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How to Clear Instagram Cache in 2023 – Quick & Easy Ways

by Jayant

Are you looking to clear cache on Instagram? Here you will find everything you need to clear on how to Instagram Cache on iPhone and Android.

But before that, here is a brief introduction to Cache.

Cache memory is a temporary memory that works in the background so that you can access your apps quickly. In Instagram, cache memory saves your search history, your profile page, your profile picture, Instagram Chats, last seen posts, posts in Explore tab, a few messages and much more. If you turn off the internet and open Instagram, everything you are now seeing is stored in cache memory.

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Why do you need to Clear Cache on Instagram?

With time, this cache memory starts eating the storage of your smartphone and your smartphone might start lagging. You are also required to clear the Instagram cache when Instagram is not working properly.

If you have changed your Instagram profile picture and it is still showing the old one, that means you need to clear your Instagram cache to update the new profile picture. If you are not able to post anything on Instagram, or not able to see Active Today status of friends, you can fix it by clearing Instagram Cache.

Clearing Instagram cache can fix all your Instagram app problems and will make your smartphone work smoother. You can clear the Instagram cache on both iPhone and Android devices.

Below are easy steps you can follow to clear the Instagram cache on your device.

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How to Clear Instagram Cache on iPhone?

One thing you should also know is that iOS doesn’t allow its users to clear the cache of any app but alternatively, we can Offload App which is pretty similar to clearing the cache.

Here is how to clear Instagram cache on iPhone.

1. Open Settings & Go to General.


2. Tap on iPhone Storage.


3. Here you will see all the data stored in your iPhone. Scroll a little bit until you find Instagram.


4. Tap on Instagram from the list and tap on Offload App.


By doing it, the Instagram cache will be deleted and it will also free up some storage on iPhone. This will also delete the Instagram app from your iPhone and you need to reinstall the Instagram app. Don’t worry, you don’t need to start fresh as iPhone already keeps the important data.

That is how you can clear Instagram cache on iPhone. If it didn’t solve the purpose, you can simply tap on the Delete Instagram app and re-install Instagram. Like Android, there is no direct way to clear Instagram cache on iPhone.

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How to Clear Instagram Cache on Android?

Unlike iPhone, clearing the Instagram cache on Android is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear Instagram cache on Android smartphone.

Here I am using a Samsung smartphone and if you are using any other brand of Android, it can be different for you. But the basic steps are more or less the same for every Android smartphone.

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll a little bit and tap on Apps.


3. Now you will see all the installed apps in your smartphone sorted in Alphabetical order. Once you find Instagram, open it.


4. Here you will see all the information related to Instagram app. Tap on Storage.


5. Now you need to tap on Clear Cache at the bottom right corner.


Once you did that, Instagram Cache will get clear. After clearing Instagram cache, your Instagram app will load slowly on the first run simply because now the app is loading data from the internet and the loading speed depends on your internet connection. Earlier, Instagram has all the preloaded data stored in the cache memory.

After a few hours, it will accumulate all the necessary data in the cache for faster loading speed and it will start filling in the form of Cache memory. If your Android smartphone has low internal storage, you can clear cache of other apps as well. Here you can know more about how to free up internal storage on Android.

How to Clear Cache of Instagram Browser?

Occasionally, we get to see ads on Instagram and to be honest, some ads make sense and we click on them. Or you might have visited someone’s website, Spotify playlist, or any other link from their bio. When we click on the link within Instagram, it opens in Instagram browser which also accumulates a cache.

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Here is how to clear Instagram Browser Cache.

1. Open Instagram app and Go to Settings.


2. Now go to Account.


3. Tap on Browser Settings.


4. Tap on Clear in front of ‘Browsing Data’. It will clear cookies and cache data from Instagram browser.


How to Clear Cache on Instagram: Final Words

That is how you can clear cache on Instagram. iPhone doesn’t have a dedicated feature to delete Instagram cache or any other app. Instead, they provide offloading app feature which is way different from Cache. Once you offload Instagram from your iPhone and it deletes all the app data and frees up some storage. To use Instagram again, you have to reinstall the Instagram app from App Store.

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On the contrary, Android smartphone comes with the direct option to clear Instagram cache. Similarly, you can clear the cache of other apps as well. If Instagram is not working fine for you, clearing your cache will fix a lot of broken things for you.

There are issues like Instagram not loading posts, you are not able to post anything on Instagram, profile pictures are not updating, new Instagram features are not loading or Instagram feeds not updating. All these sorts of Instagram bugs & issues can be solved just by clearing the Instagram cache.

So now you know how to clear cache on Instagram. Try it to fix Instagram or to get more storage on your phones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For those who have questions regarding Instagram Cache, we have answered a few of frequently asked questions.

1. Do I need to clear my Instagram cache again and again?

No. If the Instagram app is working fine for you and you don’t need free storage on your phone, you don’t need to clear your Instagram cache again and again. Just do it when required.

2. Can I clear my Instagram search history?

Yes, you can delete your Instagram search history. You can either clear them one by one Or, open Instagram, Go to Search, tap on See All, and tap on Clear All. It will clear all the search history of Instagram.

3. Is Clear data different from Clear Cache on Instagram?

Yes. If you accidentally tapped on Clear data instead of Clear cache, it will log out all your Instagram accounts and you need to login to all the accounts once again. Moreover, it will also delete all your settings and you need to tune your account from scratch.

4. Would clear the cache slows down Instagram?

Yes but only for the first run. Clearing cache means Instagram will load everything from their server instead of memory stored in your smartphone. After a few runs, Instagram will store all the required information for faster loading and it will come back to the version you were using before.

5. Can I stop Instagram Cache?

No. The cache memory of Instagram or, any app for that matter, is not an issue or bug. Cache memory actually saves your cellular data and gives you fast loading app interface. Without Instagram cache, the app will load all the data from the internet that will eat your cellular data and will take more time to load.

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