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How to Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield in 2020

by Jayant
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You are here means you know about Kodi and maybe you are looking to buy Nvidia Shield. If you are looking to buy a streaming device as a primary source of entertainment, let me tell you one thing, there is nothing better than Nvidia Shield. No doubt Nvidia Shield is more from high-end price spectrum but when it comes to picture quality and all over entertainment experience, no one can beat the Nvidia Shield.

There are a lot of streaming devices like Amazon FireTV, Roku, etc but these are very limited to Streaming functionality while Nvidia Shield is something beyond what other streaming does. Its 4K HDR picture quality looks absolutely stunning on the big screen.

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If you are a gamer, then you have all the reasons to buy Nvidia Shield instead of any other streaming device. Nvidia Shield allows you to cast 4K HDR Games on your TV from PC using GeForce Rig. You can also play games that are available exclusively for Nvidia Shield’s app store.

Now, come to the main question. Can you get Kodi on Nvidia Shield? Well, the answer is Yes. You can install Kodi on Nvidia Shield. Here is how you can do that?

IMPORTANT: Before You Proceed Further
Before you proceed further, there is an important message for Kodi users. Accessing content on Kodi is not legal in some countries and you may face legal notices for violating legal rules. To use Kodi anonymously, it is highly recommended to use IPVanish VPN. IPVanish VPN is Award Winning VPN under the category Best VPN by The T3 Awards. IPVanish VPN is built for Kodi and with IPVanish, you can use Kodi & other geographically restricted content without getting traced.

Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield Using USB

1. First thing first. Go to Kodi.tv and download the apk file of Kodi. You need to download a 64 Bit APK file for ARM devices. Simply click and download the APK file.


2. Now, copy the downloaded apk file on a USB drive and insert the USB drive on Nvidia Shield. There are 2 USB ports in Nvidia Shield and you can insert the USB drive into any port.

3. After that, it is time to install the Kodi in Nvidia Shield. To do that, open ES File Explorer on Nvidia Shield. If you don’t have ES File Explorer installed on Nvidia Shield you can easily install it from Nvidia Shield’s Google Play Store.

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4. In the ES File Explorer, you will find the name of your USB Drive at the left bottom of the screen. Just open that USB Drive and open the Kodi APK file that you downloaded from Kodi’s official website.

If it is showing any error or asking to turn on “Install the apps from Unknown Source”, you need to modify a minor setting by simply going to Nvidia Shield’s Settings > Personal > Security & Restrictions and here you will find an option of Unknown Source. Just turn it on.

nvidia shield kodi thetechtoys dot com

5. After doing all that, Kodi is now installed on your Nvidia Shield and you can enjoy your favorite movie or TV show on the bigger screen.

There is a Kodi add-on called Exodus through which you can watch the latest movies and tv shows. It is one of the Must-Have add-ons for Kodi. See the easiest guide to install exodus on Kodi. If you already have Kodi Exodus installed and Exodus is not working or showing nothing, you need to update the source of Exodus which has been changed from Fusion to some another source.

Since Exodus is not working as of now, there is another Kodi addon called Covenant which is very much similar to Exodus and it will provide you everything that you’ve been watching on Exodus. Installing Covenant on Kodi is quick and easy.

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Some Kodi add-ons may be restricted in your country by the authorities to protect the copyright claims. To bypass the restrictions and to access the geographically restricted content without any copyright issues, it is advised to use IPVanish VPN. IPVanish is an award-winning VPN by T3 Awards (Oscars of tech).

In case you want to, you can also add subtitles on Kodi for enjoying your favorite movie and tv show in your preferred language.

Get Kodi on Nvidia Shield Without USB

This is one method to Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield. There is another way to get Kodi on Nvidia Shield and that is by Installing Kodi directly from Google Play Store. But Make sure you have login into the Nvidia Shield with the same email account.

To install Kodi on Nvidia Shield from Play Store. Just open the Play Store on Windows, Mac or any other device and search for Kodi. If you are login with the same google account on the Windows/Mac device and on Nvidia Shield, you would get an option to choose the device on which you wanted to install Kodi. Select the Nvidia Shield and in few seconds, Kodi will be installed on your Nvidia Shield.

kodi on nvidia shield thetechtoys dot com

Once you installed the Kodi on Nvidia Shield, you can add Kodi skins and Kodi builds to give it your personalized user interface.

By default, Kodi has Confluence skin installed but you can change that anyway. I would suggest installing Kodi Build that suits your style. Here are some of the Best Kodi Build that you can install on Kodi on Nvidia Shield.

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Get Kodi on Nvidia Shield

So this is how you can get Kodi on Nvidia Shield. If the new version of Kodi is not updating, you can install the Kodi through USB. Nvidia Shield is a powerful Streaming Device that provides THE BEST picture quality on tv. Moreover, if you are a gamer then it can turn out to be the all in one package for you. You can cast Games from PC to TV through Nvidia Shield in 4K HDR. Moreover, you can play some of the best games on Nvidia Shield which are available exclusively for Nvidia Shield. For better Kodi experience, you can install Kodi builds which will provide you amazing Kodi add-ons for a perfect Kodi setup.

Apart from all these features, you can enjoy videos from apps like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now. The thing that makes it different is that you will get 4K HDR quality streaming of Amazon Prime Video which is going to be insanely stunning.

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With Nvidia Shield, you would get Nvidia Shield Remote and Nvidia Shield Controller for playing high-end graphics-intensive games. The Nvidia Shield remote and controller are used for voice search, rumble feedback, and private listening, in a stylish new form factor.

nvidia shield kodi thetechtoys dot com

With that, Nvidia Shield is not just a Streaming Device like Roku and Amazon FireTV but it is a complete package of the high-quality home entertainment streaming device. If you are looking for the best Entertainment package, then Android-Powered Nvidia Shield is the thing you’ve been waiting for. It has games, Kodi, Google, Android and everything you need in your home.

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Enjoyed reading your thoughtful and helpful insights.
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