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14 Best Firestick Apps to Have in 2023

by Jayant

Amazon Fire Stick is a product that has revolutionized the entire home entertainment industry and the way we consume entertainment on TV. The credit goes to the best Firestick apps. Without Firestick apps, firestick alone can’t even do basic video streaming.

If you’re someone who already owns the Fire Stick or planning to get one, here is a list of the best Firestick apps that you can install on your Firestick setup to get the best entertainment at home. These hand-picked best firestick apps in 2023 will make your entertainment experience a lot better. The best thing is, that you don’t need to jailbreak the Firestick to install the below-mentioned apps.

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14 Best Firestick Apps in 2023

Here are some of the best Firestick apps you can install in 2023. You will find some of the best movie apps for Firestick, and some utility apps using which you will get some additional benefits like screen mirroring, web surfing, safe and fast streaming.


1. IPVanish VPN (65% OFF)


You might be wondering why I have included a VPN service on this list. Well, I have reasons and let me tell you that.

When it comes to streaming media, a VPN becomes an essential app that offers you a lot of benefits. If you are using free streaming apps for watching LIVE TV, Movies, you should install VPN on firestick. It lets you and your activity stay anonymous giving you an additional layer of privacy and security.

Now the free streaming apps basically use a script to find streaming links from the internet and show them to you in a single place. There is a high chance that you might be consuming copyrighted content for free and you might wanna be safe while doing so. That’s when VPN comes into play. IPVanish will give you an anonymous IP address that is impossible to track by ISP or copyright holders.

Another benefit of having IPVanish VPN (65% OFF) is the ability to consume country-restricted content. If you’re using paid services like Netflix, then you might want to watch a specific movie or series that is unfortunately not available in your region.

With the help of a simple search on Google, you can find the locations where that particular content is available to stream. Thanks to the IPVanish VPN service, you can change your current location to the location where content is available and then enjoy that content on your Firestick. Like, you can use Netflix US while sitting in India.

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IPVanish VPN is one of the best VPNs out there and offers much better service, speed, and security. The company offers a variety of plans. You can try with a monthly plan and if you like it, you can go for a yearly plan which is cheaper than monthly plans. IPVanish VPN also provides you a 7-day Money-back guarantee. Download IPVanish VPN without any worries.

  • Supports all major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Android, iOS, Firestick, MacOS.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switches
  • Impressive uptime rate of 99.99%
  • Access to 1300+ servers and 75+ countries
  • Supports unlimited device connection
  • 24/7 customer support and 7-days money-back guarantee

Kodi-player-for-android2. Kodi (Free)

Kodi is a popular application that has been part of the online entertainment industry for a long time. It is an open-source application that you can download for free on your FireStick. The best part about this app is the fact that you can access a plethora of content with a single click which makes it one of the easiest app to browse.

The content library includes almost every single thing including movies, TV shows, music, and even television channels. The brand calls itself an all-in-one entertainment hub offering every single thing right at one single screen. You can also use Kodi on Roku and if you are wondering how, here is How.

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Another impressive thing about this application is the fact that you can also play content from your local or network storage. Kodi comes with a PVR feature through which you can watch and record live TV. It supports all the popular TV channels such as MTV, Comedy Central, Discovery, and much more.

Since it is an open-source platform, there are tons of skins and interfaces available that you can use to customize the app as per your needs. Kodi takes things to the next level with its add-on services which let you use YouTube, Twitch, Soundcloud and various other services right on the app itself.

  • Supports all the major platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and Fire Stick.
  • Offers a wide array of entertainment content which includes music, TV shows, music videos, movies, and live TV channels.
  • Fully customizable thanks to the skins and various web interfaces available at your disposal.
  • Support for more than hundreds of remote controls for a much more intuitive experience.
  • Add-ons take things to the next level offering support to services like YouTube and Twitch.

firestick-app-free3. YouTube (Free, Paid)


There is no chance that we create a list of the best Firestick apps and forget to include the extremely popular YouTube app. We are all aware of what YouTube is and which type of content you can watch on it. Of course, there are no movies, TV shows on the platform but it is still one of the widely used streaming services.

Thanks to the independent quality content creators out there. Another great thing is that Youtube is now officially available for Firestick. Here is how to install Youtube on Firestick.

Just like any other platform, Amazon Firestick also supports the YouTube platform with complete support. YouTube has recently started offering TV services offering cable-free live TV experiences. With the help of YouTube TV, you can broadcast various popular US channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and many more.

