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How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

by Jayant

If you have already created your Threads account, you will start seeing the Thread badge in your Instagram bio which shows your count as a Threads user. Most users don’t want to see that 8 or 9-digit number and want to remove Threads badge from Instagram Bio. Here you will find an easy and quick way to remove Threads from your Instagram Bio.

Those who are thinking of removing the Threads app for hiding badge from Instagram bio, no that doesn’t work. Even deactivating the Threads profile didn’t remove the Threads badge from the Instagram bio.

Here is what to do. If you want to hide likes on Threads, do check out our extensive guide on that.

How to Remove Threads from Instagram Bio

Threads is not an independent platform like Twitter. It is another platform of Meta which is also a parent company of Instagram and Facebook. That is why you don’t need separate Threads login credentials to access the app. If you have Instagram account, you can log in to Threads, just like that. It even imports the Instagram bio, and followers to Threads. That is the reason why you are seeing Threads user badge in your Instagram bio.

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In order to remove Threads from your Instagram bio, follow these steps:

1. Go to Instagram Profile.

2. Now tap on that Threads user number on your Instagram bio. The number is followed by the Threads logo.


3. You will see a small box showing the number. Below that, you will also see an option to ‘Hide Badge’.


4. Tap on that. Now, it will ask to confirm. Please note, that once you remove the Threads badge from your Instagram bio, you cannot get it back. It will be gone forever. Tap on ‘Remove Badge’ to confirm.

All done. The Threads badge is now removed from your Instagram bio.

How to Unhide Threads Badge on Instagram

Once you remove the Threads badge from Instagram bio, you cannot unhide it. It is gone forever. It is a temporary badge deliberately added by Instagram to promote the Threads app and to inform your followers that you are already using the Threads app. Even if you don’t do anything, it will be removed in the coming days or weeks.

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So if you have already removed the Threads badge on Instagram, there is no way it to bring that back.

Remove Threads Badge from Instagram Bio

So that is how you can remove Threads badge from your Instagram bio. Instagram should add some creativity to promote the app. Showing an 8-9 digit number on every Instagram bio doesn’t look good at all. Similarly, the Threads app uses a white bright theme in the first initial run which is not comfortable to use in the dark. Here is how to enable dark mode on Threads so that you can use the Threads app without hurting the eyes.


If you Delete Threads, does it delete Instagram?

No, that is not happening. If you delete Threads app or even deactivate Threads profile, there would be no effect on your Instagram profile. It will keep running like it use to.

Can you Delete Threads account?

No. As of now, you cannot delete Threads account. For removing Threads account, you also have to delete your Instagram account. However, we might get an option to do so in the coming days.

Does Threads have a desktop version?

No. Threads.net only gives you a QR code that takes you to Threads app on your smartphone. There is no Threads interface on the desktop yet.

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