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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

by Jayant

Over time, our preferences, and relationships with people changes and it makes complete sense to remove something that you once used to love. On Instagram, we tend to follow a lot of people but gradually, we feel to clear the clutter and unfollow unnecessary Instagram accounts that no more adding value to our lives.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to unfollow someone on Instagram that are no more active, and no more relevant to you. The good thing is, you can unfollow someone on Instagram without letting them know. For starters, let me quickly tell you that there is no app or service that you can use to mass unfollow on Instagram at once.

Unlike Twitter, which allows its user to unfollow inactive Twitter accounts in mass using 3rd party apps, Instagram simply doesn’t allow us to do that. Any attempt to use a third-party app to mass unfollow Instagram accounts can lead to an account ban and you will not be able to retrieve it.

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How to Unfollow People on Instagram (Using Instagram App)

As rational thinking, we unfollow someone on Instagram that we don’t interact with or our relationship has changed and now they are no more friends or interested in each other. In that case, you can use Instagram’s inbuilt features that give you the list of people that you least interacted with.

Here is how to unfollow on Instagram at once:

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your account.


2. Next, go to ‘Following’.


3. At the top, before listing of people you are following, you will see a category named ‘Least Interacted with’. This list includes all the Instagram that you don’t see much on your feed, you both don’t like each other posts, see their stories and similar behavior. Tap on that.


4. Now you will see all those accounts in this list. Tapping the ‘Following’ button will unfollow those accounts.

That is one way to unfollow on Instagram. If you only wanted to unfollow pages, and creators on Instagram, you can use ‘Hashtag, Creator’ category on the same page to get all those unnecessary creator accounts, and pages to unfollow from your Instagram.

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How to Make Someone Unfollow You – Remove Followers Without Letting Them Know

There is one more angle to see this unfollow on the Instagram scenario. There are a few people who are following us but we don’t want them to see or don’t want their comments on our photos, reels and videos on Instagram. We cannot make someone unfollow us but we can do it manually without letting them know. Here is how to do that.

1. Go to your Instagram account. Now tap on ‘Followers’.


2. Next, tap on ‘Account you Don’t Follow Back’. This will give you the list of people that are following you but you don’t follow them and don’t want them as your Follower. They can see your posts, reels, like your posts but if you don’t want them to see your photos, you can remove them as your follower without letting them know.


3. Tap on ‘Remove’ once again and the account is removed from your Instagram.


In this list, you will find strange accounts as well as inactive Instagram accounts that are no more in use and you don’t want them as your followers. Having inactive Instagram followers is also harmful to your organic reach. Unfollow those inactive Instagram and you will see the better organic reach of your Instagram posts.

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How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram (using Website)

Apart from the Instagram app, you can also unfollow people on Instagram on a PC or laptop using the Instagram website. Here is how to do that.

1. Open Google Chrome or any other web browser and go to Instagram.com.

2. Now Login to your Instagram by entering your username and password.

3. Next, Click on Profile at the left sidebar.


4. Click on ‘Following’. Unfortunately, the list is not sorted in any manner as it shows in the Instagram app. The people on top are the most interacted people and it goes in descending order. You will find the least interacted people at the end of the list.


5. To unfollow someone on Instagram, simply tap on the Following button and then tap on Unfollow. That person is unfollowed now.


If you also want them to unfollow you, go to your ‘Follower’, find the person, and tap on Remove. Tap on ‘Remove’ once again to remove them as your follower.

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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram – Unfollow on Instagram at once

I know you wanted to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once but Instagram is very strict about this. If you are trying to find one app or service to mass unfollow on Instagram, I would strongly recommend not doing this. User privacy and security are the number one priority for Instagram and that is the reason why Instagram doesn’t allow the user to use 3rd party apps, or services to unfollow or even follow on Instagram. That is the reason why I’m not mentioning any 3rd party app for this task.

Here is what Instagram says about user privacy and using 3rd Party apps with your Instagram account:


Source: Instagram Privacy Policy Page

These 3rd party apps steal the user’s password, photos, personal data and which can lead to problems like account hacking, selling private photos to the dark web, scamming you and much more.

I strongly suggest you resist the use of 3rd party apps or services to unfollow everyone on Instagram at once because that would be a breach of trust and these apps can steal your personal data without your permission and later use it against you to scam you. Instagram will not be responsible for that and you can even lose your Instagram account permanently.

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If you are manually unfollowing people in bulk, it can trigger the Instagram bots and algorithms to suspend your account for 48+ hours or even permanently ban your account. Once the account is banned, you will not be able to retrieve your account back because of strict policies.

To safely unfollow people on Instagram in bulk, make sure you don’t unfollow more than 50 accounts in one session. One session begins when you open the Instagram app and sessions end when you close the app. Make sure there is a 24-hour difference between 2 sessions if you are unfollowing on Instagram in bulk.

If you have a lot of accounts to unfollow and it is practically impossible for you to unfollow Instagram accounts, it is better to delete the account and create a new account. A new Instagram account would be a fresh start without any unwanted people.

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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram?

When you can unfollow people on Instagram, someone else can also unfollow you. In that case, if you wanted to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, here is how to check that.

1. Check your Follower’s List

Go to Instagram Profile and then go to Followers. Here you will find the list of people who are following you. If you didn’t find any particular person in the Follower list, that means they have unfollowed you.

2. Check the Active Status


If you have recently had a chat with the person and now you are having doubts if that person unfollowed you or not, go to the Chat section and check their Active Status. If you cannot see their Active Today or Active Now status, that clearly means they have unfollowed you. If you are not seeing their profile picture or see ‘Instagram user’ instead of their username in the chat section, they might block you.

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3. See your Story Views

If you have posted any story and you are not seeing their name in the viewer list, chances are, they have unfollowed you and they cannot see your stories anymore. To see story views, go to the Instagram app > Tap on ‘Your Story’ at the top of story threads > Swipe up to check who sees your story.

These are the only legitimate ways to see who unfollowed you on Insta. There are some 3rd party apps to check your followers in real-time which are not even listed on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and I would not suggest you use those 3rd party platforms to connect your Instagram account.

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Unfollow People on Instagram: Final Words

That is pretty much everything you need to know about unfollowing people on Instagram. To safely unfollow accounts on Instagram, don’t use any 3rd party and do not unfollow more than 50 accounts at once. Take some time in between and repeat the process after a certain period because bulk unfollowing or any other activity can flag your account as a suspicious account and Instagram can even block your account permanently without any prior notice.

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