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160 Funny Wifi Names for Router in 2023

by Jayant

Life is too short for boring wifi names. Let’s make some funny, clever & cool wifi names. If you have the wifi router at your place or want to teach lessons to free Wi-Fi users around your house or apartment, here are 130+ funny wifi names you can use as your router’s SSID.

These funny wifi names not only distinguish your router from other wifi connections in your building, or street but also leave your neighbors in awe. You can create your own cool Wifi names by taking references from the latest memes you saw on Instagram or using any slang you like or maybe taking dialogue from your favorite TV show and mixing them with some internet-related terminology like LAN, Router, SSID, Repeater, WLAN, IP, MAC address etc.

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160 Funny Wifi Names in 2023

If you don’t want to churn your brain for creating creative wifi names and want ready-to-use Wi-Fi names, below are some of the funny & clever Wi-Fi names you can use for your Wi-Fi router. For people with a prankish intention, we also added some wifi names to freak out your neighbors as well.

Here are funny wifi names in 2023 for your Router:

  1. My Name is Giovanni Giorgio
  2. DoLAN Trump
  3. Router Downey Jr.
  4. iLAN Man (say it)funny-wifi-names-thetechtoys.com
  5. CapLAN America
  6. Joey Doesn’t Share Wifi (For Friend’s Fans)
  7. How You Doin? (For Friend’s Fans)
  8. Unagi (For Friend’s Fans)
  9. Seven, Seven, Seven (For Friend’s Fans)
  10. That’s What She SSID (For Office Fans)
  11. Wi-Finally
  12. This is Sheldon Cooper’s Wifi
  13. Martin Router King Jr.
  14. LANtitude
  15. Routeritude
  16. Pretty Fly for Wi-Fi
  17. Do You Need CounseLANing?
  18. Pretty LAN, No Give Damn
  19. Wireless Wrecking Network
  20. Wife Ayee
  21. This is my Spot
  22. Enter Squid Game
  23. The Matrix Has You
  24. TAHL•LAHG (Korean Word used in Squid Game for Elimination)
  25. Don’t Even Think About it
  26. 404 Not Found
  27. I Can Haz Wireless?
  28. This ain’t Free Either
  29. Get a Job
  30. Your Government
  31. Pivot, Pivot, Pivot (For Friends’ Fans)
  32. Sounds like Real Router
  33. The Router Factory
  34. Wireless Bomb Detonator
  35. Wi-Fi-tastic
  36. FBI!
  37. Keep Your F*cking Phone Out of my Wi-Fi
  38. FBI Surveillance Van #4
  39. I am the Danger, SkyLAN (For Breaking Bad Fans)best-wifi-names-breaking-bad-related
  40. Better Call, Saul ( For Better Call Saul Fans)
  41. Saul, LANman
  42. Sci-Fi
  43. You will be Interrogated
  44. Don’t be Penny (For Big Bang Theory Fans)
  45. Free Y Fyi
  46. The Great Firewall of China
  47. Connect to Jesus
  48. Try Me
  49. The LALA LAN
  50. Free Virus.exe
  51. Another Router on the Wall
  52. Router Roulette
  53. I Drink, IP
  54. Connect to Peepee
  55. Wi-Fi and Chill
  56. Bandwidth Bandit
  57. 99 Problem but Wifi Ain’t One
  58. Wi-Fi Bonanza
  59. Thanos was Right
  60. The Digital Oasis
  61. WinterNET is Coming
  62. Run, Free user, Run
  63. Suck My Repeater
  64. The LAN-tern
  65. A LANister Always Pays his Wifi Bill (For Game of Thrones Fan)
  66. Modem Family
  67. Two Girls One Router
  68. Modem Mambo
  69. Two & Half LAN
  70. House LANister
  71. Vecna’s & Eleven’s
  72. Shutternet Island
  73. Shawshank LANamption
  74. Wi eat Fi chicken
  75. The Network Fairy
  76. Wi run when you can Fi
  77. The TermiLAN list
  78. Falcon 9 LANded
  79. LANkin Park
  80. Router 66
  81. Jack LAyN
  82. The Gray LAN
  83. SuperLAN
  84. Net Nerd Nook
  85. Routerassic World
  86. Buzz LAN Year
  87. SpiderLAN: No Way to Connect
  88. BatLAN
  89. Wired or Wireless?
  90. Lord of the Ping
  91. How I Met Your Wifi
  92. LANenade
  93. The Ping
  94. The Cloud Nine Network
  95. The Bling Ping
  96. IntersteLAN
  97. WhIPlash
  98. Cyber Safari
  99. Connect to Homelander’s
  100. Wednetday
  101. Addams Network
  102. Thing Addams Connecting

