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How to Fix Spotify Error Code 17

by Jayant

For a few couple of months, many Spotify users are facing a problem where Spotify is showing an error code 17 and the user is unable to login into their Spotify account. Spotify Error Code 17 is not a new issue but still, there is no official fix to this.

Whenever a user tries to login to their Spotify account, it says, “Firewall maybe blocking Spotify….” See photo below. There is a thread on the Spotify Community where Spotify users are sharing their experiences with the Spotify Error code.


This is not a regional problem but it is a global problem. Spotify users in US, UK, and other Asian regions are facing this same error. Since Spotify is not available in India and that is why users in India are using VPNs to access Spotify and facing the same issue even on the VPN.

Doesn’t matter how you are using Spotify, it will keep on showing the same error code 17, again and again.

As a Spotify user, it is really hard to switch to other music services as Spotify is one of the best music streaming services with the best streaming quality. Along with Music streaming, it is also a social media platform where you can add friends, share playlists and whatnot. To keep your Spotify profile updated, here is how to change profile picture of Spotify.

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Out of annoyance, I tried to find some solution to this and ends up finding something that really worked for me. I hope, it would work for you as well.

Spotify Error Code 17: Fixed

Here is something that may work for you in accessing Spotify and getting rid of the ‘Spotify Firewall Blocking Error‘.

Spotify is not available in my region and that is why I am using IPVanish VPN to access Spotify. There are a lot of VPNs available and you can use any of them to access Spotify. See this list of best VPN. You also need to use VPN for Spotify if Spotify is not available in your country.

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So, to access Spotify and to fix the Spotify Error Code 17, here is what I did.

First thing first, turn on the VPN and connect to the country where Spotify is available. You can connect to US, UK or any region’s server where Spotify is available.


After connecting the VPN, open the Spotify app on Windows or Mac computer and Login with Facebook. Your default Web Browser will pop up with your Facebook account redirecting to Spotify.

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Once the web browser’s Facebook Window gets closed, open the VPN app and quickly turn off the VPN connection.

Just after doing that, you will see Spotify’s UI illuminating. That actually worked for me and that is why I shared it with you.


Spotify error code 17: Conclusion

That is how you can get Spotify back to working mode. There is no official fix to this Error Code 17 of Spotify. All we can do is hit and trial.


If that doesn’t work for you, cross-check your Proxy Settings. You can check the proxy settings by clicking on Settings at the right bottom of the Login screen.


See the screenshot which clearly showing you the Proxy Settings.

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Before doing the Proxy settings, try the First method. If you are facing Spotify Error code 17 on Windows 10, that will definitely be going to work for you.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or any fix to this Spotify Error Code 17 issue, please let me know in the comment section or use the Contact us page of the website.


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