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21 Best Home Office Gadgets in 2021 – Gadgets for the Home Office

by Jayant

The new era of working from home has already begun and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to add some persona to your home office, and what better way to do than investing in some cool home office tech gadgets.

In this post, we have tried compiling a list of some of the cool office gadgets for a home office that will help ease your workload and boost your allover productivity. So, if you are also looking for cool gadgets for the home office, continue reading this and you will get all the best home gadgets for your home office.


21 Cool Home Office Gadgets For Home Office Desk

Here we have some of the best home office gadgets that you consider for your desk. Let’s talk about it:

1. Motionwise Electric Standing Desk

Working from home can be hectic. We don’t have the desks as we have in our offices. To solve that, here we have Motionwise Electric Standing Desk that you can adjust according to your need. You can work while standing or while sitting on your chair. The size of the Desk’s dimensions is 24”x48 which is good enough for anyone. You can easily place a PC or laptop with documents and other desk gadgets.


The desk is equipped with Dual Synchronized motor that smoothly lowers down and rising up the desk without bothering your stuff on the surface. Motors can lift the weight up to the capability of 225 lbs or 100 Kg. There are 4 presets for height adjustment. Simply press the button and let the motors roll. Along with that, there is a USB port of 5V/2.4A to charge your smartphone or any other gadget.

There is one drawer that you can use to keep the office supplies or anything you want quick access to. The desk is steel constructed with a beautiful powder coat finish that looks stunning and also durable.

Available in 4 colors, this electric Standing desk totally worth the buck.

Best Buy: Amazon

2. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair


Moving forward to comfortable sitting arrangements, we have Duramont Ergonomic adjustable chair. While working on Laptops or PC, sitting posture plays an important role. Uncomfortable or unnatural posture not only hinders the workflow but also leads to serious health issues, especially related to the back.

Considering that, investing in an ergonomic adjustable chair is no brainer. This chair comes with breathable mesh material that lets the air circulation and keeps your back sweat-free even for a longer duration of time. Talking about adjustability, you can adjust anything and everything in this chair. You can adjust the headrest height and angle, the lumbar support, the armrest height and distance from the seat, seat height, backrest tilt, and the tilt tension.

For a comfortable and safe sitting posture, this office chair from Duramont is an ideal pick for your home office setup.

Best Buy: Amazon

3. Samsung Business SR650


If you are just setting up a new home office desk and looking for a great monitor, this Monitor from Samsung is a great pick. If you are into graphic designs or professional photo/video editing or looking for a monitor just for office work documents, sheets, presentations, this monitor is good to go as it comes with an IPS panel that has great color reproduction. Accurate and vivid colors are why IPS panels are popular in their category.

The stand is fully adjustable with tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustment. Other than that, you get all the connectivity options like ̣VGA, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0. Using these ports, you can connect literally any device with this monitor. What makes it better for office work are Eye Saver Mode and Flicker-Free technology that protects your eyes from straining when you are working for a long duration. Elegant bezeless design going to make your desk even more sophisticated. If you want a monitor for your home office, this is it.

Best Buy: Amazon

4. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Powered by Alexa, Amazon Echo 4th gen is now redesigned. Whether it’s knowing the latest market updates or shopping for office staples online or simply just ordering a goods delivery service, Alexa can do it all before you even bat your eyelids. Amazon Echo not only works great for a home office but it also very helpful for households like controlling the TV, thermostat, etc. using your voice.

Alexa is a beautiful gadget for Home Office and all you need is to ask Alexa to do things for you. You can fix meetings and appointments just by saying it to Alexa. Moreover, from reminding memos and to controlling Home Office Gadgets, reading up the latest news from Wall Street, Amazon Echo is always there for you.

If you are looking for more smart home devices for Home/Office Automation like Smart Switches, Smart Home Hub, Sensors, Smart Lighting, we already have the complete list of best devices for home automation. You should definitely check that out as well.

