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5 Best Soundbars under 10000 in India (June 2023)

by Jayant

If you are looking for affordable and the best soundbar under 10000, you are going to love this list where we are talking about the best soundbar in India with an affordable price tag. Some of the below-mentioned soundbars also come with Dolby Audio and that too is under Rs.10,000.

Sound plays a very crucial role when it comes to watching a movie or a tv show. We all know that TV speakers sound really bad and no matter how expensive the tv is, you will never get the punchy deep bass output and crispy mids, and highs.

As the best solution, we have the best Soundbars for TV in the market that come with a subwoofer to give you that extra punch of bass. Some soundbars also come with Dolby Audio to give you a cinematic experience from the comfort of your home.

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Soundbars are the best for TVs. It doesn’t occupy much space, doesn’t involve many wires, gives spectacular sound quality, and looks elegant with every TV console. Below are some of the best soundbars in India that you can consider buying for your TV setup.

But before that, there are a few things you should be aware of before you buy any soundbar for tv. A little bit of knowledge can help you in saving a lot of money and help you in picking the best soundbar for your TV.

Things to Know Before Buying a Soundbar for TV

There are a few things that you should check before you finally pick the best soundbar:

1. Connectivity

Most of the soundbar supports Aux-in, Bluetooth 5.0, USB, Optical In, HDMI Arc ports for connection. If you have an old LED TV, make sure you have Optical in and HDMI Arc support otherwise you will not be able to get a Dolby Audio experience. Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix have a lot of content with Dolby Audio and you will not get the Dolby Audio output with Bluetooth, Aux, or USB connection.

Also, no soundbar in this price range provides Optical In and HDMI Arc cables in the box, you need to buy them separately. You can easily get one from online stores.

2. Surround Sound

If you are looking for the best soundbar with Dolby Audio under 10000 for surround sound, and a cinematic movie experience, please skip the idea of buying a soundbar. No Soundbar at this price and a 2.1 channel can give you a surround sound movie experience.

For that, you need a 5.1 channels Home Theatre system that too installed by a professional. A true surround sound cinematic experience needs the speakers to install at a certain place and angle. A 2.1-channel soundbar on the other hand can give you a loud, crispy sound with a great level of bass using a Subwoofer.

Don’t build up false expectations about surround sound with Soundbar. You need a home theatre system if you want actual surround sound.

3. Soundbar’s Watts

Please note that some brands mention Peak Watts as speaker wattage and some mention WRMS (Root Mean Square). The 160W mentioned as the speaker’s specification is the Peak Wattage that any speaker can achieve for a small duration of time.

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The average wattage that any woofer and speaker can handle for a continuous duration of time is represented by WRMS or RMS. Do check the Peak Watts (W) and Watts Root Mean Square (WRMS) of the speaker to get a better idea. The Peak Watts can be 160W but WRMS can be 80W.

Now you know the basics and are ready to pick the best soundbar under 10000 for you. Below are some of the best soundbars under Rs.10,000 in India that can consider buying. There are very limited soundbars that actually give you a great experience.

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5 Best Soundbars Under 10000 in India

We hunted down the best soundbars for you that will give you a loud, crispy sound with optimum bass levels. But before that, you should know that Soundbars cannot give you a theatre-like surround sound or cinematic experience, for that, you should consider the 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System.

For music, movies, and tv shows, the below-mentioned soundbars under 10K are good too. Let’s talk about them one by one:

1. boAt Aavante Bar 1500

Driver4x 2.2 Soundbar & 6.5 inches Subwoofer
Frequency Response80Hz-20KHz
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Subwoofer ConnectionWired
Audio Output100W
I/OUSB, Bluetooth, AUX, Optical-in, HDMI(ARC)
Buy NowAmazon

Talking about Soundbars under Rs.10,000, boAt is here with its Aavante Bar 1500. It is a 2.1-channel soundbar that also comes with a 60W subwoofer for punchy & deep bass output.

At first glance, you will see the sleek and slightly angular design that looks gorgeous. The soundbar definitely brings grace to the tv unit. Along with the soundbar, you are also getting a 60W subwoofer which also looks good to the eyes. For connectivity, boAt Aavante Bar 1500 uses USB, Optical, AUX, HDMI, and Bluetooth connectivity. For high-quality audio, you should always connect it via HDMI 2.0 cable (not included in the box). For that, make sure your TV has HDMI 2.0 Arc port.


