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How to Make Spotify Louder in 2023

by Jayant

Want louder sound on Spotify? Here is how to make Spotify louder on iPhone, Android, Windows & macOS. Once you make Spotify louder, you will be able to get amplified sound.

There are a lot of features on Spotify that will make your music streaming better. You can simply personalize your music listening experience on Spotify. If you are asking how to make your AirPods louder on Spotify, this is for you. By default, Spotify normalizes the volume of every song you streamed.

No matter which song you are listening to, they will stream at the same volume level but you can change it. This way, you don’t get what Artists actually produced.

But you can change the volume output of the song as per your need. Here we are going to talk about how to make Spotify louder. You will get exactly what Artist intended while making his/her music. You will hear different volume levels for each song.

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How to Make Spotify Louder in 2023

In order to make Spotify louder, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. I am using Spotify’s latest app version on macOS. The same steps are followed on Android, iOS, Windows.

1. Open Spotify and Go to Settings.


2. Under Audio Quality, you will see Normalise Volume. Turn that On.


3. Now you will see the next option ‘Volume Level’ ready to change.


4. Change the Volume Level to ‘Loud’. You also get Normal & Quiet mode as well. For making the music louder, you need to set it on ‘Loud’.

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That’s all. You don’t need to change any other setting here. However, Spotify has clearly mentioned that audio quality will get diminished on the Loud level. But if you want Loud volumes, you can definitely use this to make Spotify a little bit louder.

If it is not working for you, close the app and restart it. You will notice the loudness in the volume.

My recommendation would be, to change the setting, close the app and run again and see the volume level. Do not change the volume level manually. Just close the app and open the app, play music to see the change in the loudness.

Below, I have shared another method to make Spotify Louder.

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How to Make Spotify Louder using Equaliser

For those who are using Spotify on Android or iPhone, try the Equaliser. Just to let you know, Equaliser does not work on PC or macOS. But you can use the Equaliser on Android & iOS.

Simply follow the steps mentioned below and make Spotify Louder using Equaliser.

1. Open Spotify on Android or iOS. Go to Settings.


2. Scroll all the way down and open Equaliser.


3. Here you can boost the volume & make Spotify Louder.


Equalizer depends from device to device and is also a little bit advanced way to make Spotify louder. If you don’t have any idea about sound and music, you may end up messing up the whole sound output. So, do not change everything at once. You can always reset the equalizer though.

How to Make Spotify Louder: Try it Now!

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So that is how you can make Spotify louder using an inbuilt setting and Equaliser. If you are using Apple Airpods with Spotify, this is how to make your AirPods louder on Spotify. The louder sound might hurt the ears if used for a longer duration of time. Also, Spotify will degrade the sound quality on Loud levels. If you can sacrifice quality over volume, follow the above-mentioned ways to make Spotify louder.

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