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How to Copy & Share Threads Profile Link?

by Jayant

Since Threads is a brand new app and not everyone has signup for it yet. In that case, you might be missing your fam on Threads. Sharing your profile link is a great idea if you haven’t thought about it. That way, they can directly open your Threads profile and start interacting with you on Threads. You can also share someone’s Thread profile link with your friends or family via WhatsApp or any other app for that matter.

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How to Copy Threads Profile Link?

There are some easy ways you can follow to Copy your own Threads Profile link and even someone else’s Thread profile link. We are going to discuss both the scenario one by one.

First, let’s talk about copying your own Threads Profile Link:

How to Copy Your Own Threads Profile Link?

To copy your own Threads Profile link, simply follow these easy steps:

1. Open Threads and Go to your Profile.


2. Right on the profile page, you will see an option ‘ Share Profile’, tap on it.


3. Now you will see a direct link to your Threads profile. Tap on ‘Copy’. Your Threads profile link has been copied to the clipboard and is ready to share.


That is how you can copy your own Threads Profile link. You can easily paste this copied link to any social media app, to a forum, to a comment section, save it on notes, add the link to your presentation, college project or anywhere you want to promote yourself or want more and more people to connect on Threads.

Now what if you want to copy someone’s Threads profile link? Here is what to do.

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How to Copy Someone’s Threads Profile Link?

Follow these easy steps to copy someone else’s Threads profile link:

1. Simply tap on the profile name or search for the profile you want to copy the profile link of. Tap on the 3-dot menu at the top right corner.


2. Now tap on ‘Copy Link’. The link has been copied and is ready to share.


That is the easiest and quick way to copy someone’s profile link. Once you have the link, you can easily share it. Here is how to share it.

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How to Share Threads Profile Link?

Sharing Threads profile link is super easy. You can share the link directly to an app or you can share the copied link manually. You can opt for any of them that makes sense to you.

Share Your Own Threads Profile Link

If you are looking to share your own profile link of Threads, simply follow the steps mentioned below. You can share it via social media app or any other app.

Here is how to share your own Threads Profile link:

1. Simply open Threads app > Profile > Share Profile.


2. Now choose the app you want to share a link to. You will find all the apps that are already installed on your smartphone. You can choose social media apps like WhatsApp, Reddit, Facebook Twitter, and Snapchat. You can also select Notes, Gmail etc.

This is a super easy and quick way to share your own Threads Profile link but it didn’t work when you want to share the link to a forum, comment section of any website etc. In that case, you can simply copy the link and paste it manually at the desired place.

Share Someone Else’s Threads Profile Link

Now if you have an interesting profile on Threads and you wanted to share it, here is how to share someone else’s Threads profile link:

1. Go to Threads search or directly open the profile you want to share.

2. Tap on the 3 dot menu at the top right corner and tap on ‘Share via’.


3. Now choose the app where you wanted to share someone’s Threads profile.


That is how you can share someone’s Threads Profile link. It is super easy and quick to share the Threads profile. You can choose any social media app to share the link. Scroll a little bit and you will see more apps that are already installed on your smartphone.

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How to Share Threads Profile on Instagram Story?

Now many users are looking to share Threads Profile link on Instagram to attract more followers and announce their profiles on Threads. If you are someone who is looking to do the same, here is how to share Threads profile on IG:

1. Go to your Threads Profile > Share Profile > ‘Copy’. Your Threads Profile link is copied. If you want to share Threads story to Instagram Chat, you don’t need to copy link. Simply tap on ‘Instagram Chat’ icon and select the friend you wanted to share Threads profile with.


2. For posting the Threads link on IG, open Instagram > Create an Instagram story. For adding Threads link to the Instagram story, tap on stickers > Link > paste the Threads profile link and post it.

3. Your Threads Profile link is successfully shared on Instagram story. Now every time someone clicks on that link, it will take them to your Threads profile.


This is the boring, old way you can use to share Threads profiles on Instagram. Instead, you can use this alternative method to share your Thread profile on IG.

For using this method, make sure you have posted something on Threads. If you don’t have any idea of a new Threads post, you can repost someone’s post on your Threads profile.

Once you have posted something on Threads, here is what to do.

1. Open Threads and go to your Profile.

2. Now scroll a little bit and tap on ‘share’ icon below the post.


3. Tap on ‘Add to Story’.


4. It will automatically open an Instagram story that is ready to share. You can also add captions, music, and stickers on this screen. Once done, tap on ‘Your Story’.


5. Your Threads profile is shared on your Instagram story. Now, every time someone clicks on your IG story, it will take them to your Threads post where they can interact and follow you.

That is how you can share Threads profile on Instagram story. You can share Threads profile links to IG story but that looks boring unless you create an attractive IG story by yourself. The second alternate method is the best way to share Threads profile on IG.

Similarly, you can share your Threads profile on WhatsApp contacts, WhatsApp status, Facebook posts and more.


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