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How to Get Youtube on Firestick – Youtube App Officially Available on Firestick

by Jayant

Amazon finally announced the comeback of Youtube on Firestick once again. Before that, Firestick users were using a bookmark app named as youtube.com to access Youtube on Firestick. You need to open the web browser to use Youtube on Firestick but now, the Youtube app is officially available on the Amazon App store and you can easily download the Youtube app on Firestick. Here are other must-have firestick apps.

Youtube on Firestick actually a great combination. You can enjoy all the Youtube content on a big tv screen and it really enhances the Youtube experience.

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With the announcement of the Youtube app on Firestick, Amazon also announced the availability of Amazon Prime Videos on Google Chromecast and Android Powered Smart TV.

If you wanted to install the Youtube app on Firestick, here is how to do that. We will keep it brief as there is nothing fancy doing it.

How to Install Youtube app on Firestick

To install the Youtube app on Amazon firestick or FireTV, you need to follow these easy steps mentioned below:

1. On the Firestick home screen, go to Search and enter Youtube.


2. Select Youtube and look for the Youtube app by Google LLC.

3. Once you found the app with the Youtube logo, open it and tap on ‘Get’. The Youtube app is now downloading.


4. After that, open the Youtube app on Firestick. You need to set up your Google Account on that.


5. To activate the Youtube account on Firestick, Open youtube.com/activate on your PC or smartphone. Enter the provided code.


6. The Youtube app on Firestick is now ready to use.


After doing all that, go-to apps and look for Youtube. On the Youtube icon, tap on the Options button on firestick remote and select move. Now move the Youtube app on the top to access right from the home screen of Firestick.

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Download Youtube on Firestick

So that is how you can download the Youtube app on Firestick. This is the easiest way to download Firestick on FireTV. Previously, firestick users were using Silk Browser to access Youtube but Youtube’s official app will provide a better experience.


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