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How to Add GIF to Instagram Comment

by Jayant

Instagram recently rolled out an update where users can add comments with GIFs on Instagram. GIF looks slightly interesting, is easily visible among many comments and shows the precise emotions of the user as compared to textual comments. If you are still deprived of using this cool latest Instagram update, here is how to add GIF in the Instagram comments.

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How to Add GIF in Instagram Comment

Before you start following the quick steps to add GIF in the comments, make sure you are using the latest Instagram version. Simply go to Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS) and update Instagram to the latest version.

Here is how you can comment with GIF on Instagram:

1. Open Instagram and look for the post, or reel you wanted to comment on.

2. Now tap on the comment icon. Know more about Instagram icons & symbols.


3. In the comment section, you will see ‘GIF’ icon at the extreme right corner of the comment section. Tap on that.


4. It will open a whole new section of GIF where you can select GIF to add in comments. You can also search for particular GIFs you want to add to Instagram comments.


5. Once you found the GIF you wanted to add, select it and done. Your GIF has been added to Instagram comments.


That’s how you can add GIF to Instagram comments. It is super easy and fun to add GIFs. GIFs are good when you want to show emotions like happiness, sadness, embarrassment, confusion, appreciation etc. but when you want to share your opinion or wanted to become part of some debatable post, textual comments are preferred. If you don’t want anyone to comment on your Instagram post, you can turn off comments on Instagram.

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The only downside of adding GIFs to Instagram comments is that you cannot add both text and GIFs at the same time. Unlike Facebook where you can add both GIF and text in the comment section, Instagram only allows GIF and no text in the same comment. Moreover, you cannot reply to GIF comments with another GIF but you can like the GIF comment and textually reply to GIF comments.

How to Get GIF on Instagram Comments – GIF Not Working on Instagram Comments

This new Instagram GIF comment update is rolling for a significant period of time and it is still rolling. Some users are still waiting to get this update. If you are not seeing GIFs on your Instagram comment, here is what you can do.

1. Update the Instagram App


If you are still using an outdated version of Instagram, you might not be able to see GIFs in the Instagram comments. To fix that, update the Instagram app Play Store or App Store. The latest Instagram app version I am using at the time of writing is on Andriod. If an Instagram app update is available, update it right away and try again to add GIF on Instagram comments.

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2. Join Beta


If you are still not seeing GIFs on Instagram comments, you can join Beta where you will receive the early Instagram updates before they are officially released. The only downside of joining ‘Beta’ and enjoying the latest update before public release is that most updates are not stable and full of bugs. If you can stand with that, join the Beta and it might give you GIF in the comments.

You can leave the ‘Beta’ whenever you want.

3. Clear the Cache

Sometimes cleaning the cache can fix a lot of app problems. Clearing the cache will remove all the data stored in the phone’s memory and it will load all the content right from Instagram’s server. Here is a detailed guide on how to clear Instagram cache on Android & iPhone.

4. Wait

Sometimes, Developers roll out the latest update on the basis of region. There could be some new updates that are available to the user using the Instagram app in the USA but that same feature is not yet available to the user using the app in India and vice-versa. In that case, the only thing a user can do is wait.

These are the only things you can do to get GIFs in Instagram if you are still deprived of using them. It takes time for any app to roll out an update at the global level. To make sure you get the update first, keep the Instagram app updated or join the Beta for unstable but early access to updates.

Add GIF to Instagram Comments: More Fun in Comments

That’s how you can add GIF to Instagram comments. It is very easy to access and to add GIF to comments. But you cannot add GIF and text in the same comment on Instagram which is possible on Facebook. Maybe Instagram roll out another update where users can add GIF as well as text in the same comment.

Other than that, other people can still like your GIF comment, and reply to it with text only. If you are still waiting for the GIF comments on Instagram, keep the Instagram app updated and wait for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions related to Instagram GIF Comments:

Do GIF Comments also work on Instagram Web Version?

No. Instagram GIF comments are only available on Android & iOS apps. No GIFs on Instagram.com on PC.

Why can’t I post a GIF on Instagram?

You might need to update the Instagram app to the latest version or GIF comments might not be available in your region yet. Wait for a few days and keep your Instagram app updated.

Can you reply to comments with GIFs on Instagram?

No. You cannot reply to comments with GIF comments. Only textual replies are allowed as of now.

Can we add GIF in Insta comment?

Yes. Instagram now supports GIFs in the comment section. Open the Comment section and tap on GIF button to add GIF to Instagram comments.

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