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How to Run a Background Check on Someone

by Jayant

Running a background check on someone was a tedious job to do until now. But thanks to tech and online services that allows you to run a background check on someone online. With just a simple name search, you can receive a complete report about the person’s background.

It is always a good idea to do a background check on someone before going on a date or doing business with someone. Apart from these common scenarios, there could be hundred other reasons why you want to do a background check on someone without them knowing.

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How to Run a Background Check on Someone in 2023

Here in this article, we are going to give you a few online services that are providing legit background checks. Using these services, you will be able to get background information of almost any person. The information may include birth records, court records, financial assets, contact information, address, phone numbers, email, education history and much more.

So if you are asking how to check someone’s background, here are the best online services for you:

1. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is one of the popular name in this space that provide a complete background check. Other than that, TruthFinder also provides reverse phone number search, social media search, people search, find name by phone number and other similar services.

To run a background check on someone, you just need to go here, enter the first and last name of the person, enter the state, and hit search. Once you hit search, TruthFinder will search for the person and information related to that person.


TruthFinder can also ask for more information like the Middle initial, age, and past or present city of the person. For accurate results, make sure you provide the best possible information available with you to TruthFinder so that you can get the desired results. Keep the screen open and keep answering TruthFinder for accurate background check reports.

TruthFinder will give you a detailed background check report that includes addresses, court records, felonies, traffic offenses, mugshots, weapon permits, sex offenses, phone numbers and much more.


Once TruthFinder ran a background check, it will show you the most relatable profiles with age, City, State and possible relatives of the person. You can select any profile that seems accurate to you and open the full background check report on your screen.


TruthFinder is one of the best ways to run a background check on someone with so much ease. They have a huge database and it never disappoints me. You can easily do a background check on someone without letting them know about that.

Go to TruthFinder

2. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is another popular platform for public records that was also featured in MTV’s Catfish TV show and is in the business for the last 10 years. They have a database of billions of people that includes information regarding phone numbers, emails, vehicles, court records, and much more. BeenVerified is also a great tool to run background checks on someone.

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The basic process remains the same for every background check service. All the data you see or provide remain safe with BeenVerified and you don’t need to worry about confidentiality. The other person will not know if you run the background check on them.

If you want to run a background check on someone, you just need to go to the BeenVerified website and enter the first & last name.


There could be thousands of people with similar names and to concise the data in an accessible form, BeenVerified will ask you for some information, just like TruthFinder. The information that BeenVerified asks for running background checks would be City, State, Age, and Middle Name.

If you don’t know about additional information, you can click on ‘I’m not sure’ and proceed further. But for error-free results, you should provide additional data if available. Otherwise, you will see a lot of duplicate results which will take time to sort.


Once you are done with the whole process, BeenVerified will start generating the background report. You can even download the pdf file of the background check report. Please note, a membership is required to access the person’s records but if you are seriously looking to run a background check on someone, it totally worth it.

The whole UI of BeenVerified is intuitive and is very easy to run a background check on someone before going on a date, get information about the neighbors, co-workers and much more. So if you are asking how to do a background check on someone, BeenVerified is the answer.

Try BeenVerified

3. Intelius

Intelius is a popular name in this space which also allows you to run background check on someone. Intelius will literally open the complete book about the person that includes criminal records, social media, contact, address, contact information and much more. Here is how to check someone’s background using Intelius.

First of all, you need to go to Intelius and enter the first name, last name, city and state of the person. Unlike other services, Intelius already sort the results according to city and state. That way, you get a concise, summarise form of background check report. If you don’t know about the city or state, you can continue with it and sort the results later on by age, relatives etc.


Once you enter all the details, just click on search and wait for a minute or two. It will search for all the background checks that will be useful to you in verifying the identity of the person. Once it is done, Intelius will show you a complete list that includes the person’s name, possible relatives, and locations. You can select any result that matches the profile of the person you are looking for. You can even sort the results by age, name & relevance.


Once you found the closest profile of the person you are looking to run a background check on, simply click on ‘Open Report’ to get the complete, in-depth report of the person’s background. It also includes photos, court records, relationships, dating profiles, hidden emails, education, employment, sex offense and much more.


The best part about Intelius is its interface. Everything is accessible with the click of the button. Moreover, Intelius also goes several layers deep to give you more and more information about the background report of the person. You even can get some information for free. If you are looking to run a background check on someone, Intelius is highly recommended. You will be amazed to see how much information you can get with mere a search of a name on Intelius.

Try Intelius

4. Spokeo

If you are specifically looking at how to run a criminal background check on someone, Spokeo is the answer. Spokeo provides an extensive report about the person’s background from their huge database. In order to run a background check on someone, go here and enter the full name including first and last name.


