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Cyberghost VPN Review: Affordable VPN You can Trust

by Jayant

With the rise in Internet penetration, there are restrictions on Internet usage and it is different for a different region. Moreover, the Internet is no more a safe world but a VPN will always make sure your Internet safety.

In the initial days of the Internet, it was a clean space with not so much noise. According to the source, Almost 4.54 billion people were active internet users as of January 2020 which is 59% of the total population of earth. believe me, not all 4,383 Million users are using the internet with good intentions.

So, the question is, how can you access the Internet in the safest way and best possible way? The answer is the Cyberghost VPN.

Cyberghost VPN is a Romanian based VPN company which in 2017 acquired by Kape Technologies. Cyberghost VPN mainly focuses on User Privacy, with the best user interface in the industry in the most affordable price structure.


Cyberghost VPN has 4500+ servers across 60+ countries that you can access on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, FireTV OS. There is also Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension for accessing the Cyberghost VPN. With the single Cyberghost VPN subscription, you will be able to access the VPN on 7 Devices.

Why Choose Cyberghost VPN?

A premium VPN is the need of the hour. It is always suggested to use VPN while using Public Wifi in Cafes, Coffee Shops, or while accessing sensitive content which is blocked in your region. Moreover, for torrent, a VPN is the most essential thing you should have installed on your device. Here is What else you can do with Cyberghost VPN.

Access Restricted Websites/Apps

There are a lot of apps and websites that we wanted to access but they are either blocked by ISP or government. Using Cyberghost VPN, you will be able to access all those restricted websites and apps that are blocked in your country. When Spotify was not available in India, I used the Cyberghost VPN to access Spotify in India. Similarly, there are the times when Torrent sites are blocked in many regions, Cyberghost VPN will unlock all your favorite sites and apps, providing you the freedom to access the internet the way you wanted.

Stream Sports without Boundaries

Sports knows no boundaries but this is not practical in the real world. There are LIVE sports that stream only in the selected countries. But Cyberghost VPN knows no boundaries and thus allows you to stream all the Sports events live on your devices. Cyberghost VPN provides you the IP of the country where the stream is available and those websites will never be able to see your actual IP address. This way, you can easily stream the sports events live on your devices without any geographical restriction.

Safe P2P Torrenting

If you are a Torrent person, Cyberghost VPN is for you. Cyberghost VPN supports Peer to Peer file sharing with utmost safety. Your internet connection would be encrypted by 256-bit AES Encryption and you will be provided an anonymous IP which is not possible to track by anyone. That way, you can access Torrent sites in any region and your ISP will never be able to track your internet activity.

Unblock Streaming Services

The Internet is a big space and it is not same for all. Streaming Services like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO Now, Hulu, Prime Video, etc. broadcast their some content in exclusive regions only which basically restrict other users to watch that content in their region. Is this the Internet you wanted? Cyberghost VPN understands the need of the user and allows you to stream the content without any geographical restriction. Connect the Server of the country where content is available and start streaming with the anonymous IP.

These are some of the few reasons why you should choose the Cyberghost VPN. There are a lot more you can do using the Cyberghost VPN. You can check more about Cyberghost abilities here.

Let’s discuss some of the Pros and Cons of Cyberghost VPN that will show you a clear picture of Cyberghost VPN.

Cyberghost VPN Review: Pros

We have a lot of good things that come with Cyberghost’s Affordable plan. Here are a few things worth mentioning here:

Compatibility: Cyberghost VPN is compatible with all the popular devices. You can use Cyberghost VPN on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, FireTV OS, Linux. There is also Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions that allow you quick action to connect to VPN. You can also setup Cyberghost VPN account on Wifi Router. Check more.


Multiple Devices: With single Cyberghost VPN subscription, you can access Cyberghost VPN on 7 Simultaneous devices.

OpenVPN Protocol: Cyberghost VPN follows the industry standard OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec and PPTP protocols which is the most secure VPN protocol available in the market. By default, you can connect using OpenVPN protocol that can be manually changed to L2TP or PPTP.

