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How to Free Up Internal Storage of Android

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Have you ever get a pop-up showing “No storage space. Delete some items” while capturing a photo on your Android smartphone? Maybe you noticed there is “Red Gear” looking icon in the drop-down notification tray as “Storage Running Out” or maybe you faced “No storage. Delete items” pop-up during installing an app from the Play Store. One more, images in the gallery, not opening or phone become unresponsive when you open an app.

The reason for all the above problems has one root cause. That root cause is your phone’s internal storage. The phone doesn’t have enough memory to perform even it’s very basic functions.


How to Free up Space on Android?

If you are facing the above problems, this post would be an angel for your phone. Here, you will get to know some very basic tactics through which you can clean your android smartphone without installing third-party apps. Cleaning up unnecessary internal storage would also boost up the performance of your Android smartphone. So here are some tactics.

Cleaning up the Cache Memory

Let me tell you something about Cache memory in non-technical language. Cache memory is a kind of system memory which is one of the parts of RAM and faster than RAM. The moment you run an app, CPU went to Cache Memory to process, if the data is available in the cache then CPU processes it from cache otherwise, CPU approaches to RAM to process the data. If you really wanted to know more about cache memory READ THIS

When you don’t have internet connection still you can see the old already process news feeds in Facebook app, or you can see the Instagram photos already processed or you can see the snapchat stories you already processed. All such kind of app data, thumbnails, previews stored in Cache memory. Neither you can move cache memory to SD card (Dare you) nor you can control this.

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The cache memory keeps on rising. It can rise from KBs to MBs to GBs in no time (your usage matters). Whenever you face too many lags, storage full notification, first clean the Cache Memory. You can clean it by:

  • Open the settings. (If you are not able to open the settings because of VERY LOW INTERNAL STORAGE, Read below in Red) Under the head Device, there is Storage, Open it >Open internal storage. It may take some time in calculating the memory. When it’s done, tap on Cache data.
  • “Clear Cached Data” popup will appear. Click ok.

free up internal storage of android

  • Cached Data is now clear. Maybe you face a fresh screen whenever you open an app as the already processed data of app is now cleared from the cache memory and data will be processed from RAM. After some days, the cached memory will start rising up again.

In worst case scenario, you may not be able to open the Settings as you don’t have enough memory. To run the system, a phone needs storage which your phone don’t have. In that case follow these:

  • Switch off the phone (Yes switch off).
  • Remove the battery of the phone if Removable. If not removable, Cached memory is automatically cleaned by the time you switch on the phone. This will cut down the power of the phone as RAM is non-volatile memory means the data on RAM would be erased automatically as the power cut down.
  • Switch on the phone. You will see your phone in better condition.

This is the basic step you have to bring the phone in working mode. This is temporary, as Cached memory and RAM will again rise up as soon as you open the apps. So, follow further steps to clean the Android internal storage.

Move data from Internal storage

Now your phone is in working mode. You can move the data like pictures, music, videos, pdfs etc. from internal storage either to SD card or to the cloud like Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Follow these steps to Move data from Internal Storage to SD card:

  • Open File Explorer. If you don’t have one, install it. ES File Explorer is recommended. Open it after installing.
  • Open internal storage. Look for the folders where you kept the data. Like, all the downloaded stuff is in your Download Open the folder, tap and hold on the files. Select the files and CUT them from internal storage.

free up internal storage of android

  • Go back and open SD card. Paste it wherever you want to paste.
  • Do this same for DCIM folder. It contains all the pictures from Camera, Instagram, Retrica, Prisma or any other photo filtering cum Beauty app. (kidding)
  • Look for any other app in the internal storage which can add data into internal storage like snapchat or any other app data.
  • DO NOT forget the WhatsApp folder. It can have the majority of waste data like Good morning pictures, Birthday cake pictures, Relatives birthday photos (no one is interested). Sent music, videos, and pictures data. If it really belongs to you, move it to SD card. (I always DELETE it)

free up internal storage of android


You can also move data from internal storage to PC. To do so, connect the device via USB cable with PC. Open the phone’s internal storage device. Cut all the photos, videos or any other file from internal storage and then paste it on your computer’s HDD.

If you are not using MicroSD card for storing data, it is suggested to use micro sd card for storing Images, movies, videos, music, documents and leave the internal storage for app data. In case, your phone doesn’t have a MicroSD slot or you are using dual SIM cards, it is advised to use online streaming apps for music & videos. But make sure you have an unlimited data plan. Or, use OTG cable that let you access the media files using a USB flash drives.

