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How to Share Android Screen With Another Android

by Jayant
share android screen to another android

Have you ever messed up with wrong settings in your Android smartphone? In that situation, you ask your geek friend to help you out. During this situation, you explained him/her your problem and you expect a solution from him/her. But what, if you failed to explain your problem? It would be so good if your geek friend can see the problem with his/her own eyes. Or suppose, you got a new phone and your friend wanted to see its UI and other features but he is not with you at that point of time.

What you gonna do? Waiting to meet him? No. You can share android screen with his/her android screen. With that, let’s start.

How to Share Android Screen with Another Android?

Android Screen stream mirroring is very easy. Here is How you can do that:

1.Go to PlayStore and download the App called Inkwire. You have to download this app on both the Android smartphones (Yours and your friend’s phone)

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2. After installing the app, open the app. On the home screen, you would see two options.

First one is of Share. In this option, your android screen will be shared to your friend’s phone. You can use this option when your friend needs help from you. You can give him tutorial using this option. With this option, your friend can see everything that is on YOUR android phone screen on his/her phone.

The second option is of Access. With this option, you can see your FRIEND”S android screen on your phone. You can see whatever he is doing in his/her phone.

share android screen to another android

3. Select the option according to your requirement. Select the Share option to Share your Android Screen and Select the Access option to see your friend’s Android Screen.

4. In the Share option, you would get a 12 Digit numerical code that you have to share with your friend. He will enter the code on his phone to get paired with you. When your friend enters the code you have provided, your android screen will be on your friend’s android screen. If due to any reasons, it is taking the time to connect, you can directly share a link via Bluetooth, Whatsapp or any other source through which he/she can connect the android screen.

share android screen to another android

5. In the Access option, your friend would provide you the 12 Digit numerical code that you have to enter the Access Code area. After entering the 12 digit code provided by your friend, tap on Access. After that, your friend’s Android screen would be on your screen.

share android screen to another android

This is how you can share Android screen with another android screen. Not only screen, you can also get access to Voice of each other. Using that, you can talk to each other while sharing the screen of your Android phones. The all over the experience of screen stream mirroring is pretty good. You can use the voice to give instructions, discussions etc. Moreover, there is also a touch pointer you would see on Android screen whenever someone touches the screen. It helps you in tracking the touch points. You can see the screenshot:

share android screen to another android

The thing I missed in Inkwire is the ability to get the control which makes it incomplete. You cannot control the screen of your friend’s android screen but all over, Inkwire is good enough to share the android screen to another android. If you want to stream screen mirroring with all the access to the phone, better use Team Viewer which is another great app for stream screen mirroring.

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Android Screen Sharing with Another Android

So this how you can share Android screen with another android. This thing is really handy when you need a help of the person sitting far from you. Using this, you can share a tutorial of any app, share gameplay, videos, photos etc. Do try this app and if you faced any barrier while sharing the android screen with another android, let me know. If you have any other app for Android screen stream mirroring, do not forget to mention in the comment section

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William Jones April 9, 2021 - 5:52 pm

Thanks for the great article

Quoro April 20, 2021 - 1:55 pm

Thank you for the above. Additionally, one can also have Android screen sharing easily using tools like Webex, Gomeetnow, Gotomeeting etc. These are easy to use and work well.


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