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How to Turn Off the Instagram Comment

turn off instagram comment

The year 2016 was quite a renovation year for Instagram. First, we saw the LIKE icon changed to beautiful red heart. After few days, Instagram got a whole new material look. We just cannot ignore that Force Touch features that allows the user to see any picture without opening it. This feature came after launching of the 3D touch on iPhone. The video length also increases from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Then Instagram came with an another feature for which Instagram turn into copy cat. That is Instagram Story. People around the world are already known with the Story through Snapchat. But even declared as a copy cat, Instagram succeeded in winning the confidence of users and Now many Instagram users preferring Instagram Stories more than the Snapchat stories.

But there is still something some user wanted to add in the Instagram and that feature also added up, that is Turning OFF the Instagram Comments.

Recently, Instagram announced that user can turn off the Instagram Comments on their photos while posting it on Instagram. The user can turn on the comment after posting it. That means this feature provides flexibility to the user of turn ON or OFF the comments during posting as well as after posting the photo/video on Instagram.

Moreover, you can now like someone’s comment and replies to comments are now shown in threads.

So, if you are a kind of person who really doesn’t care about what other think about you then you can turn off the Instagram comments on your photos. OR. If your posts are something which creates misunderstanding in your audience which is increasing WORD War in your comment section, then go for it, Turn OFF the Comments.


How to Turn OFF Instagram comments?

Turning off the comments on Instagram is very easy. Do the same for posting the photo/Video but just before hitting the post button, take a look at the bottom of the screen and tap on the option named as Advanced Settings. 

There you would see a new option of Turn Off Comments. Switch that On and you are done. Now, no one can comment on your post. (See pictures)

turn off instagram comments

You can also turn off the Instagram comment after posting the post.

Open the Photo/Video on which you want to Turn on or Turn Off the comments. Tap on ellipsis button on Right Side and Tap on Turn Off Commenting if comments are On before and vice-versa.

turn off instagram comments

I told you,it is really easy.

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So, that’s pretty much about Turning off the Instagram comments. I hope, this article helped you.

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