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How to See Following List on Threads?

by Jayant

If you are using Threads and wondering how to see someone’s followings on Threads, you will find out now. You can also see your own Following List on Threads which by default is hidden under a layer. Threads is a brand new app with some basic features and options to keep things running. There would be more updates to the app which will make the interface intuitive.

As of now, Threads do not show a Following list on the front end when you opened someone’s profile. So where is the Following list on Threads and how to see it?

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How to See Someone’s and Your Own Following List on Threads?

While you can clearly see someone’s ‘Followers list’ on Threads, seeing ‘Following list’ on Threads is a little bit tricky. The whole intention is to hide the Following list at the front end because some users hesitate to follow more profiles and they wanted to maintain the ratio of followers and following. Hiding the following list under a layer is a great solution.

Here is how to see someone’s and your own Following list on Threads:

1. Open the Threads app and go to the profile you want to see ‘Following’ of.

2. Now tap on ‘Followers’.

3. Just at the side, you will ‘Following’. Tap on that and there you have the list of people that person is following. You can also see the number of people that person is following.


That is how you can see someone’s Following on Threads. This little option is hidden beneath some layers but it is super easy to see following. Using this same method, you can also see your own Following List on Threads.

If you are looking to private your Threads account, here is how to make your Threads account Private. By default, Threads uses white mode but you can also switch to dark mode. Here is more about activating Dark Mode on Threads. For Twitter users who are looking to repost any post on Threads, here is how to repost on Threads.


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