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Logitech G305/G304 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 2024

by Jayant

First thing first, Logitech G305 and G304 are the exact same mouse with the same design and features. Logitech is selling this same mouse as G305 in the US, UK, and Canada and G304 in India, Singapore, Japan, China and other Asian countries. The name is different, the mouse is exactly the same. So don’t get confused with that.

Logitech G305/G304 is an easy choice for anyone who is looking to buy a good wireless gaming mouse under $50 from a tier 1 brand. If you have shortlisted Logitech G305/G304, this hands-on review of Logitech G305 will definitely be helpful to you.

In this review, I have covered everything that you might want to know before finally buying a Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse. Design, click sound test, Logitech G Hub Software, here you will find everything about Logitech G305.

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Logitech G305 Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech G305/G304 is compatible with both Windows and macOS. It comes with a dedicated USB dongle for Lightspeed wireless connection. The Logitech G Hub Software is also compatible with both Windows and macOS. Whether it is gaming or productivity, the mouse works well for both types of users.

So, let’s start our Logitech G305 review by opening the box.

Logitech G305 (in US, UK, CA), G304 (In Asian countries)

  • Logitech HERO 12K Sensor
  • 5 Level DPI upto 12000 DPI
  • Customisable Polling Rate upto 1000hz
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • 2.4Ghz LightSpeed Wireless Connection
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Logitech G Hub Software for Windows & Mac

What’s in the Box?

The Logitech G305/304 experience starts from holding the box in the hand. It is a small cardboard box with a matte finish over it. You will get some of the basic features on the left-hand side of the box and on the other side, there is just the Logitech logo.


Inside the box, you get the wireless mouse, some manuals, a Logitech sticker and a USB Type-A to Type-A extension cable for PC users. Plugging a USB Dongle at the back of the CPU might give you a laggy connection. For a smooth, reliable connection, you can use this extension cable to keep the dongle and mouse close to each other.

The USB dongle is placed inside the battery compartment. You also get a Duracell 1.5v AA battery placed inside the mouse.

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The design of Logitech G305/G304 is minimalistic without any fancy stuff over it. It is entirely made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish all over it. The 2 main buttons have a smooth, matte finish while the rest of the mouse has a slightly rough finish that gives a firm grip while gaming or dragging the mouse over the mouse pad.

The side buttons, however, have a glossy finish which also gives a good design element to the mouse.


To give the mouse a little bit of gloss, there is a glossy strip in the center that holds the scroll wheel and DPI switch. Below the DPI button, there is a small LED that indicates different DPI levels. Apart from this LED light, there is no RGB lighting on the mouse. I am ready to pay extra if Logitech can add RGB lighting to G305/G304.

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There is also a battery compartment at the front of the mouse. Simply slide back and it will get open. There is an AA battery compartment and a small compartment to place the USB dongle.

At the back, there is a Logitech 12K Hero optical sensor, 5 mouse feet for smooth gliding and an On/Off switch. On the left side, there are 2 buttons that are programmable using Logitech G Hub software.


There are a total of 6 programmable buttons including the scroll wheel button. The DPI button is only for changing DPI levels and you cannot map that button for any other function other than changing up to 5 DPI levels. The weight of the mouse is 99gm and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The size of the mouse is suitable for small and medium hands for palm and claw grip. However, If you have extremely big hands, you can use the fingertip grip without any kind of discomfort. The best part about the mouse is, it doesn’t get sweaty even after continuous use. Thanks to the grainy texture over it.

The 2 main buttons have a slight bend that gives the comfortable placement of fingers and also gives a firm grip to the mouse.

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Logitech G305/G304 Click Sound test

The sound of the Logitech G305/304 buttons is clicky and punchy. It is not that loud either. Here is the quick sound test video that will help you understand the texture of sound. Also, check out the design overview of the Logitech G304/G305.


Both Logitech G305 and G304 are equipped with a Logitech 12K HERO sensor that gives you customizable DPI up to 12K. To be honest, you don’t actually need 12000DPI. I am using G304 at a 2200DPI rate and it is enough for every kind of cursor movement on the screen. While gaming, I just push the DPI to 8000DPI and it works absolutely fine for me.

There are 2 performance modes that can be activated or deactivated using Logitech G Hub Software. For a 1000hz Polling rate, you have to use the Hi-performance mode. In this mode, you will get the highest polling rate and highest performance but it consumes more battery.


