is a popular website that has 18 more fun interactive games kinda thing. In this, you will also get a chance to spend Bill Gates’ money. If you are someone who loves Space and deep oceans, you will find a lot of information about them. This is one of my favorite websites to spend boring time on. Highly recommended.

38. Chrome Experiments

This is one of my favorite websites to kill time. Chrome Experiment really helped me in keeping my mind sane during the lockdown period. Simply open the website and launch the experiments that excite you. It has Music Lab, Space & Stars, Bitcoin Globe (under WebGL Globe Experiment), Audio Visualiser, and much more. Please visit and thank me later.

39. Monkey Type

When you are getting bored, simply open this website and start typing what you are seeing on the screen. Monkey Type is a typing testing website that tests your typing consistency, and typing speed and then gives you a proper report. This is a fun website that also came useful. You have to try this cool website.

40. Geo Memorizer

Those who have an interest in geography will love this cool website. Geo Memorizer is an interactive website that helps you in memorizing the flags of different countries. It also makes fun to learn about different countries’ locations on the map. Once you memorize the flags and locations of countries, it takes a surprise test to keep you engaged. It is a pretty fun website for a boring time.

41. Drench

Drench is a color game wherein the user gets 30 moves to paint the board in a single color. It is a super fun website. No fancy animations, no fancy graphics, just a fun game website to kill the boring time. Once you start playing Drench, it gets really addictive. Drench 2 is also out but that is a little complicated and less fun.

42. Find the Invisible Cow

Oh god. This is a fun website. You have to find the invisible cow and it is pretty funny. Move the mouse cursor and it will change the volume and intensity of the sound. Click around the place where you get the highest volume and intensity to find the invisible cow. It is pretty fun website for kids as well as for adults.

43. Hotspot 3D

Looking to buy a brand-new smartphone online? This website will help you by showing you the design of your potential smartphone. Compare the smartphone with other smartphones in the market. Usually, when we buy things online, one big issue that strikes in mind the how They would look in hand. This cool website will give you pretty much a solid idea of what your next smartphone will look like. Must try.

43 Cool Websites to Kill Boring Time in 2024

These are some of the really cool interesting websites that are surely gonna help you in killing the boring time. Some of these are really interesting and helpful as well. Do you have any other interesting websites to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below. Do not forget to share it with your friends on social media.

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