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12 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Slow Windows 10 Computer in 2023

by Jayant

Is Windows 10 PC running slow? With time, it is quite obvious for any Windows 10 PC to go slow. Windows 10 was the most efficient version of the Operating System from Microsoft but now, this title is won by Windows 11. However, as you continue to use your computer, over time, the speed will inevitably start to reduce. This can be blamed on bloatware, temporary files, unnecessary apps, and junk files that slowly accumulate in your system with usage.

If your PC or Laptop is compatible for Windows 11 not to worry, you can easily speed up your Windows 10 PC and bring it back to tip-top shape. We will be looking at a few easy ways to speed up a slow Windows 10 computer either manually or automatically – depending on what you are looking for – without breaking the bank.

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12 Quick Ways to Speed Up Windows 10 PC or Laptop:

We are discussing different options to speed up Windows 10 PC/Laptop. Some of them are quick and instant options that will definitely speed up your computer in no time.

1. Restart Your System

Many users run their system for weeks without a reboot or a shutdown. Much like your brain needs sleep, your PC also needs a refresh from time to time. Putting your computer in either ‘Sleep’ or ‘Hibernate’ mode is not the same as a ‘Shutdown’. If you always leave your computer in either of these modes, overtime time, the processes running in the background will accumulate and lead to a slowing down of your PC.

To boost the speed of Windows 10 computers, simply shut down your PC at the end of each day or at least once a week. However, if you are still running tasks on your system, you can perform a ‘Restart’ to enable Windows to clear accumulated files before you continue. Remember to save any unsaved files and close down any open windows before executing a ‘Shutdown’.

2. Change the Power Settings of Your PC

If you are using the power saver mode on Windows 10, this can slow down your Windows PC as well. This mode is designed to reduce your system’s performance in order to save energy. To speed up the performance of Windows 10, change your power mode to ‘High performance’ or ‘Balanced’.

To do this, go to Control Panel > Power Options > Balanced (recommended). Make sure you see Balanced as the selected Power Plan.


To change it to High Performance (if you are plugged in), click on ‘Create Power Plan‘ at the left-hand side > Select the desired plan. To speed up Windows 10, make sure you select ‘Balanced’.


Note: ‘High Performance’ will give you the most speed but it also uses the most battery power. You should consider using this mode only when your PC is connected to a power source. Use the ‘Balanced’ setting when on battery.

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3. Disable Apps that Run on Startup

One of the reasons why you might be experiencing a slow Windows 10 PC is because you have many programs running in the background. This is because many installers program their apps to run immediately after you start up your computer. This can affect the speed of your computer.

To disable these programs from running automatically, go to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) > select the Startup tab. Go through the ‘Startup Impact’ of each program. It shows you to what extent an app is slowing down your system on startup. Programs whose ‘Startup Impact’ read as ‘High’ are those you should mostly look out for. Disable unnecessary apps by Right-Clicking on each of them and select Disable.

Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Apps > Startup. Turn off the startup on unnecessary apps. Just make sure you don’t Turn off any other crucial program required for core Windows Startup.


4. Use Auslogics BoostSpeed 11

You can boost your Windows 10 PC’s performance by using software that automatically resolves registry problems, repairs non-optimal system settings, deletes unwanted apps and files, defragments your hard disk drive, and cleans up lag from your processor and system memory.

Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 is the latest version of the BoostSpeed software from the Auslogics team. Auslogics is a trusted name in the industry. With millions of users worldwide, the software is available to everyone in both Free and Pro Versions. They have a team of experts with products that are recognized by top IT experts and leading IT magazines.

How does Auslogics BoostSpeed Work?

As we mentioned earlier, Windows 10 slowing down occurs because of junk files, temporary files, accumulated error logs, web browser caches, fragmented hard drive disk and files leftover from Windows updates, etc. Boostspeed has been designed to run a full system scan of your Windows 10 to locate these performance-reducing problems. It will then use the cleaning module to eliminate them, thereby giving your system a mind-blowing speed improvement.


The Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 enables system processes and other operations to run as smoothly as possible by adjusting non-optimal system settings. This leads to a speed boost for your Windows PC, which allows you to enjoy a faster internet connection, smoother downloads, etc.

The software has over 20 advanced tools which include a privacy protection tool. This tool wipes all traces of your activity that are littered in different locations on your PC. It keeps your sensitive information safe and protects you from privacy hacks.

A few of the available tools in this program, include the real-time maintenance tool, memory and processor management tool, registry cleanup and repair tool, and hard disk drive defragmentation tool.

The Free version of this program provides you with basic PC maintenance tools. These include basic level privacy protection, basic cleanup for your registry, essential system optimization and cleanup, etc.

The Pro version on the other hand provides you with the complete capabilities of the software and gives you access to more than 20 advanced system optimization tools.

Get Auslogics BoostSpeed 11 Here

5. Update to Windows 11

There are high chance that your PC is running on an outdated version of Windows 10 and this is no good. Outdated Windows 10 is not only vulnerable to Cyber attacks but also slows down the speed of your Windows PC.


