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How to Activate Dark Mode on Threads

by Jayant

The Instagram Threads app needs a lot of improvements in terms of UI and user experience but since it is in the initial stage, we are ready to cooperate with the developers. Like every other smartphone app running on Dark Mode, you might wonder how to activate dark mode on Threads.

Threads is a brand-new app and it is a little confusing for users to find all the settings of the app. To make things easy for you, here is:

How to Activate Dark Mode on Threads

Currently, Threads natively don’t have any native settings related to the interface but we can still activate dark mode on Threads using other means.

On Android:

Follow these easy steps to enable dark mode on Threads on an Android smartphone.

1. Go to Settings > Display on your Android phone.

2. Here you will find Dark Mode and Light Mode settings. If you are using light mode right now, you have to switch to dark mode. Simply tap on the Dark Mode.


3. Now open Threads app and done, there you have the dark mode activated on Threads.

You can also go to the quick settings menu by sliding down on the top menu with 2 fingers and turn on the dark mode.


On iOS:

iPhone users can activate dark mode on Threads by following the same pattern as we did with Android.

1. Go to iPhone settings > Display & Brightness and simply turn on the dark mode.

2. Now open the Threads app and you will see Threads app with dark mode.

All done. By default, if you are using your phone in light mode, the Threads app will also use the phone’s display settings. Since there is no native Dark Mode settings in the Threads app, this little trick does the job.

Activate Dark Mode on Threads

That is how you can use dark mode on Threads. You might get new updates in the Threads app in the future but as of now, all we have is the phone’s default display settings to use Threads in dark mode.

How is your experience going on with Threads? Let us know in the comments below.

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