For the price, the sound quality is great. With a 60W subwoofer, you will hear a good level of bass and with soundbar speakers, you will experience a good level of mids and highs that will definitely enhance the tv watching experience.  There are no upfront firing speakers and there is no way you can experience surround sound.

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The surround sound in the product description is more of a marketing gimmick. You might experience the surround sound but it is not the actual surround sound that can only be experienced with multiple speaker setups like in 5.1 Home Theatre or get something like Sony HT-S40R which comes is a 5.1 soundbar system.

If you are looking for the best soundbar under 10000 in India, you should definitely consider boAt Aavante Bar 1500. You will have a good time with that.

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2. Zebronics Zeb Jukebar 9001 Pro

Driver4x 2.7 inches Speakers + 2x 1 inches Tweeter
Frequency Response45Hz-20KHz
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Subwoofer ConnectionWired
Audio Output120W
I/OUSB, AUX, Optical-in, HDMI(ARC)
Buy NowAmazon

Zebronics is a popular name in the computer electronics market and with soundbars, they are entering into the consumer-centric segment. Zebronics Zeb Jukebar 9001 Pro is a brand new addition to their Soundbar.


Zebronics Zeb Jukebar 9001 is a Dolby Audio Digital Plus soundbar and to some extent, you will get the cinematic and virtual surround sound experience right from the comfort of your home. You also get an 80W Subwoofer for those heavy bass outputs.

The 120W speakers on the soundbar make sure you get to hear all the actions with properly tuned mids and highs. Along with 4x 2.7 inches drivers, this soundbar also comes with dual 1 inches inbuilt Tweeters that also improve the highs and all over the frequency range, giving you crispy sound.

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The soundbar itself includes a digital subwoofer that really makes a difference. Things get even better when the digital subwoofer and 80W Subwoofer come together to give you a beautiful musical ambiance. Looks-wise, the soundbar looks stunning with Zebronics and Dolby Audio Logo on the honeycomb grills of the soundbar. The subwoofer also looks elegant with a black finish and no unnecessary holes and designs.

For connectivity, it uses all the standard connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.0, USB, AUX, Optical IN, and HDMI 2.0 (ARC). For its price, Zebronics is giving a high-quality, elegant-looking soundbar with 80W Subwoofer. You can also mount the soundbar on the wall and control it with a media controller.

All over, Zebronics Zeb Jukebar 9001 Pro is definitely one of the best soundbars in India under 10000 and you should consider it as the best option.

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3. Blaupunkt SBW08

Driver4x 2.25 inches Soundbar & 8 inches Subwoofer
Frequency Response55Hz-20kHz
ConnectionBluetooth 5.0
Subwoofer ConnectionWired
Audio Output220W
I/OUSB, AUX, Optical-in, HDMI(ARC)
Buy NowAmazon

From the makers of Germany, Blaupunkt is making sound equipment since 1924. To give an affordable sound system to consumers, Blaupunkt is coming into the soundbar, headphones, car audio market in India.

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Talking about Blaupunkt SBW08, it is a Dolby Audio 3D soundbar that can give you a cinematic experience right in your home. The soundbar also comes with an 8-inch subwoofer for the heavy bass outputs. For better sound, this 220W soundbar from Blaupunkt also comes with EQ controls so that you can choose according to the content you are watching or listening to. The EQ modes include pre-made sound templates that include Music, Movies, News, and 3D.

The design of the soundbar is pretty good and suits every bedroom, living room design, and interior. For connectivity, it uses HDMI ARC, Optical IN, USB, Bluetooth & AUX-In. For the price, Blaupunkt is giving a well-balanced soundbar with Dolby Audio 3D. If you are looking for the best soundbar under Rs. 10,000 in India, Blaupunkt SBW08 is a viable option to consider.

