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How to Share Spotify Playlist in 2023

by Jayant

Spotify is not just a music streaming app but it also acts as a social media app that let its user interact with other people just like Instagram and Facebook. You can add friends on Spotify, listen to their playlists, see what your friends are listening and much more.

If you want to share your Spotify Playlist or any other playlist on Spotify for that matter and wondering how to share Spotify Playlist in 2022, we are going to give you step by step guide that you can follow for sharing the Spotify Playlist. You will also be able to share your Spotify Playlist on Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook or add the Spotify Playlist Link in your portfolio or social media bio.

For those who are music producers and wanted to reach out to more and more people, sharing your Spotify Playlist is the best and cost-free method to connect more and more people with your music.

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How to Share Spotify Playlist in 2023

This is the latest guide on sharing Spotify Playlists. You can share Spotify playlists on Phone, on PC or any other device that supports Spotify. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Share Spotify Playlist on Phone

If you are using the Spotify app on Android or iPhone and looking to share your Spotify playlist, here is how to do that on Android.

1. Open the Spotify app on your Phone.


2. Go to the Playlist that you wanted to share. Here you will see a 3-dot menu below the playlist description. Click on that.


3. Here you will see ‘Share‘ option. Tap on that.


5. Now you will see a couple of options to share Spotify Playlist. If you want to add a Spotify Playlist link in your bio, you can simply copy the link and paste it anywhere or, you can share the Spotify playlist on Instagram messages, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Facebook feeds, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp and whatnot.


Since a lot of people will see your Spotify playlist, a good playlist cover is always recommended. Here is how to set/change Spotify Playlist cover. You can use any image you wanted as a playlist cover.

That is how you can share Spotify Playlist on your Phone. It is very easy and quick to share your Spotify Playlist on Android or iPhone. By default, Spotify plays all the playlists on shuffle. If you are using Spotify Premium, you can turn off Spotify shuffle but you can also turn off shuffle without Spotify premium subscription.

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How to Share Spotify Playlist on PC/Laptop

Now if you are using Spotify on PC/Laptop and wanted to share the playlist on a desktop, here is how to do that. Spotify recently updated its interface of the desktop app.

The latest Spotify app version I’m using is Spotify for macOS (Intel) If you are using an outdated version, make sure your update Spotify for the latest features and design.

1. Open Spotify App on your PC/Laptop. If you are using Spotify web, go to open.spotify.com. I’m using the Spotify app here.

2. Now open the Playlist you wanted to share.


3. Tap on the 3 dot menu.


4. Here you will see a couple of options. See all the way down and you will share the option here. Click on ‘Copy link to Playlist‘ to copy the Playlist link. Simply paste the link and you are good to go.


Along with the Spotify playlist link, you can also embed your Spotify playlist on the website, blog etc. To do that, tap on Embed Playlist and you will get an HTML code with your playlist link. You can also customize your Playlist design and color scheme. Once you are done with customization, simply click on ‘Copy Code’. To see the code, click on ‘Show Code’.


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How to Share Spotify Playlist: Final Words

That was a quick guide on how to share Spotify playlist on phone as well as on the Desktop. Once you have the Spotify playlist link, you will be able to share it with anyone and listen to your playlist. The other person will also see the new music you add to your playlist.

Apart from the playlist link, you can even share Spotify Playlist on Instagram, Facebook, stories, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc. With that, more and more people can listen to your playlist. If you genuinely have the best taste in music, you might get receive some compliments which are no harm.

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