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How to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers – Remove Twitter Followers

by Jayant

Want to unfollow inactive Twitter followers from your Twitter account? We have some of the best tools that will help you to remove Twitter followers for better engagement and content delivery.

Every social media platform uses a set of algorithms for content delivery. If you are not having good audience engagement, that means your Tweets are not delivering to your audience. The reason is inactive followers who are not active now. They might be active in the past but now, they have dumped their accounts and your content is delivering to abandoned accounts.

Twitter incurs server costs for delivering your Tweet to your followers. Twitter will not deliver your tweets to your followers if you have less engagement. Inactive accounts mean no engagement at all and Twitter would definitely not like to spend its budget and resources on accounts with less audience engagement.

If you want to rock on Twitter with your Tweets, keep your account clean and unfollow inactive followers, remove followers on Twitter who are not participating.

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Best Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers

Below are some of the best tools you can use to remove Twitter Followers. Inactive Twitter followers are just wasting your energy and Twitter’s budget.

1. Circleboom

Circleboom is the first tool that strikes my mind while thinking about managing my Twitter account. Circleboom comes with dedicated Twitter tools that let you manage your Twitter account. You can find fake, spam accounts, and Overactive accounts and even give you insights about your Twitter followers.

Along with all that, Circleboom is also a popular tool to find inactive Twitter followers and remove them. To unfollow inactive accounts on Twitter, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Circleboom
  • Login to Circleboom. This might be your first time with Circleboom. Simply Signup for Circleboom. Do not forget to verify your Circleboom account. Check your inbox for the verification link.
  • Once you logged in, Connect your Twitter account.


  • After connecting your Twitter Account with Circleboom, you will see all the stats of your Twitter account.


  • Select ‘List All’ on ‘Inactive Friends’ and it will show you all the Inactive accounts that haven’t tweeted in the last 30 days. You can easily unfollow inactive Twitter accounts from there. If you want to keep them, put them in the Whitelist.


Circleboom offers a free account with limited features but fulfills the purpose. You can upgrade your Circleboom account for accessing the tool even better.

Try Circleboom

2. ManageFlitter


ManageFlitter is a dedicated tool that will help you in managing your Twitter account. You can detect fake accounts, inactive accounts, block fake accounts or mute such accounts. But to unfollow inactive Twitter followers, you have to go to your Twitter account and unfollow them manually. Twitter doesn’t allow 3rd party companies to control following and unfollowing Twitter accounts outside Twitter.

There are a lot of blog posts on the internet that are still recommending tools like ManageFlitter for unfollowing inactive Twitter accounts without mentioning the fact that ManageFlitter officially discontinued the feature to follow or unfollow people on Twitter. You can still detect inactive accounts and fake accounts but there is no way to unfollow them right from the ManageFlitter Dashboard.

This is what ManageFlitter says, “Please note, as per Twitter’s request in January 2019, all Follow and Unfollow features have been removed. Some search functionality and all scheduling functionality remains.”

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If you are serious about your Twitter account management, ManageFlitter has a lot to offer. From advanced Twitter search to Analytics to Power posts, ManageFlitter has everything that is going to lift off your Twitter account like Virgin Galactic.

Visit ManageFlitter

3. Untweeps


If you want something straightforward and free tool for unfollowing an inactive Twitter account, Untweeps is for you. Untweeps offers you a simple layout to remove inactive followers on Twitter for better content distribution. To unfollow people on Twitter in bulk, simply go to untweeps.com and sign in with your Twitter account.

In the next screen, it will ask you to enter the number of days during which people you are following didn’t tweet or did any activity on Twitter. By default, it would be 30 days but you can go more than 30 days.

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After that, Untweeps will show you the list of inactive Twitter followers. Simply check the box and hit ‘Unfollow Inactive Tweeps’ and you are done.

Untweeps is the easiest way to remove inactive Twitter followers but it is not a professional Twitter management tool and is not recommended if you are an influencer or social media professional.

Visit Untweeps

4. Manually Remove Followers on Twitter

I know this is a pretty obvious way to unfollow inactive followers on Twitter but for those who don’t want to use 3rd party service or don’t want to take any chance with the security of their account should be using the manual way to unfollow inactive followers or to remove Twitter followers

If you are using any 3rd party service like Circleboom or even Untweeps, you need to sign in with your Twitter account on their platform but security is always an issue. If due to any reason, there is a security breach with those services, all the sensitive information of thousands of Twitter accounts may get vulnerable. If you are really conscious of your Twitter account, you better go with the Manual way to unfollow inactive Twitter followers or to remove Twitter followers.

This is good for those who have limited followers but if you have thousands or millions of Twitter followers, you better go with Circleboom which offers you professional-grade experience.

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Unfollow Inactive Twitter Followers: Remove Twitter Followers

That is our recommendation for unfollowing inactive Twitter accounts or removing followers on Twitter. There was another tool called Crowdfire that used to offer features to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts but now they have removed the features but you can still manage your Twitter account using Crowdfire. If your question is How to remove followers on Twitter, Crowdfire is definitely not a great solution.

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If you want all the great functionalities to manage a Twitter account including Unfollowing Inactive Twitter Accounts, and removing Twitter followers, Circleboom is a highly recommended tool. It is a professional-grade tool that offers you a bunch of great features for Twitter account management.

ManageFlitter on the other hand is also a great tool for managing Twitter accounts but they have removed the feature to unfollow Inactive accounts on Twitter from its Dashboard.

Using Manageflitter, you can still track down fake Twitter followers, block them, and mute them but you cannot unfollow them from the Manageflitter dashboard. To remove Twitter followers, you need to login into your Twitter Profile and remove them manually. You don’t need anyone to block on Twitter. You can remove Twitter followers without blocking them.

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Untweeps is a free and easy-to-use tool but they don’t offer any other service to manage your Twitter account. If you are a professional social media manager working for startups, agencies, or companies, Untweeps is not for you. Better go with Circleboom or Manageflitter.

Now you know how to unfollow inactive Twitter followers. Simply track down, unfollow them, and improve your Twitter organic reach and increase audience engagement. This is the only way to keep Twitter’s content distribution algorithm happy and to earn genuine followers.

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Romio roxx November 20, 2022 - 2:50 pm

Hi Jayant,
I am also figuring out to find inactive followers on my Twitter account. A few months back I removed some manually but it is definitely a time-consuming job when you have thousands of followers.

After reading this article I feel it is easy for me. Thanks for sharing the helpful information.


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