See Also: Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo Vs. Apple HomePod

Alternatively, you can opt for Google Home which is pretty similar to Amazon Echo. The build quality and size of Google Home is always better than the Amazon Echo. If you already have Alexa Ecosystem in your home, go for Amazon Echo, else, Google Home works just fine. You can buy Google Home here.

Best Buy: Amazon

5. Anker PowerCore III Elite


From the house of Anker, here we have Anker PowerCore III Elite which can power MacBook Air/Pro/Dell XPS, other windows laptops, iPads, iPhones. The power bank comes with a USB Type-C port with 25,600mAh capacity and it can charge anything that comes with USB Type-C. It can be a great power backup option for your home office. Now you have the capability of powering your phone, laptop, and router with just one power device. Weighing at less than a Kg, the power bank is quite portable and handy to carry around everywhere. If you need one beast to power up all the home office gadgets, this power bank must be on your list.

Best Buy: Amazon

6. OMOTON Vertical Laptop Stand


Many people, while working from home, preferred to use external monitors instead of having a small laptop screen. Laptops are good for portability but, if you are at the home desk, you really don’t need portability. This Omoton Vertical laptop stand comes handy when you want to place your laptop on the stand while connected to an external monitor.

Placing laptops/iPad vertically also provides you extra room on your table. Talking about the stand, it is made up of Anodized aluminum which is also scratch-resistant. With a double dock, you can place more than one laptop at the same time. For thickness, the dock is adjustable and you can adjust it according to the thickness of your laptop. Compatible with Macbook, Surface Book, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and other laptops, this is an ideal tool for your home office.

Best Buy: Amazon

7. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


Any desk is incomplete without a beautiful looking lamp. To fill that gap on our desk, here we have TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp which is an elegant looking, intelligent desk lamp. This LED desk lamp comes with 4 lighting option that is work, study, reading or relaxing. TaoTronics LED lamp comes with the Touch control that also looks elegant and blends easily with our modern tech. There is 5 brightness level that you can adjust as per your need. With one touch, you can activate a 1-hour timer that turns the lights off after 1 hour. It also memorizes the last brightness and lighting option you used. With an inbuilt USB port, you can also charge your smartphone.

Best Buy: Amazon


8. Apple AirPods Pro


You must be thinking why AirPods Pro in this list? This is for those who need to take a lot of phone calls while doing their jobs. In that case, AirPods Pro is really going to sort things for you. Apple AirPods Pro are truly wireless earbuds that are very easy to set up. If you own an iPhone, you should definitely consider it. AirPods Pro works great for Android devices as well but you will lose some of the functionalities which are engineered for Apple devices only. The touch sensors on the back of AirPods Pro makes it really easy to pick, reject the calls. You can also use touch sensors for controlling media. A lot of people don’t consider Siri but in case you use Siri as your personal assistant, AirPods Pro definitely makes things easy with Siri. You don’t need to pick your phone, again and again, to answer/reject the calls

Instead of AirPods, you can also consider Samsung’s Galaxy Buds as the AirPods Pro best alternative.

Best Buy: Amazon

9. Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip


Every piece of tech requires power in one way or another. In all that, sometimes it became extremely irritating to manage the wires. Not anymore. Get this Belkin’s 12-Outlet power strip. This power hub is going to power each and every piece of tech in your home office. Along with powering the tech toys, it also protects from power surges.

Best Buy: Amazon

10. SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD


Data is the new currency and we have to keep this new currency safe and portable as well. If you are a graphic designer, video editor, or doing anything where you deal with data, you must have a backup of your work. For that, nothing is better than an external SSD.

SSD is fast, light, portable, and looks stunning. This Samsung’s T7 1 TB HDD is all you need. The T7 comes with USB Type-C which is the most updated version of USB and has a reading speed of 1,050 MB/s and writing speed of 1,000 MB/s. You will also get an option to protect with a password which is  AES 256 bit hardware encrypted. So this SSD is definitely future proof.

To keep your data safe, this is one of those things that you must-have for your home office.