To update Windows 10, go to Settings > Check the Windows 10 Update Shortcut at the top else scroll down and click on the Update menu. If you see any Windows 10 update, install it and restart your PC. You will experience the better speed of your PC. If your Windows 10 PC or Laptop has compatible hardware, you will also see Windows 11 update. Keep your PC updated with the latest Windows security patches.

If you are using a gaming laptop, make sure you use gaming-optimized mode for smooth Windows processes. Most good gaming laptop comes with inbuilt programs to keep the windows smooth for gaming. Here are the best gaming laptops under 80000 that come with powerful hardware and programs to keep your windows laptop smooth for gaming as well as for other daily tasks.

Even if you are using affordable gaming laptops, you can optimize them for better performance and experience.

6. Uninstall Cracked/Pirated Apps

If you have installed any cracked software downloaded from Torrent or any other pirated site, simply uninstall it. It doesn’t worth the pain you are facing in the form of slow computer speed. Go to Settings > Apps > Select the App > Uninstall.


Cracked Software may consist of some kind of malicious code that is messing up with Windows’ basic and crucial processes. Uninstalling that cracked/pirated software will also make your PC run faster.

7. Stop the Unwanted Running Process

There are hundreds of processes running in the background and you never bother to take a look at those processes. If you have recently added any new program from the internet or if you have any doubt about any app that might be eating up the RAM of your Windows PC, you should end that task.


To do that, press Alt + Ctrl + Delete Key and open Task Manager. At the first tab, you will all the Processes are running in the background. If you see any suspicious program running without your knowledge, simply select it and click on ‘End Task’.

8. Clean Temp Files

Whenever you run any app on Windows 10, it automatically creates a temporary file for smooth functioning and to create a temporary backup. The purpose of that temporary file varies from app to app. Having leftover temporary files on your disk also slows down the speed of your Windows 10 PC. Cleaning those files definitely going to boost Windows 10 speed.


To do that, press Windows Key + R > Add ‘%temp’ and hit enter. The files you are seeing right now are temporary files and there is no need for them. Press Ctrl + A to select all and delete them all. Also, empty your Recycle bin.

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9. Turn off the Transparency Effects

For a brand new Windows 10 computer, transparency effects don’t bother at all but if you have old slow windows 10 pc, this simple tweak can improve the speed. Go to Settings > Personalization > Colors > Turn Off Transparency Effect.


10. Turn off Animations

This is the worst-case scenario. By default, Windows provide this option as turned on and any computer can handle it easily but if your computer is not even processing these minor animations that mean either it is time to switch to a new Windows 10 PC or there is some serious problem going on.


Either way, you can turn it off by going to Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Turn off the Animations. This will turn off all the Windows Animations but if you want to make it to Custom Settings, go to Widows Search > type sysdm.cpl > Hit Enter. Now got to Advanced Tab > Performace > Visual Effects. Turn on/off any animation you want.

11. Check Device Performace & Health Report

Windows 10 has an inbuilt feature that shows you a real-time health report of your PC. If anything goes wrong, you will see that in the report. To check the report, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Device Performance & Health Report.


12. Uninstall unnecessary apps

If you have anything that is of no use now, well this is the time to remove those unnecessary software, games or anything that is eating up the disk storage. To uninstall any app, simply go to Settings > Apps > Click on the app > Uninstall.


Having a free storage space provides room for your PC to function all its processing efficiently. Whenever you see any unused app laying in your application list, simply uninstall it.

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Bonus: Update to SSD

There are high chances that you are using a Hard Disk Drive instead of a Solid State Drive aka SSD. Hard Disk uses mechanical arms to read the sector of different drives in your HDD while SSD uses microchips, resistors, and capacitors to read and write the data.

In order to improve or speed up Windows 10 PC or Laptop, you should move to SSD instead of HDD. Or, you can keep both of them. If you want to know more about HDD and SSD, please see our laptop buying guide.

Even best budget gaming laptops under 60000 come with SSD as it performs better than HDD. Use SSD as C/ drive where you install all the programs and Windows 10. Also, use SSD to boot up Windows 10. You will see a huge improvement in the speed and performance of your Windows 10 PC/Laptop. You can easily buy SSD from Amazon or from any local store that deals in PC peripherals.

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Speed up Windows 10 Computer: Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned are some of the easy and quick ways to boost the speed of any Windows 10 computer. Even a layman, who doesn’t possess any technical skills can follow the above-mentioned tips to increase the speed of their Windows 10 PC. Just keep your Windows C: drive clean.

Make sure the drive has enough disk storage space to function properly. Simple hacks like changing screenshot location from C drive to another drive, and changing your download folder can help you in saving up free storage space in C: drive.

If you want one simple solution for speeding up Windows 10, you can download Auslogics BoostSpeed which includes almost everything that you need to run Windows 10 faster and smoother. Advanced PC cleanup, Full registry cleanup, Advanced disk cleanup to free up disk space, Intelligent Defrag, regular scans and maintenance are some of the tools you will get with Auslogics BoostSpeed 11. This tool is all you need to boost Windows 10 speed. Other than that, you also have ways to speed up Windows 10 computers manually.

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