No Log Policy: Cyberghost VPN values your privacy and follows Strict No Log Policy. That means Cyberghost VPN will never log your internet activity. You can access anything on the internet without compromising your privacy.

Pricing: Cyberghost VPN has the best VPN pricing in the industry. Period. Cyberghost VPN is affordable for everyone who seeks his/her Internet privacy. The Cyberghost VPN pricing starts from just $2.75/mo and you can use this single subscription on 7 Devices. Check all offers/pricing of Cyberghost VPN here.

User-Interface: User Interface of the Cyberghost VPN is best. It is really easy to access Cyberghost VPN software on any device you are using. Everything is well managed and within 2 clicks, you can go anonymous, accessing your favorite websites and apps on the internet without any restriction and censorship.


Global Servers & Reach: Cyberghost VPN offers you servers from 60+ countries to choose from. On the home screen of the Cyberghost VPN, you can see the available countries around the globe covering North America, Europe, and Asian Countries. Moreover, there is also a Server based option to select, optimized for Streaming, torrenting. Cyberghost VPN provides you a list of servers that are optimized for Streaming and Peer to Peer sharing.


Kill Switch: Cyberghost VPN also comes with this Kill Switch feature which is a feature of a great VPN service. When you enable the Kill Switch, it will constantly monitor the IP of your device. In case, your VPN connection drops, Kill Switch will instantly disconnect your device from the internet and defend you from exposing your real IP address and location.


Money Back Guarantee: Cyberghost VPN is providing you 45-Days Money Back Guarantee. In case, you didn’t like the Cyberghost VPN (which is not possible), you can get your money back* even after 45 days of subscribing.

*The 45 Days Money back valid on 6 months or above Plans.

These are the Pros that makes Cyberghost VPN a great VPN package in affordable pricing. Comparing the pricing of other VPNs in the market, Cyberghost VPN providing you almost all the premium VPN feature in best possible pricing.

But nothing is perfect. There are cons in the Cyberghost VPN that needs to be mentioned here.

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Cyberghost VPN Review: Cons

Here are the Cons of Cyberghost VPN that you should know before subscribing to Cyberghost VPN.

Limited Support Channel

In case of any issues, you can contact to Cyberghost Support team via LIVE Chat or through email which is good for few users but if you want quick assistance, there is no telephonic way to connect to Cyberghost support team. LIVE Chat is a good option but for aged users, this is not even an option. So basically, you have to raise a ticket and wait for Cyberghost support team to respond. They will contact you as soon as possible but it is not prompt. Not good if you are setting up VPN for LIVE NFL match. But if you are good with LIVE Chat, you will get support 24 X 7.

Limited Devices

With one Cyberghost VPN subscription, you can use VPN on 7 devices but there are other VPN services like IPVanish which are providing 10 Devices. But it is still better than ExpressVPN, which provides support on just 3 devices. So, if you are good with 7 Devices, go ahead with Cyberghost VPN because 7 devices are no less. You will be impressed with their service.

Cyberghost VPN Review: Final Verdict

I’ve been using Cyberghost VPN for last 1 year and I am not compromising anything on that. Talking about support, I use LIVE Chat option and their customer service team always help me out. Considering the price of Cyberghost VPN, I guess, Cyberghost VPN is a great VPN package.

For streaming and torrenting, they have dedicated servers optimized for this purpose only which is my only need. I also use Cyberghost VPN while using Starbucks’ wifi as public wifi is not safe at all. Moreover, for websites censorship, Cyberghost VPN works great for me and would work well for you as well.

If you are looking to buy a VPN subscription, Cyberghost VPN is definitely going to impress you. Get the Cyberghost VPN 1 month subscription and try it out. It worth the money.


Download Cyberghost VPN & Try it Out for Free

Go Ghost, Go Anonymous with Cyberghost.

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