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10 Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone & Android

by Jayant

You just can’t deny the fact that music has something magical. Something that has the power to heal any pain, to make any moment a memorable moment, the power to change the thoughts of mind. To satisfy those musical cravings, there are hundreds of music streaming apps that stream music 24×7.

Apps these days are really helpful and quite handy. We have an app for every day-to-day task. Open the app, tap and you are good to go. So that’s why, today, I am going to tell you the Best Music streaming apps that everyone should have on their smartphones. The list also includes some free music apps for Android & iPhone. So make sure to check all of them.

Best Music Apps for iPhone & Android

best music apps for android iphoneSpotify

This is my favorite music streaming app. Spotify is available for both iOS and Android. The free version of the app doesn’t give you that much functionality as compared with the paid version but still, you can listen to music on shuffle. You can follow your favorite artist and can listen to what they are listening to. You would get all the Top Charts around the globe. Moreover, you would also get the playlist according to your mood.

If you are at the gym and need some electronic music, just play Beast Mode and you can start pumping your muscles. Spotify is also Chromecast compatible. Its material UI, the responsive layout makes Spotify one of the best music app for Android. The streaming quality of Spotify is just outstanding. Make sure you have a great pair of earbuds. You can check out some of the best truly wireless earbuds here.

Moreover, if you want to add the Crossfade feature as DJ does in gigs, you can activate Crossfade on Spotify. Spotify app also shows what your friends are listening and they can also see what you are jamming on but you can activate Private Session on Spotify if you want privacy with your music.

If Spotify is not available in your country, use IPVanish VPN to get access to Spotify. You can also use Spotify without 14 days restriction.


Download Spotify: Android | iOS | Windows

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Best music app for iphone android SoundCloud

SoundCloud is Another great app for music lovers. The concept of SoundCloud is little different. The songs over SoundCloud is not categorized as popular, Hit which other music apps normally have. SoundCloud is way open than other music apps. You would get a ton of Remix versions of one song. Almost all the popular artist add new tracks on their profiles, the unreleased, remixes, and lot more.

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Along with international artists, you will also find some great indie artist having their own genre of music. You can stream any music for free. You can upload your own production also. The free version is good but for more music from big labels, you need a credit card.

Download SoundCloud: Android | iOS 

Best music app for iphone android Wynk Music

Well, if you are outside India, Wynk probably is new to you. But, for Indians, Wynk is quite a popular music streaming app. On Wynk, you can listen to Punjabi, Hindi, English songs and regional songs. If you love to listen to regional songs, Wynk would be perfect for you. And what makes it even good is its subscription. If your cellular network is Airtel then Wynk is absolutely free for you.

You can access all the paid features for free. Moreover, you can also stream music without wifi. With that, for Airtel subscribers, Wynk is free music app that can stream music even without Wifi or data. All you need to do is log in with your Airtel number.

Best music apps for iphone android

Download Wynk Music: Android | iOS

Best music apps for iphone android Google Play Music (Changes to Youtube Music)

If you have a stock Android device, Google Play Music is probably your default music player. Google Play Music is a good combination of player and music store. Recently, India also got the Play Music store. You can listen to your favorite tracks from your collection and also allows you to buy new music. Google Play Music has a wide variety of music that is different for every region.

Google Play Music also provides you music according to time and location. If you are in the gym, it would show you suggestions for Working Out Music and if you are listening to music late night, it shows suggestion for soft music for better sleep. You can also download songs for offline streaming of music.

The clean interface and accessibility are the reason that makes it the best music streaming app for Android.

best music apps for Android & iOS

Download Play Music: iOS 


Gaana is a popular music streaming app in India. The UI of the Gaana app is really interactive. The home screen itself acts as a browser where you can find all the latest music, popular music & Playlists. Gaana’s algorithm for personalization is really impressive. It shows you the music of your taste only.

Apart from that, you will see all the Hit Charts playlists on the home screen of the Gaana app. The voice search works brilliantly on the Gaana app. The app has a huge collection of international, national as well as a regional music artist. After Spotify, it is Gaana that has almost every international artist and music.

