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How to Fast Forward & Rewind Youtube Shorts

by Jayant

The short-form video content of Youtube Shorts is blooming like flowers in spring. For some old gen users, Youtube Shorts is time wasting format and they seriously wanted to disable Youtube Shorts but for a new generation, it is perfect. It is quick, entertaining and much intuitive.

However, one thing that bothers everyone is the inability to fast-forward or rewind Youtube shorts. There is no Progress bar in the Youtube Shorts and you cannot control Youtube shorts playback. That means, if you miss the interesting part of the Youtube Shorts, you have to watch the whole video again, from the beginning.

So, how to fast forward Youtube Shorts. After going through this article today, you will be able to fast forward & rewind Youtube Shorts just like any other Youtube Video. You will get all the Youtube shorts playback controls for fast forward and rewind the video.

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Best Ways to Fast Forward & Rewind Youtube Shorts

Below, we have added some of the best ways you can use to fast-forward and rewind Youtube shorts. To cater to both PC and smartphone users, we have tried to add ways that work on phones as well as on desktop versions of Youtube shorts.

Without further talking, let’s see how to fast-forward & rewind Youtube Shorts.

Method 1: By Liking Youtube Shorts (Works on Smartphone & Desktop versions)

The first and the best way to fast forward and rewind Youtube Shorts is by liking the Youtube Short you are watching. Here is what to do.

1. Open Youtube. Click on the Youtube Shorts you want to watch.

2. Now simply like the Youtube Shorts video by tapping on the ‘Thumbs up’ icon.


3. Once you did that, go to the ‘Library’ of the Youtube app.

4. Now go to Liked Videos.

5. Here you will find the recent video that you just liked. Open the video and you will see a progress bar below the video that you can use to fast forward or rewind Youtube shorts.


If you watch Youtube Shorts on PC or Laptop using a web browser. You can access ‘Liked Videos’ from the left sidebar menu.

Method 2: Using Macbook Pro Touch Bar (Only Works on Macbooks with Touch Bar)

Now this is a little expensive way to fast-forward Youtube Shorts. But if you are using Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, you can use that to fast forward and rewind Youtube Shorts. Here is how:

1. Open Google Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge browser and open Youtube.

2. Now play the Youtube Shorts video you wanted to control.

3. When the video is playing, if you are using Google Chrome or Edge browser, you will see a ‘Media’ icon on Touch Bar. Tap on it. For Safari users, you will directly see the progress bar to fast forward Youtube Shorts.


4. Now you will see ‘Progress Bar’ on the touch bar. Drag the progress bar to control Youtube Shorts playback.


You can control Youtube shorts using the Touch Bar of Macbook Pro. It is valid only for those who are using the Macbook Pro Touch Bar model. If you are using the Macbook Pro Touch Bar model, this easiest trick or hack will going to make your Youtube Shorts experience much more intuitive.

Method 3: By Changing the URL (Works on Smartphone & PC)

This is another way you can use to fast-forward & rewind youtube shorts. This is a little inconvenient to do that but it works like a charm. Here is what to do for fast-forward Youtube Shorts.

1. Play Youtube Shorts you want to fast-forward or rewind.

2. On the address bar of the web browser, you will see a Youtube shorts link like this: www.youtube.com/shorts/o1PbTMOYjJA.


3. Now in the URL, just replace ‘shorts/‘ to ‘watch?v=‘. The new URL after replacement should look like this: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1PbTMOYjJA.


4. Now hit enter and it will open classic Youtube Player instead of Youtube Shorts Player. Now you can fast-forward or rewind that Youtube Shorts video.

Those who want to fast-forward Youtube Shorts on Smartphone can copy the Youtube Shorts link by tapping on the ‘Share’ icon on the Youtube Shorts screen. There you will see ‘Copy Link’.

Once the link is copied, open Google Chrome on your smartphone and paste the link. Now replace ‘Shorts’ by ”/watch?v=” and tap on go. It will open a Youtube player on a smartphone using you can youtube shorts playback controls.

Method 4: Using Watch Later (Works only on Youtube App on Smartphone)

This method is suitable for Youtube app users. Here is how to fast forward Youtube Shorts.

1. Play any Youtube Shorts video you want to fast forward or rewind.

2. Now go to the ‘Library’ of the Youtube App.

3. On the top, under history, you will see the recently watched Youtube Shorts video. Tap on 3 dots and tap on ‘Save to Watch Later’.


4. Now you need to go to ‘Watch Later’ under the Playlists heading.


5. Here you will see all the videos that you have selected to watch later. You will also see the recently added Youtube Shorts here.

6. Tap on the video and control the Youtube shorts the way you wanted. You can easily fast-forward Youtube shorts as well as rewind Youtube Shorts videos.

The only downside of this method is that it only works on the Youtube smartphone app. The web version of Youtube does not support ‘Watch Later’ for Youtube Shorts.

Method 5: Using Chrome Extension

This is the least preferred way to fast-forward Youtube Shorts. I always resist installing unnecessary Chrome Extensions but if you don’t have any issues in installing Chrome Extensions, you can use this method.

1. To fast forward or rewind Youtube Shorts, go here and install this Chrome Extension.


2. Once this extension is installed, click on the extension icon and ensure it is turned on.

3. Now go to Youtube.com and play any Youtube Shorts video.

4. It will convert any youtube shorts video into a normal Youtube video that plays with a classic Youtube player in which you can control the playback. You can forward as well as rewind the Youtube Shorts now.

Basically, what we have manually done in Method #3 got automated by this Chrome extension. This extension automatically removes the ‘shorts/’ from the URL and replaces it with ‘/watch?v=‘. You can do it manually anyway and there is no point in installing 3rd party extension and put an extra load on Google Chrome.

Forward & Rewind Youtube Shorts: To Summarise

These are 5 ways you can use to forward, and rewind youtube shorts. Now you don’t need to watch the whole youtube shorts again just because you miss that interesting part of the video. Replacing shorts in the URL is good for PC users but if you are on a youtube app on your phone, the ‘Watch Later’ and ‘Liking the Youtube Shorts’ technique works best.

The MacBook’s Touch bar technique is pretty fun. If you have a Macbook Pro touch bar model, you can simply drag the progress bar from the touch bar of the Macbook to fast forward or rewind youtube shorts.

So if you are asking how to fast-forward Youtube shorts or Rewind Youtube Shorts, now you have the answers. These techniques give you complete Youtube Shorts playback control.

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