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How to Turn off Comments on Instagram in 2023

by Jayant

Don’t want people to comment on your Instagram photo or video? Here is how to turn off comments on Instagram in 2023.

Instagram is ever-evolving, making the platform better and better. But still, Cyberbullying is something the internet is still struggling with. People post insensitive comments on pictures that ruin the whole internet ecosystem. If you are someone who doesn’t want others’ opinions on your Instagram pictures, you can simply turn off the comments on Instagram.

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How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram in 2023

Instagram also allows you to block comments from specific people. If you have toxic people around you, block their comments. That way, no one will be able to post any comments on your Instagram posts.

So, if you are the kind of person who really doesn’t care about what others think about you then you can turn off the Instagram comments on your photos or if your posts are something that creates misunderstanding in your audience and you don’t want WORD War in your comment section, then go for it, Turn OFF the Comments.

If you have ever posted a mean, hurtful comment and now Instagram not letting you post anything, you should check your Instagram account status because Instagram is now very strict about such activities now.

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How to Turn off Comments on Instagram?

If you have just posted a photo or video on Instagram and you don’t want comments on that, well you can turn off comments. Here is how to turn off comments on Instagram posts:

1. Open your Instagram photo or video you want to turn off comments for.

2. Tap on the 3-Dot menu at the top right corner. Know more about different Instagram symbols


3. Click on ‘Turn off Commenting‘.


Comments are off now and no one will be able to post comments on your Instagram post. Even if someone has already posted a comment will get hidden after turning off the comments. You can enable the comments from that same option.

That is how you can turn off comments from everyone. No one will be able to post or see any kind of comment on your Instagram post.

But what if you want to turn off comments from specific people? We all have toxic people in our lives and Instagram do take care of such people. Next, we are going to talk about turning off comments from Specific people.

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How to Turn Off Comments from Specific People on Instagram?

Turning off the comments on Instagram is very easy. In a recent update of Instagram, you can also block comments from specific people. And you can even add Manual Filters. Manual Filters will automatically hide or Spam the comment if the comment includes specific words. If you don’t want the specific person on your Instagram at all, you can make them unfollow you on Instagram.

Here is how to turn off Comments on Instagram.

1. Go to your Profile & Tap on Hamburger Menu at the top right corner.

2. Go to Settings.turn-off-comments-on-Instagram

3. Open Privacy Settings.insagram-comment-filter

4. Go to Comments.instagram-comment-filter

5. Here you will see a couple of options. Select the first option where you can block comments from specific people. Simply search for the name and add them to the list. Once you add them, they will no more be able to comment on your Instagram.block-instagram-comment-from-certain-people

How to Hide Offensive Words in Comments on Instagram

If you have an open Instagram comment or brand account where Cuss words can hamper your social media presence, you can block certain words to add in the comment. Once you added the words list, Instagram will automatically hide the offensive comments.

Here is how to hide offensive words in comments on Instagram:

1. Go to Account Settings > Privacy > Comments.

2. Turn on ‘Manual Filter‘.

3. Add the words or phrases you don’t want to see in your comments.block-comment-from-certain-people-on-instagram

4. The manual filter has been applied. Once you have done that, Instagram will hide the comment that includes the words/phrases you just added to the filter.

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That is how you can turn off comments on Instagram. Instagram also provided the option to add a filter that will hide offensive comments that include certain words or phrases.

How to Turn off Comments on Instagram: Final Words

Cyberbullying is the dark side of the internet. Teens around the world are going through this Cyberbullying thing. You cannot control the sick mind of others but you can definitely take steps to protect yourself. If you find anyone passing toxic comments on your social media, simply block them. Don’t try to rectify them. It is their personality and you cannot win over toxic people.

I hope this helped you in turning off the comments on Instagram. Instagram also has the option to turn off Online Status on Instagram. Make sure you check that out to ignore unwanted people.


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