Best Buy: Amazon

11. TP-Link AC4000 Smart WiFi Router


The Internet is the lifeline of the modern man. This COVID-19 Pandemic situation makes us value the internet even more. It is the internet using which we are able to work from home. For fast, secure, and reliable internet, investing in a good Wifi router is not a bad idea. There are a lot of devices at home that are hungry for wifi connection.

Video Conferencing, online classes all ask for strong and super fast wifi connection. For that, you can consider the TP-Link AC4000 Smart WiFi Router which is the winner of the JD Power Award.  The router comes with Tri-Band antennas with 3 5Ghz & 3 2.4 GHz antennas giving you blazing fast internet connection. The TP-Link AC4000 also comes with Built-in Antivirus and Parental Control. If you have internet-based work and you need the best wifi router for your home office, TP-Link AC4000 is good to go.

Best Buy: Amazon

12. Cuisinart DCC-3200


If you are someone who lives on coffee and you need it ready all the time, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 coffee maker is just perfect for your home office. Packed in an aluminum body, this coffee machine is gorgeous and intelligent at the same time. This Cuisinart DCC-3200 coffee maker is fully automatic and comes with a self-clean feature. With inbuilt temperature control, you will get hotter coffee anytime you want.

Best Buy: Amazon

13. AmazonBasics Home Office Shredder with Pullout Basket


Shredder is quite an important tech you require in any office. Here we have from AmazonBasics. You can sherd literally any waste you have in your home office. From paper, you can also destroy CD, DVD, Credit Cards. This shredder has a continuous-time usage of 10 minutes and it takes ~40 minutes to cool itself down. Once it is cooled down, it came back to work automatically to clean.

Best Buy: Amazon

14. Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug

home office gadgets home office gadgets smart switch

How many times have we just left the power on for days without switching it off? The Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug is the perfect device that will help save energy on all your devices.

You can schedule a specific time to turn off all your devices which is then taken care of by the gadget. Moreover, this Mini SmartPlug is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Now, you can control your home office’s lighting and other electrical appliance right through your voice. Using IFTTT, you can create your own modules where you can set a particular function to be performed by saying certain words. This SmartPlug from Belkin only needs a WiFi connection. This is indeed a must-have gadget for your Home Office.

Best Buy: Amazon

15. Cubii Pro


Cubii Pro is the best solution for those who have a desk job for longer durations. Bump knees, no time for the workout are some of the reasons for bad health. Indeed you are making money from your desk but without health, you are just collecting the numbers.

For all those, Cubii came with a brand new office toy. All you need is Cubii Pro placed under your desk. Sync it with Fitbit or Apple Healthkit or you can also download the Cubii Pro app on your smartphone to track your exercise, set goals, and whatnot. Cubii Pro is designed with the whole purpose of providing you the best sitting posture, no bumped knees, and leg movements while sitting on a chair for longer durations.

Cubii Pro comes with 8 levels of resistance flow to control the intensity of your workout while working in your office. This is one of those office gadgets that take care of your physical fitness which is the most important thing for anyone.

If you are a heavy keyboard user and looking for a small, portable but powerful mechanical keyboard, make sure you check our list of the best tenkeyless mechanical keyboard.

Best Buy: Amazon

16. Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse


No matter what you are doing on a computer, a mouse is always required. This Logitech MX Master 3 is all you need to boost your productivity.  Logitech MX Master 3 is the latest mouse in the MX series and it is updated outside as well as inside. Logitech MX Master 3 is compatible with Windows, macOS as well as with Linux. The mouse is built for everyone, whether you are working on Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Excel, Word, Presentation, and even on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. There are dedicated keys preset for different programs. The mouse is super comfortable so that you can use it for longer durations without any pain or strains. Other than that, Wireless Technology makes things even better. You get the wire-free productive desk setup for your home office. If you want a white hue on your home office desk setup, you can get Mid Grey color which looks super good.

