YouTube is one of our favorite entertainment platform on the internet. Not just entertainment, there are a lot of educational, inspirational, motivational videos on YouTube which are being watched by millions of people every day. From last 2 years, YouTube app is getting better with each update but one thing which is really irritating and not going to be solved anytime soon is YouTube Videos playback when the screen is off.

Seriously, this is a big problem these days. There are a lot of content on YouTube which can be enjoyable with audio only. For example, Music. You are driving the car with your friends and using AUX for playing music. In case, music is on YouTube, then it would be really irritating because, during the music playback, you cannot turn off the screen. If you turn off the screen, music will get pause. This thing would be even more irritating when you are driving at night.

Or, suppose you are listening some motivational speech or calm music for meditation and at that time, there is no use of screen being a turn on. It is just eating up the battery of the phone. If someone is traveling and want to listen to music on YouTube, that would be a crucial time for him/her because he/she knows the value of smartphone battery while traveling.

This is YouTube behavior to keep the screen On when the video is being played. But there should be an option of background playback. YouTube Red has this option for limited regions but YouTube Red requires paid subscription.

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But today, you are going to get this feature for free. From now, you can play YouTube while the screen is OFF.


How to Play YouTube videos With Screen Off?

Here is the trick. There are different methods to do the same. If you want to Play YouTube videos with off-screen, forget the YouTube app and use any of these.

Google Chrome

Yes, if you want to play YouTube videos with off-screen or without turning on the screen, use Google Chrome Browser on your Android phone. All you need to Open the Chrome Browser and Go to Search for the video you want to play. On the playback screen. Tap on the 3 dots (⋮) on top right corner and then select Request Desktop Site. 

play youtube videos screen off

After doing this, you will see full-fledged YouTube that you see on the desktop. Now, play any video/Audio and press the power button to turn off the screen. You can listen to the audio playback of the YouTube video while the screen is off.

play youtube videos screen off

Easy. Isn’t it? You cannot control the music though but you can play and pause the music from the lock screen itself.

This is one way to play YouTube videos while the screen is turn off. If you are not comfortable with the desktop site on the phone, follow next method.

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another method which you can use to play YouTube videos with screen off. Just install the Mozilla Firefox from Play Store. Then, open it and go to Do same steps that you followed in Google Chrome. But, you can play YouTube videos with screen off without Requesting the desktop site. Just play the video and turn off the screen.

But if playback gets paused, All you need to tap on 3 dots on top right corner and select Request Desktop Site for playing YouTube videos with the screen off.

You don’t get any music controls on the lock screen. Now, if you have iPhone follow the next method.

Safari Browser

If you are using an iPhone, you can use Safari Browser to play Youtube videos with screen off. It works same as Mozilla Firefox and Safari also serves you music controls on the lock screen as served by Google Chrome.

So, this is how you can play youtube videos while turning off the screen. Now you can enjoy your favorite music on Youtube anytime without draining the battery.

Share it with your friends and family. This would definitely help them. If you have any issue or faced any problem in playing youtube video while screen off even after using these methods, let me know in the comment section. I will try to fix you.

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