Humans tend to get bored of using the same thing again and again. This is the reason why Android is more popular and preferred OS for smartphones than iOS or any other OS. Android provides you a lot of customization as compared to iOS or any other OS.

A few days back, I noticed that I am getting bored of my same laptop interface. I changed Lock screen wallpaper, desktop wallpaper but still, I want something more. Then I started looking for changing the Mouse Pointer and other pointers like busy, text pointer etc. The inbuilt mouse pointers in windows were almost same like the default one. Then I thought about changing the default Windows Mouse Pointer with the Mac’s Mouse pointer.

mac cursor on windows

I really liked the refreshed Mouse Pointer After changing the windows pointer to Mac Mouse Cursor.

If you are like me and wanted to change the mouse pointer just to have a refreshed interface, Read on and learn How you can change Windows Mouse Pointer to Mac’s mouse pointer.

Get Mac Mouse Pointer on Windows 10

If you ever been played with the Control Panel of Windows, probably you know how to change the Mouse Pointer. If you never did that, no worries, you would get everything you wanted to know.

To Get Mac Mouse Pointer on Windows, first you need to download the Mac’s latest OS X El Captain’s Mouse Pointer or cursor. It is really easy and quick. Just go Here and on the right-hand side, there is a download button. Just download it.

After Downloading it, open the downloaded folder and extract the folder (RAR folder).

mac cursor on windows

After extracting the downloaded RAR folder, open the extracted folder and look for Install file. Right Click on the file and Install it. This Install file means you would get the whole OSX El Captain Mouse Cursor Package (Normal Select, Busy, Working in background etc.) on your Windows.

mac cursor on windows

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Change Windows’ Mouse Cursor to Mac’s Mouse Cursor

After installing the cursors, Go to Control Panel of your Windows computer. Locate and open Mouse option. From above tab, go to Pointer option and change the scheme to El Captain. Now you would see the all new Mac Mouse Cursor on your Windows 10.

mac cursor on windows

Mac’s mouse pointer are more colorful and animations are also much better than the Windows Mouse Pointer. After selecting the Scheme, click on Ok to save the settings.

If you don’t want to change the whole Mouse Cursor scheme of Windows, you can also change the particular mouse pointer. To do that, double-click on the mouse pointer you wanted to change and explore the downloaded Mac Mouse Cursor folder and select the mouse pointer. By doing that, you can change any particular mouse cursor rather than changing the whole Pointer scheme.

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Mac’s Mouse Pointer on Windows 10

So, this is how you can Change Windows mouse pointer to Mac mouse pointer. The same thing is applied to Windows 8 and 7. I find the Mac’s Mouse Pointer more appealing to eyes, moreover, Mac Mouse pointer has better animations and color scheme.

Share with your friends and help them in customizing their windows laptop/computer. If you have any query or encountered any issue while changing Windows Mouse Pointer to Mac’s Mouse Pointer, let me know in the comment section. I will try to Fix You 🙂

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