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How to Make Threads Account Private

by Jayant

In a few hours of launching it, Threads got the attention of millions of users worldwide. The ease of getting logged into the Threads app using an Instagram account is also a big reason why so many users are coming up on this brand-new social media platform. By default, your Threads account is public and anyone can see your Thread, replies, followers and whatnot. If you don’t want to share everything with random users, you can make your Threads account private.

By default, the Threads app also comes with light mode which hurt the eyes especially when you are using the app at night. Here is How to Enable Dark Mode on Threads.

How to Make Threads Account Private

Here is how to Make your Threads account private in a fraction of seconds. After doing this, you can manually approve the person you want as a follower.

1. Open Threads app and go to your Profile.

2. Tap on the ‘menu’ icon at the top right corner having 2 unequal horizontal lines.

3. Now go to Privacy.


4. Here you will see ‘Private Account’ toggle, tap on it. It will ask for confirmation. Tap on ‘OK’ to make your Threads account Private. Once it is private, only approved users will be able to interact, read, reply, like, repost your Threads.


All done. Your Threads account is now private. If you want to make it public, simply tap on the same option again and confirm to make your Threads account back public. A public Threads account is visible to everyone and they can also interact with you without any approval.


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