You can also use the VPN service here in order to unlock more region-specific YouTube TV channels. You can enjoy the YouTube Originals content if you’re a premium member. Even if these services are not available on your location, you can still use the traditional YouTube platform which also has a wide catalog of curated content.

  • YouTube TV allows you to watch live channels such as ESPN, CBS Sports, HBO, and much more.
  • Wide catalog and genre of popular TV channels including sports, movies, news, and music.
  • Special Kid entertainment section offering networks like Cartoon Network, Dinsey, and Universal Kids
  • Access to YouTube Originals content

best music apps for android iphone4. Spotify (Free, Paid)

Amazon Fire Stick also supports Spotify and the Spotify app offers a flawless experience with the same content discovery algorithm which we all love. If you’re already a Spotify Premium owner, you can simply use the service on the Fire Stick too. Don’t worry, you can use Spotify on Firestick even if you are not a premium user. If Spotify is not available in your region yet, here is how to access Spotify in any region.


You can control the music playback either from the Fire Stick itself or your smartphone device. We are already aware of the fact that Spotify offers a wide library of all types of music genres.

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If you’re not an avid Spotify user, then you might want to try out this service since the music discovery algorithm on this platform is brilliant. You will easily find thousands of songs no matter which genre you prefer. In addition, you can also access popular podcasts.

Spotify offers both free as well as a premium subscription. With premium plans, you will no longer receive ads and will get access to unlimited skips. Plus, you can also download the songs and podcasts in order to enjoy them when you’re offline. Spotify is the best music app for Firestick right now.

  • On-demand unlimited music access
  • The brilliant music discovery algorithm
  • Playlists like Daily Mixes, Popular, and much more
  • Behind the lyrics gives you a sweet insight into the song
  • Concert information at your fingertip

firestick-must-have-apps5. Netflix (Paid, Free)

Talking about Firestick apps and not talking about Netflix, the world’s leading Company providing us with the finest entertainment. The Firestick setup is incomplete without Netflix. Netflix is the best movie app for Firestick and for streaming tv shows.

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Netflix provides you with a plethora of movies and tv shows that you can enjoy on the big tv screen. The 4K content on Netflix is absolute bliss to watch but for that, you need 4K Firestick and 4K TV.

Apart from the content that Netflix is providing, there is another thing and that is the all-over experience. The Netflix app for Firestick is designed for Firestick Interface and it is fluid and the best possible experience. Netflix provides you 30 Days free trial and once you are addicted to it, you can have your own Netflix subscription.

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best-firestick-apps6. Disney Hotstar (Free, Paid)

Ever since Disney collaborated with Hotstar in India, it has become one of the best apps for the Indian audience. You can watch LIVE Sports, News, Star TV Channels, Pixar Movies, Star Wars movies, Marvel Movies, and almost everything owned by Disney and Star Network right on your Firestick.

Apart from that, you can have all the HBO Originals shows on Hotstar. Along with that, you can watch all the shows broadcast on Star Channels, National Geographic, Fox life, ABC, and much more. LIVE Sports is an absolute bliss to watch on Hotstar as they always provide you the HD quality, with multi-language options.

Hotstar UI is designed for Firestick and it is really easy to access content on Firestick using Firestick Remote. There is free content on Hotstar but you will not be able to enjoy LIVE Sports and Premium TV shows. For that, you need a Hotstar Subscription which is absolutely value for money.

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7. Crunchyroll (Free, Paid)

If you’re an immense Japanese anime fan, then you might have already heard of Crunchyroll service. Well if not for some reason, let us introduce you to the popular anime streaming platform. Popular media streaming services like Netflix and Prime Videos offer next to negligible anime-related content on their platform. Well, that’s where the Crunchyroll service comes into play. With the help of Crunchyroll, you can stream all your favorite anime shows thanks to the company’s wide catalog. In fact, it has the world’s largest anime collection offering you almost every single thing on its platform.

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Since the app is available on all platforms, you can easily sync your content using the login account of course. The company is offering a premium subscription which you can opt for in order for a much better experience and access to premium content. With the premium subscription, there will be no annoying ads and you will be able to enjoy new episodes in an hour after it airs in Japan. In addition, you get access to the entire library of anime, manga and drama titles.

  • A one-stop destination for all your anime, manga and drama titles
  • Supports all the major platforms including Fire Stick
  • World’s largest Anime collection
  • New episode one hour after airing in Japan
  • Ability to personalize your watchlist

firestick-apps8. Cyberflix TV (Free)

When it comes to movies and  TV series, we are already aware of leading services such as Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime Video. Even though they offer a wide range of content, they charge heavy bucks too for the service. If you’re in the market looking for some cheap alternatives, then let me introduce you to CyberFlix TV.