Best Buy: Amazon

17. BlackWidow by Razer Lite Mechanical Tenkeyless Keyboard


For all those heavy keyboard users, we know what you want. If you are someone who uses a keyboard a lot whether for writing books, essays, emails, writing codes for web/app development, or even for gaming, a good mechanical keyboard is all you need. Laptops come with membrane keyboards and most of the people are using membrane keyboards which are not so comfortable and don’t give you a tactile response.


For all those people here, we have a BlackWidow Mechanical keyboard for you. This is a Tenkeyless Mechanical keyboard that doesn’t have a number pad. You do get the numbers on the keyboard but no number pad. This makes the keyboard super portable and occupies less space on your table, perfect for small office space at home. It comes with a white LED backlit that makes the work easy even during the night. BlackWidow is a beautiful looking mechanical keyboard for your home office.

If you want an even better mechanical keyboard with the latest tech equipped and with RGB backlit, or you want to know more about BlackWidow mechanical keyboard, you can see this list of best TKL mechanical keyboards.

Best Buy: Amazon

18. Anker PowerPort 4


Working in a home office can be a real hassle when you have the need to charge all your devices at once. With the Anker Powerport 4, you can now be free of the burden of plugging your USB’s in different corners of the house just to charge your devices.

The power port is a 40 watt four-port USB charger that gets the job done and can at one go charge two full-size iPads and smartphones in one go. Standing at just 2.6 inches, the Powerport is a portable gadget that can be taken along with you wherever you go. Anker PassPort 4 is compatible with all the new generation devices including iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphones including Samsung’s Galaxy S Series, LG, Nexus, HTC devices.

If you own a smartphone with wireless charging, you can check out Anker Wireless Charger which is also compatible with new generation smartphones having Wireless Charging functionality including iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 and other devices.

Best Buy: Amazon

19. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam


Zoom meetings, team management, Video Conferencing, and whatnot, a great 4K Webcam can make things pretty easier for you as well for your colleagues. Video calls made these meetings really easy. But the problem is, the laptop’s webcam is not going to provide you the quality you are looking for.

To fix that, here we have Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam. Combined with premium glass lens, 4K image sensor, HDR, Autofocus, this webcam provides true to life picture quality. If you are using Windows 10 laptop or PC, this webcam is Windows hello certified which means it comes with facial recognition you can use this webcam to login to your computer. The webcam is Certified for Skype for Business and Cisco, and compatible with popular video meeting apps including Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans, Facebook Messenger, and more. Definitely worth the buck.

Best Buy: Amazon

20. HP OfficeJet 3830


A printer is a must-have for any home office and if you are getting one for your office then this HP all-in-one printer should be your choice. The HP OfficeJet 3840 offers you copy, scan, fax, wireless printing, AirPrint, touchscreen, Instant Ink ready. A good printer is like a lifeline of any office. HP OfficeJet 3830 also offers you Wireless Printing using the HP ePrint app on your Smartphone. You can take out any prints from any corner of the office without pressing any physical button on the printer. Wireless Printing is compatible with both Android & iOS.

Best Buy: Amazon

21. LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock


There must be a clock in your home office. Or maybe you are using your computer or smartphone to track the time. But what if I introduce you with a Smart clock that does more than just keeping the track of time.

LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock is a smart clock that you can connect with your smartphone and other smart home devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and more. You can also use this wifi clock as a speaker & use it to control other smart home devices. You can also DIY apps to track important figures like sales, inventory, conversion, or other important metrics. You can connect it to Spotify and can control the music right from the clock. Other than that, there is LaMetric Market where you can download different apps to enhance your productivity. Get weather, news, meeting notifications, email subjects, calls, messages, eye-catching reminders & much more on the clock face. There are hundreds of clock faces for your home office. Highly recommended.

Best Buy: Amazon

Cool Office Gadgets: Conclusion

So there you have the 21 must-have amazing tech gadgets for your home office in 2021. These gadgets indeed going to help you with working in your own Home Office. Using these office gadgets, you can be more productive and can create the best out of your time.

Do you have some other recommendations? Shoot them in the comments.

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I am turning an old room into an office and this article pretty much covers all the basic gadgets that I’ll need. Thank you for sharing.

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