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How to Crossfade a Song in Spotify

by Jayant
crossfade in Spotify

If you ever been to a concert, especially a concert by any EDM artist or DJ, you must realize that they never cut the song for the next one, not just for a second. There are certain reasons, first is, which is very pretty obvious that DJ doesn’t want to kill the vibe, not even for a fraction of seconds. Just suppose a few-seconds-silence in the venue after an energetic, mesmerizing drop because the next song is coming. Weird? Obviously. That transition effect from one song to the next song is called Crossfade.

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What is Crossfade?

Without touching the technical Jargon, here is the meaning of Crossfade in a layman tone.

Crossfade is kind of a transition in sound where the sound of one track starts fading out and the sound of the next song starts fading in. This crossfade thing happens gradually otherwise it will confuse your dance moves. Try this Crossfading thing on Spotify at home, you will like it.

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I liked it personally and while exploring Spotify’s options, I found the Crossfade thing in Spotify. I just did the crossfade settings for 7 seconds and it is amazing. I used to play music while writing blogs and stuff. So, this crossfade thing maintains the flow of work (I mean it). If you are working out or on a road trip or maybe in a bonfire party or why not in a pool party, adding crossfade settings just will do a great job.

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If your region doesn’t have Spotify yet, you can still get access to one of the best music services, Spotify. Here is the guide explaining, how to get Spotify in any region? Do not get confused because the guide is about India only. You can follow this for any region where Spotify is not available yet.

How to Crossfade Music in Spotify?

By default, Spotify does not add Crossfade because a lot of artists add transitions in their songs of the album.

If you want to see the great example of sound transition in the album without crossfading, listen to A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park where the band has added a transition to the whole album and it makes a certain kind of flow to the album. Make sure you don’t play the album on shuffle. There are a lot of other albums with transitions but A Thousand Suns strikes me first, so I just mentioned it.

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Crossfading can ruin the album’s transition if you add crossfading to 12 seconds which is the maximum level. That means the next song will start fading in at “-12 second” of the playing or current song. In all that, the album transition will not be audible. So, Spotify does not add crossfades by default.

Here is how you can add Crossfade to Spotify:

Spotify Crossfade On Desktops/Laptops

If you are using the Spotify app on your Desktop or laptop, then you can add Crossfade by following this:

  • Click on the arrow near your profile photo and go to Settings.

  • Now scroll all the way down till you find the Show Advanced Settings.

spotify crossfade

  • Once you found the Advanced settings, the first option will be Crossfade. You can set it according to your needs through the slider.

spotify crossfade activate

Less than 5 seconds will not make a difference and 12 seconds will make a lot of difference. So find a number between 6-10 seconds.

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Spotify Crossfade on Smartphone

You can also set the Crossfade settings on your smartphone. To do that simply go to Your Library.

Then go to Settings by tapping on the gear icon at the top right corner.

Crossfade in Spotify

  • Scroll down and you will find the crossfade option. Set to your desired level.

How to Activate Crossfade on Spotify

So that’s how you can add Crossfade to Spotify. Once you have done that, you will be able to experience the gradual fading in and fading out in the music. Now, no more CUTS or BREAKS in sessions. Use Spotify premium to get rid of ads.

Along with Crossfading settings, there is one more thing that every Spotify user is searching for and that is How to turn off Spotify on Startup?

Whenever you start up your computer either mac or windows, Spotify also opens up automatically and for some people, it is quite irritating. Moreover, if you are in a hurry and wanted to access some files on your computer real quick, you may feel lags as Spotify slows down the process of startup.

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Turn off Spotify on Startup

To turn off the Spotify on Startup all you need to tweak one setting in Spotify. To do that, just go to the Settings > Scroll All the way down > Show Advanced Settings > Startup & Windows Behaviour.

Here you need to change the setting of Open Spotify Automatically After You Log into the Computer. By default it is on the Minimized but if you wanted Spotify not to be opened on Startup, just select No.

That’s how you can turn off Spotify on Startup. You can turn off Spotify on Mac as well as on the Windows app.

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