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How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos

by Jayant
how to download videos from Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Many big companies now targeting Instagram for running their advertisement campaign as Instagram has an immense user base. People follow their favorite celebrities, brands, cars, watches, fashion Moreover there are a lot of motivational and inspirational quotes which we always wanted to save on our phone but ends up by taking a screenshot. but not anymore. Today, I have a good news for all those who wanted to download Instagram videos. Not only videos but you can even download Instagram photos.

You don’t need to login on any website or do any technical stuff. Just 2-3 tap and it’s done!!! [VIDEO in the LAST]


How to Download Instagram Videos?

Downloading Instagram Photos and videos is the simplest thing you would learn today. Just follow the easiest steps:

1) To download Instagram videos, first, you need to download an app name iGetter. iGetter is available for AndroidThere is a similar app for iOS also. There is also Pro Version of the app where you can use the app ad free. The free one gets the job done.

How to download photos and video from Instagram

2) Open the Instagram app and look for the video or photo you want to download.

3) Open the video you want to download from Instagram. Now, What you need to do for downloading Instagram photo or video is to copy the URL of the photo or video. To copy the URL, tap on the More Options icon (…) and then tap on Copy Share URL.

how to download Instagram videos


4) Almost done, now open the iGetter app on your phone. The app would automatically found the copied Instagram URL. If the app doesn’t paste the copied URL automatically, you can paste the URL manually.

how to download instagram photos

5) After pasting the URL, iGetter would show you the name of the user and the thumbnail of the photo or video. In front of the username, there is a download arrow button. Tap on that.

6) Now choose the folder location where you wanted to download Instagram photo or video. SD card is recommended to avoid the problem of Less Internal Storage issue. Then Tap OK.

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how to download Instagram videos

iGetter for iOS have some extra features. But, for using that, First, you have to connect your Instagram account with the iGetter app which might arise the security issues.

Along with the downloading Instagram photos and videos, you can also save your direct messages, Repost any photo or video on Instagram.

So this is how to download Instagram videos right on your gallery. Now, you don’t need to take screenshots and wasting your time to crop those screenshot for a perfect picture. Just tap and download Instagram photos straight into your phone’s gallery.

So that’s all folks!!!

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If you have any other Instagram photo saver app query or you have better options to download Instagram photos, do let me know in the comments and I would update this article for others.


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