Unlike other background check services, Spokeo even suggests the last name of the person, in case you are having doubts. Once you enter the full name of the person, simply hit search and Spokeo will start looking for a background check of the person.

Spokeo does not ask for additional information like middle name, or age. Instead, it provides the filters on the main result page. You can manually sort the results on the basis of state, city, age, middle name, phone number, email address, and relatives’ name which makes Spokeo even more intuitive. It remains easy to sort the results manually instead of scrolling through thousands of results to get someone’s background check.

how-to-run-a background-check-on-someone-for-free

If you don’t have enough data to sort the results, you can scroll all the results and get the background check report but it can take a lot of time.

Spokeo gives you an extensive report of background checks that include addresses, relatives, court records, social media profiles, wealth, work & employment history, phone numbers, emails, Arrest records, Misdemeanors and much more.


Spokeo is one of the most sorted platforms for running background check on someone. You can even get access to more court records of the person but it might charge extra to get access to that extra information. However, some information is free on Spokeo.

Spokeo is a trusted platform that includes genuine information about the person. If you seriously asking how to run a background check on someone and you are still confused, you should try Spokeo right now.

Run Background Check Here

5. People Looker

People Looker is another brilliant platform to run a background check on someone. Its easy-to-use interface, huge database and top-notch customer service are what make People Looker the best background check service. With mere a search of a name, you can explore the available information about the person.

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If you are in a dilemma about how to check someone’s background, simply go to People Looker here and enter the person’s name. Use people’s search for getting a definitive report of a person’s background. Once you enter the full name, hit search. People Looker ensures your privacy and all the data you enter remains confidential.


Now People Looker will look into the public records. People Looker can ask you for more information while running the background check. It starts by asking City and State of the person living. If you know their city and state, it is always a good idea to provide the data for precise results.

Once you are done with that, PeopleLooker will start assembling the background check report that may includes criminal records, relatives, addresses, properties, social media profiles, phone numbers, emails, past employment records and even blogs associated with the person. PeopleLooker checks into the federal, state, county and local databases for generating background check report of the person.


After all the processing, the final report will be available to you. The best part about People Looker is the collection of data it offered you in a single report and customer service. Customer service is available in the form of email and even has a telephone number you can use to contact People Looker.

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If you are looking to do a background check on someone you are dating, on a co-worker, neighbor, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband or anyone who seems suspicious of you, People Looker is an easy solution for you.

Try People Looker

6. Social Catfish

Here is another platform to run background check which makes more sense to those who are looking to run background checks on someone you are dating. Although Social Catfish is suitable for everyone but if you are specifically looking to run a background check on someone you are dating, cheating partner, or similar situation, Social Catfish has a lot to offer.

Online dating profile, online usernames, past relationships, job history, active/inactive dating accounts etc. is available on Social Catfish which makes it suitable for those who want to run a background check on their partners.

To do a background check on someone without them knowing, you just need to go to Social Catfish here and enter the name and country. Now hit search.


Now Social Catfish will ask for the state of the person. If you don’t have any idea about the state, you can click on continue to proceed to the next step where it will ask for the Age group. It is suggested to enter the age group to easily sort the results.

Once you enter all the details Social Catfish asked for, it will begin its search from billions of records. Wait for a few minutes and after that, you will see all the results matching the data you have provided and the name you entered.

Apart from dating, Social Catfish also provides criminal records and financial reports of the person which is premium data and it might charge extra cost to access the criminal records of the person. The price is affordable and it is totally worth it.

Once you found the exact person you are looking to check background on, simply click on ‘See Complete Results’ and it will open the complete background check report in front of you.


It will clearly give you all the data of the person that includes social media, address history, past relationships, criminal records, job information, online usernames, hidden accounts, personal blogs, dating profiles and much more.

Social Catfish also provide customer support service in the form of email and telephone. They also have the physical address which also verifies the authenticity of the platform. So, if you are looking at how to do a background check on someone you are dating, renter, co-worker etc. Social Catfish is the easy and best online platform for doing it.

Try Social Catfish

How to Do Someone’s Background Check: Summarising

That is how you can do a background check on someone. All the platform provides a complete report of background check that includes different metrics including court records, criminal background check, past employment, relatives, addresses, online accounts, dating profiles and pretty much everything a person requires for verification.

These background check services are good for those who want to run a background check on someone they are dating, a co-worker, a renter, or a neighbor. Using the report, one can check the authenticity of the person and verify the details of the person for a harmless future.

If you are looking at how to run a background check on someone for free, you might get disappointed by the fact that getting access to such confidential information about the person’s background is not available for free. No genuine source will give it for free. However, you can get someone’s background check for free but with very limited information which is of no use if you are verifying the authenticity of the person.

The best part is, it is very affordable to get a background check on someone. Anyone can afford it and it totally worth it if you seriously looking to do someone’s background check.

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