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How to Mirror Android and Windows Devices on Roku

Roku is an amazing piece of tech that is providing a better home entertainment experience. Roku is a streaming device that let you stream the movies, TV Shows right on your TV. There are a lot of other streaming devices and Roku is one of them. It offers and supports a lot of high-quality entertainment providers apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video etc. that you can use to stream your favorite series and shows on your TV. You don’t need cable connections for that. Roku Screen Mirroring allows you to mirror all the great stuff from your Android phone or Windows PC/Laptop to Roku which indeed enhances the experience.

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Basically, Roku has everything that an ideal streaming device should have. Along with streaming services, Roku also has a great option of Roku Screen Mirroring. There are the times when we have something on our Android smartphone or on our windows laptop that we wanted to enjoy on a bigger screen. That can be anything, be it holidays photos, videos, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, games, music or any other possible media. At that time, you can use screen mirroring on Roku.

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Here is How you can use screen mirroring option of Roku to mirror Android and Windows devices content right on your TV using Roku.

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Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

This is the first step towards Roku screen mirroring. First of all, you need to Enable the Screen Mirroring on Roku. Roku uses the Miracast app to mirror the screen on it. You don’t need to do anything for screen mirroring on Roku. You just need to enable the Screen Mirroring option in Roku. Most of the Android devices that are running Android 4.2 supports screen mirroring and if you have a Windows laptop, it should be running either on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Casting Windows 10 on Roku is pretty easy as Windows 10 provides an interactive interface to cast devices.

To enable the Roku Screen Mirroring option, you need to go to the Settings option on Roku, then Go to System, the first you would see of Screen Mirroring. Open the Screen Mirroring and make sure, Enable Screen Mirroring is checked in.

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If you don’t see screen mirroring option on Roku, make sure you have an updated Roku software. To update the software of Roku, go to Settings, then go to System Update. You would see Check Now option here, just check if there any update available or not. After updating, you would get the Screen Mirroring option on your Roku. Roku OS 8 has a lot of new updates. So, update the Roku OS to the latest one.

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After Enabling Roku Screen Mirroring, it is time to mirror Android screen on your Roku.

Roku Screen Mirroring of Android Smartphone

It is absolute fun to mirror Android screen on Roku. You can mirror beautiful games, Instagram Feeds, Videos, Photos and other content that you used to store in your Android smartphone on Roku. Basically, you would get a big screen for your Android phone. Whatever you do on your phone would be projected on a bigger screen.

If you have an Android smartphone running Android 4.2, you can leave it right here (Check for Laptop’s Screen Mirroring to Roku below) as your phone do not support screen mirroring.

To mirror Android screen on Roku, go to Settings of your Android smartphone then Go to Display and then Cast. Here it would search for the available devices. If Screen Mirroring is enabled on your Roku then it would show the name of your Roku. Once it gets detected, just tap on your Roku device name and it will get connected.

Now, you can see your Android screen on Roku. You can enjoy any see everything that is on your Android phone on a bigger screen. It is super easy and super fun.

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Roku Screen Mirroring of Windows

Like Android devices, if you have Windows Laptop running on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, you can mirror laptop screen on Roku. That is even more useful as you can surf the web on your tv. Like, if you shopping for the holiday season, you can mirror laptop screen on Roku so that all the family members can see what is new this holiday season? It is fun to shop online with family and friends.

To mirror the laptop screen on Roku, first, make sure your laptop is running either on Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and also, Roku screen mirroring is enabled. Once it gets done, Press Windows Key + P key (Windows 10) to open the Project option on your laptop. Here you would find a couple of options.

You need to select Duplicate Screen option. After selecting the option, it would search for the devices that are capable of doing Screen Mirroring. If the Roku Screen Mirroring is enabled, it would show the name of your Roku device. Once it was done, click on the Roku device you wanted to connect and it is done now.

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You would see your windows laptop screen on your Roku device. Isn’t that easy?

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Use Roku Screen Mirroring to Mirror Android & Windows Devices

So this is how you can mirror Android and Windows screen on Roku using Screen Mirroring option of Roku. Using this option, you can project anything that is on your Android phone or on your Windows laptop. You can enjoy rich entertainment on a bigger screen. Roku Screen Mirroring is same like Google’s Chromecast screen mirroring, Apple’s Airplay.

But, Roku screen mirroring is a little bit laggy. Moreover, there are compatibility issues. If your Android phone has Custom ROM installed then it might refuse to mirror Android screen. Overall, it is a wonderful feature for all Roku users and you can use it for the better entertainment experience.

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How is your experience with Roku Screen mirroring? How often do you mirror Android or Windows screen on Roku? Have any problem while Screen Mirroring on Roku? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  1. My Roku Express does not have enable screen mirror on it and so watched several videos and yes looked duplicate times. It is not even hidden under any other option. Can I use “All Screen” just as I do with Showbox now I know that it isn’t illegal.another question Ihat I have I have always heard it wasn’t illegal (yet) but was in the gray area. I know doing a lot of fire sticks for making money may be but not just to watch a channel that I myself download? What makes that illegal??

  2. For some reason I keep losing the display mirroring between my PC with Windows 10 to my Roku. It connects and then disconnects after a few seconds. Are there further troubleshooting tips to keep the devices mirrored?

    • Sorry for the inconvenience you faced. I want to tell you that, this thing actually worked with my Roku. Maybe there are some wifi issues in your case. You have to connect both the devices with the same wifi connection. Try it and let me know.

  3. My screen mirroring works with my roku TV & note 4 for a short amount of time, about 20 minutes to be exact. But I don’t actually have wifi in my apartment. I download offline shows from netflix at work and then watch them on my phone at home. It would be nice if my screen mirror option didn’t just shut off….any ideas that could help?