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What does NFS mean on Instagram?

by Jayant

More than 50% of the total user base of Instagram lies in the 18-29 age group and no wonder why we are seeing a lot of internet slang or internet acronym. Gen-Z is the fastest-changing generation of kids who are coming up with the latest trends every day. One of the latest acronyms we came across is NFS. If you are also wondering – what does NFS mean on Instagram, you are not alone.

For me, NFS always means Need For Speed which is one of the best racing game franchises by EA Games. But on Instagram, NFS means something else. Here are the possible means of NFS on Instagram.

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Meaning of NFS on Instagram

Everyone is trying to keep themself updated with the latest Instagram trends. In that fast pace Instagram life, most users try to communicate with acronyms like LOL, WTF, IKR and one of the new acronyms is NFS.

Let’s try to find the meaning of NFS on Instagram and why exactly Instagrammers use this acronym.

1. No Filter Story

NFS can be used in stories where users didn’t use any kind of filter in their stories. Not using filters on Instagram is a whole different kind of flex. No Filter Story is also used when the user want to show the original form of any scenic landscape beauty, camera quality, the color of flower, birds etc.

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2. No Fancy Stuff

People are also inclined towards minimalism and that’s why No Fancy Stuff is used on Instagram. While everyone is running towards materialistic things, using NFS as No Fancy Stuff is the latest trend on Instagram that people are following.

3. No Filter Selfie

No Filter Selfie is mostly used as a hashtag in Instagram stories but can be used in posts as well. When someone posts a selfie without a filter, they might use NFS as a No Filter Selfie. Having filtered selfies are not considered a good signal on Instagram and that is why, a new generation of Instagram users are moving towards no filtered selfie. If someone has flawless skin and wants to show it, they use NFS as No Filter Selfie.

4. Nice Fun Saturday

Weekends are super popular on Instagram and when someone is having fun on Saturday, Nice Fun Saturday is used to show the fun Saturday they had after a long week of work. If you are celebrating your weekend, don’t forget to use NFS on Instagram posts.

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5. Not For Sale

A lot of businesses are emerging on Instagram where they are selling different products on Instagram. That confuses other users who fail to differentiate between a promotional product photo and just a photo. Not For Sale is commonly used when the user has no intention to sell the product in the photo and posts just to share with their followers.

6. No Fun Sunday

Sunday gets boring after a while and that’s when No Fun Sunday started to trend on Instagram. No Fun Sunday is posted when someone is getting bored and posts a photo on Instagram to broadcast their feeling about Sunday.

7. No Filter Squad

No Filter Squad clearly used when someone posted a group photo of friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, or family without any filter. No Filter Squad can also represent a bunch of cool people who never use an Instagram filter.

8. No for Sure

No for Sure is typically used in the stories but can be used in posts as well. This NFS acronym signifies when someone is not sure about something and posting about it at the same time.

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9. Not Feeling Special

The new generation craves attention and when no one gives them what they want, they use social media to show their emotions. The new generation also doesn’t restrain themselves to show the dark side of their emotions. When someone is using Not Feeling Special, that means they are asking for attention and right now, they are not feeling special.

10. Never Feel Shy

Instagram is a great way to promote yourself as a brand. That’s where many Instagram influencer uses NFS as Never Feel Shy. That typically means, not feeling shy about what you are. Present yourself with top-notch confidence.

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Meaning of NFS – Other than Instagram

Other than Instagram, NFS has some typical meanings which are not related to Instagram in any manner.

11. Network File System

Keeping Instagram out of the picture, NFS actually means Network File System originally developed by Sun Microsystems in 1984 that allows users to locally access remote computer storage. If someone, in general, talking about NFS, there is a high probability that they are talking about networking and its protocols.

12. Need for Speed by EA Games

Other than that, we already talked about NFS as Need for Speed which is racing game franchise originally developed by EA Games but right now developed by Criterion Games. There are a lot of titles under NFS like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Need for Speed Underground, Need For Speed Rivals, Need for Speed Payback and the latest title is Need for Speed Unbound. Basically, in the gaming world, NFS clearly means Need For Speed.

What Does NFS Means on Instagram: Now You Know

So that is all about the meaning of NFS on Instagram as well as outside of Instagram. NFS as an acronym has a lot of meaning and everyone is using it according to their understanding. With the fastest-changing social media trends, we will see more acronyms in the future as well. To keep up with the pace, keep learning the meaning of these acronyms. For now, we have given all the possible meanings of NFS on Instagram.

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