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For battery efficiency, the mouse automatically turns off when remains inactive. Once you move the mouse, it automatically gets connected to PC/laptop and comes to life.

On the other side, there is a Lo-Performance Endurance Mode that allows the mouse to function at a 125hz polling rate only. You cannot change the polling rate in the Lo-Performance endurance mode. I have been using Hi-Performance mode for the last 1 month and I haven’t replaced its battery yet.

The Lightspeed wireless connection on Logitech G305/G304 is super fast. You will never face any kind of lag, or delay in registering the click in spite of having a wireless connection. The same thing goes with the mechanical left & right buttons. You don’t need to exert extra force to click the button.

It is super smooth, quick, and reliable. I am personally using Logitech G304, in India, and for me, it never misses a click.

For those who are getting skeptical about double-click issues on Logitech G305/G304, those issues are long gone and as of now, I have not faced any kind of double-click issue on my mouse.

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The scroll wheel is just a regular scroll wheel and there is no continuous scrolling feature here. However, you can customize the scroll wheel button using Logitech G Hub Software and map the button for any other function.

In summary, the performance of Logitech G305/G304 is simply amazing. For its price, it performs really well in real-life scenarios. I have been using this mouse for the last 1 month and I never faced any issues at all. Make sure Logitech G Hub Software and firmware is updated to the latest version and it will never create any kind of issues.

Logitech G Hub Software

Everything about this mouse can be controlled using Logitech G Hub software. The software is compatible with both Windows & macOS. Once you installed the software on your PC/laptop, you just need to connect your mouse.


Once connected, you will see all the info right on the screen. You can see battery health, the performance mode you are using, DPI level, Polling rate, control onboard memory, customized buttons and much more.

Using Logitech G Hub Software, you can even change the DPI level. By default, you get a DPI level from 200 to 12000 but you can customize the DPI just by scrolling the DPI level on the screen. You can have up to 5 DPI levels but there is no option to change the LED color.


The software is pretty stable and doesn’t have any bugs. It gets disconnected sometimes or shows an inactive device even though you are using it but apart from that, there are no serious issues with the Logitech G Hub Software. I even got the firmware update of the mouse which solved the issue for me.

The issue was, that my Logitech G304 was lagging when used with a USB Type-C adapter but it was fixed after the firmware update.



There is no inbuilt battery in the mouse and Logitech G305/304 uses an AA battery. Logitech claims 250 hours of battery with a single AA battery. I have been using the mouse for the last 1 month and I haven’t replaced the battery yet.


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For casual gamers and work-related users, you don’t need to stress much about a battery backup of this mouse. Logitech G Hub software also indicates the battery backup on the screen which is a big help. If the software is showing low battery, turning on the ‘Lo-Endurance’ mode can help you and give you an extra couple of hours.

Logitech G305 (in US, UK, CA), G304 (In Asian countries)

  • Logitech HERO 12K Sensor
  • 5 Level DPI upto 12000 DPI
  • Customisable Polling Rate upto 1000hz
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • 2.4Ghz LightSpeed Wireless Connection
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Logitech G Hub Software for Windows & Mac

Logitech G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review: Final Words

Overall, Logitech G305 is a brilliant mouse for Windows as well as Mac users. It has a gorgeous yet sober design, programmable buttons, 5-level DPI up to 12000 DPI, 1000hz Polling Rate, Logitech G Hub Software, LightSpeed Wireless connection, and other small, significant features that make the experience complete.

I seriously miss the RGB lighting on G304. It could have been an ideal package if Logitech had provided RGB on this mouse but it is not a deal breaker. Most of the good wireless mouse in this price range don’t offer RGB anyway. If the brand doesn’t matter, you can check out Utechsmart Venus Pro Wireless mouse review which also comes with RGB and 16 programmable buttons.

If you are looking for a wireless mouse under $50 and want something sober-looking yet powerful gaming mouse, you can definitely buy Logitech G305 in the US, UK, and Canada and G304 in India, Japan, Singapore, China, and other Asian countries. Both are the same mouse. However, Logitech G305 offers you more color options while Logitech G304 is only available in Black & white color options.

If you want to know anything else about the mouse, you can mention it in the comments or directly contact me via email.

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