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How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side in 2023

by Jayant

If you have been wondering How to put pictures side by side, this article is for you. Here we will give you easy ways to put two pictures side by side.

There are times in everyone’s lives when we want to put two photos side by side. Maybe you wanted to share happy times with loved ones, share ‘Now & then’ body transformation photos, to highlight the difference between 2 products, and whatnot. If you are in that situation right now and looking to put 2 pictures side by side, you are in the best place.

There are a lot of apps, and online graphic designing platforms that can be used to put side-by-side pictures on iPhone, Android and even on laptops. So, without any further talking, let’s see how you can put the pictures side by side.

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How to Put Two Pictures Side by Side in 2023

You will see some apps, online tools using which you can make a collage and combine multiple pictures into one single picture. You can even gift someone a collage of shared memories together.

1. Layout App by Instagram

You just don’t need any introduction to Instagram. It is the biggest social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Instagram also offers apps and tools to make photos and videos visually appealing and look better. The ‘Layout’ is one of those apps from Instagram.

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The layout is a free app available on Play Store and App Store. Using the Layout app, you can easily put the pictures side by side on iPhone & Android. Here is how:

1. Open the Layout app and Simply choose the layout and add multiple pictures to it.


2. Now you can also adjust the photos to keep everything in the frame. Some of the basic features include Mirror, Flip, and Add a border to your photo.

3. Once you are done with editing, simply click on Save. The photo is now ready to share.

The layout is the easiest and the best way to put two pictures side by side on iPhone & Android. Layout app by Instagram is also a free app and you don’t need any subscription or to pay anything to download the app. Layout is a highly recommended app to put pictures side by side.

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2. Google Photos

Google Photos is another free and easiest way to put 2 pictures side by side. Google Photos has an inbuilt option to merge the photos and to add multiple photos in one single picture. If you don’t have Google Photos installed, you can install it from Play Store & App Store for free.

Here is how to use Google Photos to put pictures side by side:

1. To put pictures side by side using Google Photos, simply tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top and select Collage.

2. Now select the photos you want to add to the collage and tap on ‘Create’.


3. You will see pictures side by side. Edit the photo using the tools mentioned below the picture. You can crop, adjust, add a warm, cool tone to the picture. You can also play with filters, markups, brightness, contrast etc. There are a few tools that are only available to Google One members.

4. Once you are done with editing, select ‘Save Copy’ to save the picture.

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That is how you can put two pictures side by side using the Google Photos app. If you want additional editing options like enhancing, changing the color tone, cropping, filters etc. Google Photos is a better option than the Layout app. Layout is quick

3. Photo Gallery

Every smartphone comes with an inbuilt Gallery to manage the photos and videos. Well, you can also use that Gallery to put two pictures side by side by making a collage.

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To put pictures side by side, simply open the Gallery app on your phone, select any 2 pictures that you want to put side by side, go to options and there must be a collage option.

Select it and you will see some basic editing tools that you can use to make an attractive collage of two or more pictures.


I am using a Samsung phone here and every smartphone brand has a different Gallery. If you are using any Samsung smartphone, you can follow the exact steps to put two pictures side by side. You will see a similar option with another name or in a different menu.

4. Canva

If you are looking for an advanced tool to put pictures side by side, you can use Canva. The above-mentioned apps provide basic photo editing features with a few collage templates but if you want professional-looking collages for your brand, Canva is the way to go.


To put two pictures side by side, go to Canva.com and sign up for free. Now simply search for Collage. You will see thousands of beautiful templates. Simply choose the best one for you and start editing. You can upload your own photos, change colors, add text, animation, graphics, backgrounds, and whatnot.

Canva is a freemium photo editing platform. If you want an advanced tool to put pictures side by side, there is nothing better than Canva. There are a lot of options to edit the photos on Canva. You can even add text, stickers, animations and much more. If you are asking how to put 2 pictures together in a professional way, Canva is the answer.

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5. PicMonkey

Just like Canva, we have another tool to put pictures side by side called PicMonkey by Shutterstock. Shutterstock is one of the biggest platforms for stock, royalty-free photos and videos.

To make a collage and to put photos side by side, go to PicMonkey.com, sign up for free. Now go to ‘Create’ & choose Collage.

In the next screen, you need to choose the size of the image. If you want to share the image on Instagram, select the ‘Instagram Post’ and it will give you the exact picture resolution and aspect ratio for your Instagram post. You can also create a custom resolution.


Once selected, you will see the layout of the collage. Select any of them and start editing the photo. Upload your photos, add text, colors, effects and much more. It is not your usual photo editing app and there is a slight learning curve to use this online tool.

6. Other Websites

By now, you must get an app or online tool to put the pictures side by side but if not, you can simply use Google Search to see other websites that offer you to put the pictures side by side. There are hundreds of websites that allow you to create collages online.

I personally don’t recommend random websites to upload your pictures on because of privacy issues. Privacy is a myth on the internet but why choose an unreliable website just to create a collage? Moreover, these types of websites download low-quality photos and miss that sharp, crispy texture of photos.

Websites you can use to put 2 pictures side by side online are photo-collage.net, photocollage.com. For best quality side-by-side photos and user experience, use ‘Layout’ app by Instagram or Canva.

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How to Put Pictures Side by Side: Final Words

These are some of the best ways to put two pictures side by side. Most people called it a Collage. Layout from Instagram is one of my personal favorite apps to put pictures side by side on iPhone as well as on Android.

It is quick, easy, and does not ask for photo editing skills. Other than that, an inbuilt phone gallery is also another great option to put two pictures side by side if you don’t want to install an additional app.

Canva & PicMonkey, on the other hand, are the best online tools to put 2 pictures side by side. You can also download the Canva & PicMonkey app on iPhone and Android. For me, a big PC or laptop screen is preferred to give you better colors, resolution, and convenience.

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Now you know everything about side-by-side photos. You can use any of the above-mentioned tools or websites to put two pictures side by side together to make one single photo.

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