CyberFlix TV is not cheap, it’s completely free. It is one of the popular free media streaming apps which offers a smooth and easy user interface. The app is already available on major platforms such as Windows, Android and recently it got expanded to FireStick.

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Cyberflix TV offers an extensive array of popular movies, TV shows, and music covering almost everything. Anything which you can find on Netflix or any other service, Cyberflix TV has it. Not only this, they keep on updating their collection every single day. You don’t have to pay a single penny or create an account. It’s as simple as it can be – download & play. Since the service is free, the developers might show some ads but that rarely happens.

  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to download content to watch them later
  • Almost ad-less experience
  • No login account is required to access
  • Regularly updated library of movies, TV shows, and music
  • Supports all the popular resolutions including 720p and 1080p
  • Subtitles are also available for most of the content

Disclaimer: Free Apps are never been safe. A VPN is highly recommended if you are using free streaming apps. Also, it is illegal to stream copyrighted content for free. We don’t support it. Rather use Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, and other services for the best experience.

hulu-best-firestick-app-20209. Hulu

Hulu is a single solution for all your entertainment needs. Hulu comes with a huge collection of movies, tv shows as well as LIVE TV shows. It offers you 60+ LIVE Channel streaming along with 50 hours of DVR recording and that is more than enough.


You will never miss an episode or LIVE match. The whole interface of Hulu is intuitive and you can easily move to a ‘cable cutting’ lifestyle with Hulu.

Best Utility Apps for Firestick in 2023

Here are some of the utility apps that you might require to enjoy the Firestick experience. Firestick is not the complete package itself but these utility apps for Firestick will surely help you out.

best-apps-for-firestick10. Downloader (Free)

This is a utility app that you might need to download stuff on the Firestick. Downloader is a basic app using which, you can download anything from the internet directly on your Firestick. You can download videos, audio, pdf, apk directly to your Firestick. The downloader app is absolutely free to use.

best-firetv-stick-apps-free11. App2Fire (Free)

This is not a native Firestick app but it works for Firestick. You need to install the Apps2Fire app on your Android using which you can install Apps on Firestick directly from your phone. Not only apps, but you can also be able to take a screenshot of your Firestick screen.

Apps2Fires shows you all the installed app on your Firestick and also act as the Firestick file manager. You can also be able to access all the files and folders from the internal storage of your Firestick. Apps2Fire is have app for installing apps directly from a phone to firestick.

best-firestick-apps-free12. FireTV (Free)

This is an official app for the Firestick by Amazon which also acts as a remote controller for Firestick. Just in case, your Firestick remote is dead or lost, you can use this app to control your Firestick. FireTV apps have a touchpad kind of thing using which you can move the cursor on the firestick. Here is more about how you can replace Firestick remote using this app.

Moreover, you might get annoyed about writing on the Firestick while searching or entering login and passwords. At that time, this FireTV app would be a great help. Using this app, you can enter Text on Firestick through your Android smartphone’s keyboard. Apart from that, you can also use Alexa for voice commands on the Firestick. For the Firestick users in the US, you can also control FireTV Recast using this same app.

free-firestick-apps13. Mozilla Firefox (Free)

Just to let you know, Google Chrome is not available for Firestick and you already know why. There are times when you wanted to download something from the internet on your Firestick, at that time, you need a good Web Browser. Although you already have Amazon Silk Browser that is very basic and not that fluid.

Using Mozilla Firefox, you can access the internet on your Firestick. Downloading videos, audio, pdf, apk from Mozilla is really easy and fluid experience.

airscreen-best-firestick-app14. AirScreen

Firestick comes with an inbuilt screen mirroring feature. You can easily cast the smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen on a firestick. The inbuilt screen mirroring of the Firestick is not reliable and sometimes it doesn’t connect the screen. You can install AirScreen on Firestick for screen mirroring.

AirScreen offers you a variety of features that really enhance the screen mirroring on Firestick. If you want to cast any family photographs, or videos on Firestick from your smartphone, AirScreen is going to be a great app.

Best Firestick Apps in 2023

So here we have the best Firestick apps that are essential to have for an ideal Firestick setup. Using these Firestick apps, you will be able to use Firestick at its fullest capability.

Do you have any other app that you think is the best Firestick app? Let us know in the comment section below. We will definitely be going to share in this post.

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