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Best Funny Wifi Names to Freak out Your Neighbors in 2023

Here are the best wifi names to freak out your neighbors. If you have annoying neighbors or you just wanted to prank them with cool wifi names, the below-mentioned wifi names are just for you. Set these names as your Wifi SSID and they will not bother you again, I guess.

Tip: You can replace the word ‘neighbors’ with their actual house/apartment number and that will definitely freak them out.

  1. Free Wifi for M*LFS
  2. Vladimir Routin
  3. Your CCTV Hacked
  4. Hi Neighbour, this is Joe Goldbergwifi-names-to-freak-out-neighbors
  5. Come Pay Me, Neighbour
  6. Scanning Neighbour’s house
  7. We Can Hear You Having Cex
  8. Virus Injected in House #
  9. My Neighbor cheating on his Wifi
  10. Free wifi and give me your Dog
  11. FBI Van V001
  12. Neighbours Bathroom Cam 1
  13. Caution: Meth in Making
  14. Surveillance Drones
  15. Neighbours Bedroom Cam 1
  16. Clean Your Lawn Neighbour
  17. My Neighbors Suck
  18. Shut up your Dogs
  19. Password under LANchair
  20. Get Your LAN Together

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Best Harry Potter Wifi Names in 2023

If you are a Harry Potter Fan, like me, below are some of the best wifi names with Harry Potter references. You will definitely be going to love these Harry Potter wifi names.

  1. Dumbledore’s Officeharry-potter-wifi-names
  2. Hogwarts Reception
  3. Gryffindor Common Room
  4. Harry Potter’s Hotspot
  5. Lord Voldemodem
  6. Expecto Routernum
  7. Dobby’s Free Wifi
  8. Dobby’s Hotspot
  9. Azkaban’s
  10. Internetum Connectous
  11. Chamber of Routers
  12. Snape’s Office
  13. Hagrid’s Hut
  14. Don’t Connect to Malfoy’s
  15. Weasley’s
  16. Sirius bLANk
  17. Hogwart’s Dining Hall
  18. Wireless Platform 9¾

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Funny Wifi Names in 2023

Apart from the above-mentioned wifi names, here are more Clever wifi names you can use in 2023. You can also create your own Clever names for Wifi by mixing and matching different words.

  1. Will You Marry Me?
  2. Don’t Even bother
  3. Abraham Linksys
  4. Get off my LAN
  5. Just move on
  6. Connected, Secured
  7. Too Many Connected
  8. Slow Internet, Go On
  9. I’m Under Your Bed
  10. But Pay My Wifi Bill First
  11. Wifi $10 per Hour
  12. Drop it Like its Hotspot
  13. StrangeLAN Things
  14. I Can Read Your Emails
  15. NSA Surveillance NS72
  16. Not Your Fancy Starbucks Wifi
  17. Get Your Own LAN
  18. Caution: Nerds Ahead
  19. The Addams Family
  20. Every Router has a silver LANing

Funny Wifi Names in 2023: What’s Your Favorite

There could be more Funny wifi names but for now, these are good enough. It doesn’t take much creativity to create these clever wifi names. If you are on the college campus, you will see a lot of great ideas around you. Simply turn on wifi on your smartphone and see the wifi available around you. I am sure you would see a lot of funny wifi names.

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Similarly, go on a busy road or place and turn on wifi to see more creative wifi names that you could never have imagined before. The whole purpose of having funny wifi names is to prank other people or make fun of them. Make sure you don’t hurt someone’s sentiments or hurt them mentally because that is not our purpose here.

If you have more funny wifi names with some more creativity, mention them in the comments below. I would definitely add them to this list as well. Keep creating clever, creative & best wifi names and keep this legacy alive.

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