Another option to move data from internal storage is to move the data to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Android smartphone these days have an inbuilt app called Photos. You can sync your android smartphone with Google Photos by login to your Gmail account. All the photos would be synchronized with Google Drive through Photos app. It’s quite a good option. If you don’t have the Photos app, you can download it from Play Store. Moreover, photos have another option to delete all the images that are already backed up. See Pictures

free up internal storage of android

Open the Photos app > Swipe from left > Settings or you can directly tap on Free up space which would delete duplicate images on your phone. Here you can see all the available option. Help yourself. It’s easy to do. [Make sure you are connected with the Internet with unlimited data]

Move apps from Internal Storage

By default, apps get installed in Internal Storage. Some apps can be moved to SD card. To move apps from internal storage to SD card, follow the steps:

  • Open settings > Apps
  • Select the app you want to Move to SD card. Open it, tap on Move to SD Card.
  • App is now moved to SD Card.

Clean App Data

Many smartphone manufacturers installed the apps which cannot be removed without rooting the device. Most of the pre-installed apps are not that much useful. These pre-installed apps are called Bloatware. We can disable these apps so that they don’t eat up the storage of phone. More over, you can clean the data of the apps. The Apps like Facebook, Google, Chrome, Instagram, Snapchat stores a lot of data which includes photos, videos, news  feeds etc. If your phone’s storage is full, it is advised to clean the data of these apps. To do so, follow these quick steps:

  • Open Setting > Apps
  • Select the app of whose data you want to remove and Click on storage. Here you find “Clear Data”. Tap on it.
  • You can clean the data of other apps also. It will delete your passwords, logins, setting of the app. You can login again.

Uninstall the unused applications

There are a lot of unused apps on our smartphone. Why keep them? These unused apps are just eating up your smartphone’s internal storage. It is advised to Uninstall these unused apps. Follow the steps:

Using Settings

  • Open Settings > Apps
  • Choose the app you want to uninstall an open it.
  • Tap on Uninstall

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Direct Uninstallation

  • Tap and hold the App icon you want to uninstall. Drag the app icon to “Trash” icon. App uninstalled

free up internal storage of android

 Using PlayStore

  • Open Play store. Swipe from left to right or tap on the Menu.
  • Open “My apps and Games”
  • List of installed app would appear. Open the app you want to uninstall.
  • Tap on Uninstall. DONE

free up internal storage of android

These are some of the ways, you can clean up your Android smartphone’s internal storage. Enough internal storage enhances the performance of your Android Smartphone. The phone becomes fast, responsive and would not lag or hangs.

This is not about freeing up the internal storage but it is also a phone management technique. Any Android Smartphone would work very fine if there is no physical damage and the phone have enough Internal storage to perform its basic task. It’s upon YOU how you optimize your phone to boost the performance of your Android smartphone.

You should make some settings so that your data automatically saved in SD card instead of internal storage. Like Camera settings. Go to Camera settings and look for the selected memory. If it is on internal storage, change it to SD card. It will save your captured photo and videos on the SD card.

free up android internal storage

Check other apps, if you have app backup app then make sure backup stored in SD card, not in internal storage. Moreover, to boost the performance have some custom settings in “Developer Option”. Here you can see how to get access to Developer Mode on your Android Smartphone. In the Developer option, you can change some backend functions of your Android Smartphone like changing the Window, Transition animation scale, changing background running app behavior. This would not free up the storage but would definitely enhance the all over performance of the phone. DO NOT make any modification without any PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of that function.

Google Files Go App: Clean Internal Storage

In the annual Google I/O Keynote 2017, Google announced a project called Android Go where Google aims at enhancing the performance of cheap Android smartphones by providing them optimized apps which are developed keeping in mind the technical specs of cheap Android Smartphones. Mind it, Cheap here doesn’t mean they have less monetary value or anything. Cheap here means, smartphones with basic configurations and less storage capacity.

So, if you compare Youtube app and Youtube Go App, you will find that Youtube Go has a very basic layout with limited but useful features. And, apps under Android Go are smaller in size.

Keeping in mind not so powerful Android, Google recently launched a new app called Files Go, where you can do the internal storage cleaning task on a single app. There are a lot of other apps for cleaning junk, like Clean Master, from Android but, those apps eats almost 50-70MB of storage and moreover, they just ruin the RAM management of the phone but Files Go by Google is just a 3MB app and it eats just 6MB of storage after installation with the clean and intuitive interface.

google files go clean internal storage

The app will show all the files according to the size they are acquiring and you can clean the unused apps and junk right from the home screen. There is also an option to move the files to SDCard. The Files Go app also provides you a feature where you can send/receive files to a nearby friend via Wifi hotspot which is also very convenient at times. The app is available on PlayStore and you can download the app here.

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So, these are the 6 ways of free up the internal storage of Android smartphone and which ultimately, boost the performance of your android smartphone. Make this your habit, this would help you in optimizing the performance of your Android Smartphone. Now, Your phone would not hang. Do you have any moment that gets ruined because of your phone’s storage?

Do let me know in the comment section. If you have any query related to the post, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will be there to solve your queries.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips. But i face issues everytime i clear cache from Facebook Pages Manager. I use Moto E4. Any Suggestions?