Do you know why Smartphones are emotionally attached to us? Because they have our favorite stuff in it, from social media to multimedia, everything in the small package. At times, it also acts as our personal movie theater where we can watch movies on demand, in the way we want.

But, smartphone alone is not capable of giving us the multimedia experience that we are expecting. A Smartphone needs a bunch of encoders & decoders that we can get in video player apps that can decode the encoded video packets. Thanks to developers who work really hard to develop video player apps that are capable of playing all the video formats without “Format Not Supported” error.

Below is the list of the 10 Best video players for Android that are capable of playing almost any video formats may it mp4, mkv or any other format. So, here we go:

Best Video Players for Android

BSplayer best video player for android thetechtoys  BSPlayer (Free/₹371 Ad-free)

BSPlayer is an amazing Video player having 10 million downloads on play store. BS Player has been in the business for quite a long period and constantly working for better experience. The player interface is quite smooth and user-friendly. You can seek left and the right to seek the video through screen gestures, also have other gesture controls to manage the brightness and volumes. Popup video is also there that allows you to use your phone while the video is being played in a popup window. Adding subtitles externally is quite easy and you can also search the subs online. Subtitles formatting, taking screenshots, gesture modifications etc. are some of the other good features that make BSPlayer one of the best video player for android. Must give it a shot.

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bsplayer best video player for android thetechtoys

Download BSPlayer
mxplayer best video player for android thetechtoys

MX Player (Free/₹370 Pro)

MX Player is the most popular video player for Android and it deserves to be popular among all the players out there. MX Player’s sole purpose is to enhance the user experience, thus, focuses only on video formats. It allows you to choose the CPU core limit that allows you to optimize the CPU performance for other tasks. MX Player can run all the video formats and also have external plugins for more functionality. Screen lock, online stream, gesture control, subtitles control, hardware decoder, player personalization, audio (from video) player, pinch to zoom are some of the amazing features that makes the MX Player one of the best video player for Android.

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mx player best video player for android thetechtoys

Download MX Player

KMP the best video player for android thetechtoys

KMPlayer (Free/₹142 Pro)

KMPlayer is also a very good video player which support a couple of video formats. KMPlayer has intuitive library viewer which shows the videos in your library with video thumbnail, duration, quality, size and the date. KMPlayer also allows streaming the videos that are stored in your Google Drive Folders. It also allows you playing the audio files which are stored locally on your device. Screen lock, popup window, screen customization are some of the impressive features of KMPlayer.

KMplayer best video player for android thetechtoys

Download KMPlayer

VLC Media Player best video player for android thetechtoys

VLC (Free)

We are already familiar with the VLC that we are using on our windows machine for its smooth performance and universal format support. From the same developers, VLC for Android is also available. VLC for Android comes with some of the unique features including Online video streaming. If you have the link to any video, you can play that video using VLC and VLC also able to run indistinct video formats like .ISO. You can also play video and audios by creating a local network. Moreover, VLC can also be used as an audio player. Lock screen, gesture control, subtitle support, video resize and intuitive player interface are some of the good features of VLC which are the sign of a good android video player.

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vlc media player best video player for android thetechtoys

Download VLC Player

kodi best video player for android thetechtoys

Kodi (Free)

Kodi is not just a Video Player but it is more than that. Kodi is a media center for all the medias stored on your phone. Kodi is beautifully designed media center that also allows you to control all the media at the same place. Kodi is an independent media center that can also stream TV Shows and Movies. There are a lot of add-ons that you can install to stream HD movies, TV Shows, LIVE TV right on Android. Check out some of the best live tv addons for Kodi here. You can install Exodus on Kodi that let you stream latest movies & tv shows episodes on your smartphone. If you never used Kodi before, you must give it a try. Just install some add-ons and have unlimited video streaming. If you need more than just a video player, Kodi is for you.

Kodi best video player for android thetechtoys

Download Kodi

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all format video player best video player for android thetechtoysVideo Player (HD) (Free)

Video Player is yet another powerful video player for Android that can play all the popular formats and also supports 4K videos. Along with videos, you can also use this player as an audio player. Like VLC, Video Player also allows playing videos using a link & also allows you to play videos on the local network. The interface of the player is quite intuitive and user-friendly. You would also get common features like gesture control, subtitles support, Equalizer, screen lock, video resize etc. in Video Player. Turn off the internet to get rid of irritating ads.

Video Player best video player for android thetechtoys

Download Video Player

321 media player best video player for android thetechtoys

321 Media Player (Free)

I still remember the day when I was looking for the media player for watching movies on my first computer. You must have used 321 media player once in your life and if you didn’t use that before, you can use that now on your Android Smartphone. Media Player is available for free and has enough potential to run the popular video formats. This Android video player is very intuitive and user-friendly.  It also allows you to control subtitles, video as audio, screen lock, gesture control etc. and more. Must give a try to 321 Media Player.

321 Media Player best video player for android thetechtoys

Download 321 Media Player

plex best video player for android thetechtoys

Plex (Free/₹308 for Subscription)

Plex is not just another video player like above mentioned video players (except Kodi). If you have a lot of videos but have limited storage then Plex is perfect for you. Plex allows you to setup a different server and then you can stream the video from there. You can make your computer a remote server and then stream the videos from your computer. You don’t need to store the videos in your device’s storage. It also supports Google Chromecast and other streaming devices. To use the Plex service, you have to create an account on Plex. The monthly pricing of using Plex is $4.99 and if you like the Plex, you can get the yearly subscription for $39.99. There is also a lifetime Plex Plass for ₹149.99. More info here.

Plex best video player for android thetechtoys

Download Plex

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mobo player best video player for android thetechtoys

MoboPlayer (Free)

MoboPlayer is another amazing video player for Android with some of the unique features. One of the best features which I liked the most is video editing within the player. There are little bit options that allow you to cut your favorite part of the video. You can also create gif by selecting the start and end point. You can save that gif right in your gallery. Screenshot, popup window, subtitles support, video resizing are some of the other features that make the MoboPlayer one of the best video players for Android.

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MoboPlayer best video player for android thetechtoys

Download MoboPlayer

wondershare best video player for android thetechtoys

Wondershare Player (Free)

Wondershare is not just a video player but also a very good streaming device for your TV. You can cast the videos on wondershare player to TV using chromecast. The controls of the wondershare are very limited and if you are in the US then you can watch videos on Vevo, TED, Hulu, ESPN etc. but you watch videos on YouTube within the player. You can also stream videos using a link same as VLC Media Player. Simple and user-friendly interface but lacks some of the basic features.

Wondershare player best video player for android thetechtoys

Download Wondershare

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Get Best Video Player for Android

These are some of the Best Video Player for Android. Each video player has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you want a universal video player for Android that can play any video format, there is nothing better than MX Player but if you need more than a Video player, Kodi is really great app for you. Plex, on the other hand, offers you more than just a video player. You can access your video library from any part of the planet earth.

If you know some other video player for Android that deserves to be on this list, do let me know in the comments section. Also, share this with your friends who love to watch movies in their personal movie theater. 😉

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