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How to Repost on Threads – Retweet a Thread

by Jayant

There is no denying the fact that Threads is just another version of Twitter and no one knows the future of this new Meta platform. If you are already using Twitter, you must be aware of ‘Retweet’ which simply posts the already published tweet by someone from your profile. But is there a similar option in Threads? Can we Retweet on Threads?

The quick and simple answer is, the ‘Retweet’ of Twitter is ‘Repost’ on Threads. Here is how to retweet a Thread. If you want to use Dark mode on the Threads app, here is how to enable Dark Mode on Threads app.

How to Repost on Threads

There are times when we came across a really interesting Thread and we don’t want to copy-paste the same thing but also wanted to share it with our audience. In that case, you can use ‘Repost’ button on Threads that will post the same Thread from your profile. You can also add your own caption to the Thread to make it relevant or add your thoughts to the Threads.

Here is what to do.

1. Open the Threads app on your phone and look for the Thread you want to Repost from your profile.

2. Once you found something interesting, simply tap on the ‘Repost’ icon. The Thread in the screenshot is not interesting though.


3. Now it will show ‘Repost’ and ‘Quote’. Repost here will simply post the same Thread on your profile. If you want to add your own thoughts, comments, or caption to this Thread, you can use ‘Quote’.


4. Once you are done with all the formatting, tap on ‘Post’ and Thread will be reposted from your profile.


Retweet on Threads

That is how Repost works on Threads. It is exactly similar to ‘Retweet’ on Twitter. In fact, there is nothing new in the Threads as of now. Basically, Instagram users are redirected to Threads and considering the audience on Instagram, who are more inclined to visual content, it would be challenging for Threads to sustain for long like Twitter. There is a huge difference in the user base of Twitter and Instagram.

Hope we are going to get new features, interfaces, and options in the Threads app that might help Threads in differentiating its identity from Twitter.

We as end users will continue to explore more and more about Threads, Instagram, and Twitter. Here are more articles:


Can we Retweet on Threads?

Yes, there is a dedicated button to ‘Repost’ Thread which works similarly to Retweet on Twitter.

Can I quote a Thread?

Yes, you can quote a Thread. Simply tap on the ‘Repost’ icon below a Thread and choose ‘Quote’.

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