Facebook is indeed a most popular social platform. One can get overnight success and immense popularity just by getting viral on Facebook. The reason for such popularity is the constant development of Facebook and the billions of people who are using facebook every single day. From last 5-6 months, Facebook is working real hard for better videos experience on Facebook. After Youtube, Facebook is becoming a popular platform for watching online videos.

Like Youtube, Facebook also introducing the Video Monetization. Read More about FB Video Monetization.

But, we as an audience watched a lot of videos on Facebook and some of them are super good and we always wanted to save the Facebook videos. Youtube has provided offline feature to watch videos without the internet. Moreover, Youtube Go is another app which allows us to download and share the Youtube Videos but no such feature has been provided by Facebook for videos as of now.

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But you can still download facebook videos on your Android and iPhone using some online tools and apps. Here is

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android & iPhone

Using MyVideoDownloader For Facebook

MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is an app available on Play Store. Using it, you can download any facebook video on your SDCard. For downloading facebook videos

Install MyVideoDownloader App from PlayStore. If you have iPhone, skip to next method.

Open the app and Login to Facebook using email or Phone number and password.

Now, fetch the video you wanted to download and press the Play button. You would see the download option on the screen.

download facebook videos on android

By default, it would download SD quality of video and If you wanted to download HD videos, swipe the screen to right > Settings > Check the HD Download option.

download facebook videos on android

You can watch this video anytime on any video player you used. You can also change the Download Folder from the settings.

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So, this is how you can download Facebook Videos on your Android phone using MyVideoDownloader for Facebook app. This is easy and quick method but if you don’t want to login to facebook on third party app, you can use Online tools to download facebook videos.

Using SaveFrom.Net

SaveFrom.Net is an online tool that would help you in downloading facebook videos on your iPhone as well as on Android. For downloading Facebook Videos on your phone

Go to Facebook app on your iPhone or Android and fetch the video you wanted to download and tap on the small arrow in front of video title to copy link.

download facebook videos on android iphone

After copying the video link from the facebook app, open Google Chrome or any other web browser on your iPhone or Android phone and go to Savefrom.net. Paste the link in the box.

download facebook videos on android iphone

Select the video quality to download and tap on Download Button. Once the download completed, open any video player to watch the video.

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So this is how you can download facebook videos on Android or iPhone. It is super quick and super easy. you don’t need to download any third party app to download the facebook videos. If you are on Desktop and wanted to download facebook videos, you can use fbdown.net. It also has Chrome Extension which will help you in downloading facebook videos on your PC/Laptop.

If you found any issue while downloading the facebook videos, do let me know in the comment section. I would love to help you out. Also, do share it on your favorite social media.

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