Buy Now: Amazon

4. Infinity Sonic B200WL (by JBL)

Driver2x20W Soundbar, 40W Subwoofer
Frequency Response55Hz-20kHz
ConnectionBluetooth 2.1
Subwoofer ConnectionWireless
Audio Output160W
I/OUSB, AUX, Optical-in
Buy NowAmazon

JBL is a well-renowned name in the sound & music industry. If you are looking for the best JBL soundbar under 10000, this is a good choice to go with. It comes with a subwoofer with 80W of Peak wattage and a soundbar with multiple connectivity options.

At the design front, it comes with a sleek design with a honeycomb metal grill that indeed looks gorgeous. You can easily place it in your living room or bedroom tv console and it will compliment the whole vibe. Soundbar also includes a digital watch which is an add-on feature if you care. The soundbar has 2x20Watts speakers and the subwoofer also comes with 40WRMS which also supports wireless connection.

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So the WRMS of Infinity Sonic B200WL is 80Watts and the Peak/Maximum Wattage of Sonic B200WL is 160W. We already talked about WRMS and the Peak Watts of speakers above in this article.

The Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL has a bunch of connectivity options that include Aux, Optical in, Bluetooth & USB. Unfortunately, it does not support an HDMI Arc for connection. Apart from all that, you can still control the media using the remote controller.

All in all, Infinity Sonic B200WL from JBL is a great soundbar for the price but, you should consider Zebronics, boAt or Blaupunkt in the first place as they give better value for money and also support Dolby Audio, HDMI Arc connectivity. If you specifically looking for JBL soundbar under 10000 and don’t care about the HDMI Arc port, go for it. JBL will impress you.

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5. boAt Aavante Bar Orion

Driver4×2.5 inches Soundbar, 6.5 inches Subwoofer
Frequency Response45Hz-20kHz
ConnectionBluetooth 5.3
Subwoofer ConnectionWired
Audio Output160W
I/OUSB, AUX, Optical-in, HDMI ARC
Buy NowAmazon

Here we have another soundbar under 10000 from boAt. This 2.1-channel soundbar comes 160W RMS wireless subwoofer and with dynamic LEDs on both sides of the soundbar which looks absolutely stunning in every interior.

At first glance, you will see the boAt’s signature design that looks bold and gorgeous in a premium black finish. The soundbar has Boat branding on a metal grill that makes it a bit premium and gives confidence in the product. There are 4x 2.5-inch drivers inside the soundbar and we have 6.5 inches driver in the 80W subwoofer that gives that punchy, deep bass output.

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The soundbar comes with 160RMS which includes 80W of subwoofer for deep, dense, booming bass. Another 80W lies in 4 drivers in the soundbar. With Aavante Bar Orion, we also get a master remote with dedicated buttons to control bass & treble. Apart from that, there are a couple of controls you can do using this master remote. Boat also included dynamic LEDs on both sides and the bottom of the soundbar which looks really good in a dark room. If you don’t want lights, you can turn them off using a dedicated button. The subwoofer is not wireless but the sound output is significantly improved from the last generation of Avante soundbars.

Aavante Bar Orion also comes with different EQ modes for News, Movies, Music, and 3D sound that you can switch according to preference. For connectivity, the soundbar uses Bluetooth 5.3, Aux, USB, Optical In and HDMI Arc. The HDMI Arc and Optical In cables are not included in the box but AUX cable is included in the box.

Overall, Aavante Bar Orion from BoAt is one of the best soundbar under 10000 in India that comes with all the great features in an affordable price range. You get a premium quality sound experience at your home. Worth the money.

Buy Now: Amazon

Best Soundbar in India Under 10000: Your Pick

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These are just the 5 best options for affordable soundbars under 10000. There are a lot of other soundbars but they don’t give you much value for the price you are paying. Some of them also come with Dolby Audio which definitely gives you a better sound experience. BoAt has a lot of options and we already mentioned the best soundbars under 10000 for you. Apart from that, Zebronics and Blaupunkt are also good options to consider in this price spectrum.

Most affordable everyday laptops do not come with good speakers, in that case, you can connect this soundbar to a laptop and get the best sound experience. Along with a laptop, you can also connect these to tablets or even smartphones.

Which is your pick? Do you have any other options for the best soundbar under Rs.10,000 in India? Do let us know in the comments.

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