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How to Automatically Share Instagram Stories on Facebook

by Jayant
instagram stories facebook automatic

After Facebook’s $1 Billion acquisition deal with Instagram, the two giant social media platforms came up with a lot of new features and updates for users. Instagram Music, Stories are some of the recent updates but we can expect more updates in the future. At the time of the acquisition, Instagram had 30 million users but as per the report, Instagram has 800 Million users in September 2017. With that, Instagram became a multi-billion dollars business for everyone. With everyone, I mean, everyone who is using the Internet to leverage their businesses.

If you are a blogger, Social media Influencer, or anyone for that matter, you already know the value of Social media as a tool to interact with your readers, fans, etc. and how important it is to update your profiles with Stories, Posts, Live Sessions. Facebook and Instagram are indeed the most powerful social media platform as of now. Apart from Instagram and Facebook, because there is a lot of platforms to be updated, Time is still the biggest concern and it is really hard to be omnipresent.

But Instagram has a really great thing for all those users who wanted to do things a little bit on Automation.

There is a new update in the Instagram which is hiding in the Instagram settings but that feature is really useful. Using that, you can automatically post the Instagram Stories on Facebook. You don’t need to post the same stories first on Instagram and then on Facebook or Vice-versa. Just connect your Facebook account with Instagram and you are all set.

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How to Automatically Post Instagram Stories on Facebook

So, in order to do that, you just need to connect your Facebook profile to Instagram. Here is how:

1. First of all, Go to your Profile page and Go to the 3 dot menu at the top right corner (in Android) and Gear icon (in iOS).

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2. Scroll Down and under Settings, you will find an option called Linked Accounts. Choose Facebook. You can Link FB Profile as well as Pages.

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3. After that, Scroll up and find an option named as Story Settings. Open it and scroll all the way down. Turn on the option called Share Your Story on Facebook. 

post instagram stories on facebook


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Once it gets done, you are all set to cross-posting the Instagram stories on Facebook.

There are a couple of other options in Story Settings. There is another option named as Save to Gallery where all the Photos and videos in Stories will automatically get saved in your Gallery.

Along with that, if you don’t want a particular person to see your Instagram stories, you can hide your Instagram stories by adding that person in the Hide Story from in the Settings options and that person will no longer be able to see your Instagram stories.

So, that is how you can automatically post the Instagram Stories on Facebook. This feature is really useful for the people who wanted to be omnipresent on every social media platform. Although there are some services available for social media automation you have to pay for that. Manually posting stories and stuff is a little time-consuming process but using this cross-posting feature of Instagram, you will surely get little help.

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