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Exodus Not Working? Here is How to Fix it

Kodi not working? Or, you better say, Kodi addon is not working, to be precise, exodus not working? Here is the thing,

So, to watch the first episode of a tv show, I just opened up the Kodi on my Windows weapon. Excited, happy, having lays and a can of Coke with me. Open up the Exodus and found that Exodus is not working anymore. It is Dead!!!

Did you face that situation too? Well, many of us are facing the same issue with Kodi. I have covered the Exodus before on this blog and if you follow that process, you can never see the working Exodus. (I’ll update that later :P) It worked but not anymore.

So, if you want to see alive exodus on Kodi on your machine, keep on reading. At the end of this post, you will have the working Exodus on your Kodi.

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So, without any further delay, let’s get started

Fix Exodus Not Working: Update Kodi & Exodus

Before we begin, I am assuming that you have the latest version of Kodi (17.6 Krypton) installed on your machine, be it Android, Windows or anything. If you don’t have the latest version of Kodi, get it NOW on Kodi Download Page. I would also suggest you uninstall the previous version of Kodi from your machine to minimize the chances of occurring any kind of error.

I am sharing screenshots of my Android phone having Kodi 17.6 and you just need to follow these steps. If you have any other device, you may need to install Kodi first. Go to the respective page.

Kodi on Amazon Firestick

Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Kodi on Roku

After installing Kodi on your respective device, follow these super easy steps to solve the Exodus not working issue.

1. Install and Open Kodi.

2. On the Home screen, go to System (gear icon in the top middle) > File Manager > Add Source. By default there is nothing.

3. In the None bar, enter this: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff and tap on Ok. There is another box underneath it, enter the Name: smashrepo

exodus not working solved

4. Now go back to home screen of Kodi and go to Add-ons. Now tap on Addon box at the top left corner. Tap on the Install from zip file and Select smashrepo. It will take a while and you would see some notifications at the top right corner.

exodus not working solved thetechtoys dot com

5. Once, it gets done, Go back and open Install from Repository. You need to open Smash Repo > Video Add-ons > select Exodus

6. It will take a couple of minutes to Download and Install the Exodus. Wait until you get the notification shown in the picture below.

exodus not working solved thetechtoys dot com

Once you are done with all these steps, you can enjoy all your stuff on your machine. Exodus is now working absolutely fine.

If you are still facing any kind of issue while streaming content on Kodi or Kodi is not working, just reboot your device and it will work fine. If you are still facing any kind of error, make sure you have entered the exact same URL in the None box (at step #3)

IMPORTANT: Exodus has been dead now but you can install Covenant on Kodi which is the best Alternative to Exodus. It has all the content that you were watching on Exodus.

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Kodi Add-Ons


You may also need to add subtitles on Kodi. For that, there is already a resourceful blog post on this website. If you want to add subtitles on Kodi, you can see the guide to add subtitle on Kodi.


If you are using Kodi as a primary source of home entertainment then you may need to Install LIVE TV Add-ons on Kodi that let you watch LIVE TV right on your Smartphone or Laptop

Note: The above-explained method of fixing exodus is not working anymore as the developer has officially dropped the exodus and there are no updates regarding exodus. There is no information when Exodus will be live again. 

Rather than trying to repair/install Exodus on Kodi, you should install Covenant in Kodi which is literally a new Exodus. You will get exactly the same things that you are using in Exodus. Covenant is a new addon which came into the picture after Exodus.

Kodi Builds

Kodi builds are another great option if you don’t want to install Kodi add-ons one by one. Here are some of the best Kodi Builds that comes with a number of Addons for LIVE TV, Movies, Sports, Kids, Workout channels and what not. It is suggested to get a good Kodi Build. If you are using Firestick, you can install FireTV Guru Kodi Build which is made for Firestick, keeping in mind the technical aspects of Firestick.

Exodus Not Working: Install Covenant in place of Exodus

So, this is how you can fix the Exodus not working the issue of Kodi. To get hassle-free high-quality content, you need the latest version of Kodi and install Covenant addon instead of the exodus. After installing the new exodus alternative that is Covenant, as mentioned above, you can enjoy the high-quality content right on your smartphone, laptop, and TV. There is no chance of Kodi not working, it’s the add-ons which got obsolete with the time. The good thing is, Kodi community is always active and developers keep on working on new Add-ons.

If you have any query or question regarding the post, do let me know in the comment section below and do not forget to share it with your Kodi friends.

Hey, I am Jayant, founder of this Blog. Being a tech enthusiast, I love to learn & share more about tech. You will either find me with my laptop or with the Guitar or be watching movies or with a book, basically, I am an Introvert.


  1. When I click ok after putting in hyperlink and name in bottom box. I Jodi says”unable to connect: couldn’t retrieve directory information ”
    And yes I’ve enable video add ons from unknown source.
    Any bright ideas?

  2. Yes, it’s not working and it says to grab it from other repo or from the wizard. I’ve installed the wizard but don’t see where I can update Exodus. Do you want to try one more time maybe?

  3. My exodus stopoed working at after following your instructions it’s working great now and again thanks how do I keep in touch with you I need another update or instructions from you?

    • Hello Nati
      I would suggest you update the Kodi with the latest version. Also, remove the already installed Exodus addon from Kodi before installing Smashrepo. Then try again. Let me know if you have any issues after that.