Along with music, Gaana also has a great collection of Podcast & Radio shows.


Gaana’s free plan comes with Ads but if you want an ad-free premium experience, you can get Gaana Plus where plans start from Rs. 10/mo only that goes up to Rs. 499/year. Gaana is highly recommended.

Download Gaana: Android | iOS

saavn best music apps thetechtoys dot comSaavn

Saavn is another popular music streaming app. Just after installing the app, you would get some great musical vibes as it asks for your choice of music. You can choose regional music like Punjabi, Marathi, Telegu etc. Apart from Bollywood & Regional songs, Saavn also satisfies the cravings for Rock, Punk, EDM etc. Saavn gives you the top charts of US, UK, Trending, Chartbusters that connect you with international artists.

Saavn is a free music app to stream music but along with music, you have to listen to annoying advertisements. If you want to get rid of ads and wanted to listen to music without Wifi connection, go for Saavn pro.

best music apps android iphone thetechtoys dot com

Download Saavn: Android | iOS

best music apps for iphone android iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a popular radio app where you can listen to radio stations according to your taste of music. iHeartRadio also streams seasonal radio stations including podcasts, comedy shows etc. You can also listen to news and sports. iHeartRadio is a very versatile app and also supports Google Chromecast, Android Wear, and Android Auto.

best music apps for iphone android

Download iHeartRadio: Android | iOS 

best music apps for iphone android Deezer

Deezer is yet another music app and has a massive library of music. Deezer senses the music taste and personalizes the whole library according to your music taste. The free version of Deezer gives allows you to stream your favorite artist and music but the paid version allows you offline streaming, Android Auto support, better sound quality.

Download Deezer: Android | iOS

best music apps for iphone android Jango Radio

There are apps that claim to be free but then for almost all the relevant features, you need a premium membership. But, Jango Radio is literally a free music app for iPhone as well as for Android. Jango Radio is a music streaming app in which you can stream your favorite music station all day without any hidden cost. The UI is very clean also provides you with limited options. But all over, Jango Radio is good music streaming app without any hidden charges.

Best Music apps for iphone android

Download Jango Radio: Android | iOS

Best Music apps for iphone android TuneIn Radio

If you are a Radio fan, TuneIn Radio is going to be your favorite Radio app. This is a lot more than a music streaming app. You can stream 100,000 LIVE radio stations. From BBC Radio 1 to Fox News, TuneIn Radio has everything in it. TuneIn Radio is also famous for the talk shows, Comedy Shows, Sports, News, current events. TuneIn Radio is indeed a fully loaded Radio app providing you ton of streaming every day. You would get 7 Days Free trial and after that, there are monthly and yearly plans.

Best Music apps for iphone android

Download TuneIn Radio: Android | iOS

Download Best Music Streaming App

So, these are some of the Best Music streaming apps for iPhone and for Android. You can stream unlimited music using these music apps for free (for a limited period). The list also includes free music apps that will entertain you but with limited features, For the best experience of the apps, you can buy the subscription anytime.

There are some of free music apps that stream music without wifi but you have to save the song online at least once. These Music streaming Apps will definitely help you in making any moment, a special moment.

What is your best music streaming app? Do let me know in the comment section. Also, let me know any other music app which deserves a place on this list. Share this with your friends & family who just can’t live without music.

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harris August 7, 2017 - 3:00 pm

All these apps are so good for android and the Ios especially saavan and the google play. Till now I knew these two only. but now after seeing this site i am having my mobile full of music apps.

RC Verma August 12, 2017 - 6:08 pm

Written and explain well. And thanks for telling the Spotify and how to access to it

Bhavesh September 19, 2018 - 12:01 pm

Great list. Thanks for the sharing. If you want to listen to Gujarati movie songs, folk songs, Classical songs, garba songs then Jalso App is best option. Gujarati songs always make it to the list of peppy dance and party numbers.


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