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How To Disable Youtube Shorts Permanently – Remove YouTube Shorts

by Jayant

Are YouTube shorts wasting your time? Here is how to disable YouTube Shorts permanently.

In a short span of time, YouTube Shorts gained immense popularity and now we have millions of short-form videos on YouTube Shorts to keep us busy. But, Youtube Shorts is very addictive and waste a lot of time. People unconsciously spend hours and hours scrolling the screen and watching the end number of YouTube short videos without any purpose.

Sometimes it also gets annoying when you miss a special moment in YouTube Shorts and now you have to watch the whole video again because YouTube Shorts don’t have a fast-forward or Rewind option. But there are tricks for getting playback controls. Here is how to fast forward, Rewind Youtube Shorts.

Disabling YouTube Short is definitely a wise decision if you want to take control of your time and increase your attention span. Once you disable YouTube Shorts, you will not see the YouTube Shorts section in your YouTube feed.

How to Disable YouTube Shorts Permanently in 2023

Here are absolutely working & practical ways you can use to remove YouTube Shorts permanently from your YouTube feed.

1. By Telling Youtube

YouTube doesn’t want to annoy its users and for that, YouTube provides you a little button using which you can tell Youtube that you are not interested in Youtube Shorts.

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To disable Youtube Shorts, open Youtube.com on your PC and scroll until you see the Shorts section. You will see the ‘Cross’ icon at the right corner of the Youtube Shorts section. Click on that and Youtube Shorts are gone. This simple ‘Not interested’ button will disable YouTube Shorts for 30 days.


You can click on Undo within that screen if you want to bring YouTube Shorts back to your feed. After this, you will not see Youtube Shorts on your feed and there is no way to bring Youtube Shorts back for 30 days. There is no need to disable YouTube shorts separately for a smartphone. With this simple trick, YouTube shorts gets hidden on both smartphone app & Youtube.com. With this simple hack, you will be able to remove YouTube shorts.

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2. Uninstall Youtube Updates

The above method will work just for 30 days. After 30 days, you need to do this again which is not a problem for me. But, if you want to disable Youtube shorts permanently, you can Uninstall Youtube app updates. This method will roll back all the updates and give you the original YouTube app version without YouTube shorts.

Before you uninstall YouTube updates, please note that you will lose all the latest YouTube features that you might be using right now. After uninstalling updates, you will see the factory version of the YouTube app without any latest features. Here is how to remove YouTube shorts by uninstalling YouTube updates.

Go to the phone’s Settings> Apps > YouTube. At the top right corner of the screen, you will 3-Dot the menu, and click on that. Here you will see an option named ‘Uninstall Updates’. Now you will see a warning message from Youtube telling you the risks associated with this. If you really want to get rid of YouTube Shorts permanently, tap on OK. Now you will see the old version of the Youtube app without Youtube Shorts.


Alternatively, you can go to the Play Store, search for YouTube & click on Uninstall. This will not remove the YouTube app from your phone but only remove the updates.

To keep this old version of the Youtube app, also disable Auto Updates from the Play Store. To disable auto-updates, go to Play Store and search for Youtube. Once you find the app, open it and tap on the 3-dot menu at the top right corner. Now, uncheck ‘Enable auto-update. All done.


To bring the latest version of the YouTube app back, you can update the YouTube app from Playstore.

Personally, I don’t recommend using this option because along with YouTube Shorts, you will also lose other new, improved features of YouTube that are making our YouTube experience better. But if you don’t care about the new updates and just want to get rid of YouTube Shorts permanently, you can use this method.

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3. Downgrade YouTube app Version

While the above method is an automated way to downgrade the YouTube app version, this is a manual way to do the same. YouTube Shorts were introduced after YouTube 14.12.56 app version. If somehow you manage to install the YouTube app version 14.12.56, you can get rid of YouTube Shorts permanently. Here is how to do that.

Download the Youtube 14.12.56 app version from here. Now install this downloaded Youtube apk on your smartphone. Make sure you don’t have a YouTube app installed already. During installation, if it asks for permission to ‘Install the app from Unknown source’, simply allow it.

Once this outdated YouTube version is installed, you will not see YouTube Shorts on your feed. YouTube will try to update this app but if you have already disabled auto-updates in Play Store, you can continue using this app version as long as you want. So yes, that is another practical way to disable YouTube shorts.

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4. Using Youtube Vanced

This is for those who are already using Youtube Vanced which is a modded version of Youtube. Google has already taken down this YouTube Vanced app by sending a legal notice to its developer but if you are already using it, you can disable YouTube Shorts from there.

Note: The Youtube Vanced app has been taken down and it is not working anymore but if you are still using it, somehow, you can remove Youtube Shorts.

To disable YouTube shorts, tap on your profile and then go to Settings. Here you will see Vanced Settings, click on that. Under this setting, tap on ‘Ad Settings’ and then scroll all the way down to find ‘Shorts Shelf’. Once found, simply toggle off the button and YouTube shorts get disabled.


Do not download YouTube Vanced from random websites as it may contain unwanted codes to mess up your Android phone or even scam you. Google has already taken down the whole Youtube Vanced project and I strongly recommend not using Youtube Vanced. If you have already downloaded this modded version from an original source and using it for a long time, you can follow the above-mentioned method to disable YouTube shorts at your own risk.

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Disable Youtube Shorts: Final Words

That is how you can remove YouTube shorts from your YouTube feed. YouTube definitely don’t want their user to directly disable YouTube shorts within the app and that is the reason why YouTube is not providing any native option to do so. Otherwise, providing one single button to disable Shorts is not a big job for YouTube.

The first method of telling Youtube ‘Not Interested is the best way to disable shorts but it only disables Shorts for 30 days. If you don’t want to take any harsh steps, simply use this method otherwise we have also provided you with other ways to disable Youtube shorts permanently.

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