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YouTube Go: Download and Share YouTube Video Offline

by Jayant
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Google is making some significant changes in Youtube, especially for India. This offline feature is also available only in India as of now. Google wanted to make Youtube more accessible in countries like India where Internet penetration and the speed is not that good as compared with developed countries.

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So, to make youtube even more accessible for such countries. Google is coming up with another app called Youtube Go which is a part of a new initiative by Google called Android Go where Google is working on basic apps like Google Chrome, Gboard, Google Play Store & Youtube Go. Google is to develop a ng lite version of these apps to make it affordable. But here we are going to talk about Youtube Go. What is Youtube Go and how it would be helpful to you? Let’s find out.

What is Youtube Go and how it would be helpful to you? Let’s find out.

What is YouTube Go?

Youtube Go is an app that is a part of the Android Go initiative of Google which is announced at Google I/O 2017 under which Google is creating a lighter version of apps that are small in size yet provide you basic functionality. Using Youtube Go you can download the videos for watching them later and share the youtube videos to another device. The app also shows the sneak peek of videos within the thumbnail to give you an idea about the video content so that you can decide before saving it offline to save your precious data.

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The size of the app is around 8MB which makes it affordable even for not so powerful devices and which don’t eat up your phone’s storage. You can choose SDCard or Internal Storage to save the videos.

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To send or receive the videos, your friend should also have Youtube Go app installed on his phone.

How to use Youtube Go app?

Youtube Go app is in the Beta Testing form and it is clearly mentioned that it is an Unstable Version. In some cases, the Play Store is showing that the App is not compatible with your device. The Youtube Go app is Now available on PlayStore. Download here.

After installing the app, open it, and for the first time, it would ask to select the Language. You can either choose English or you can choose your preferred language among other Indian languages. Almost all the Indian languages are there including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc.


In the next 3 screens, you would get an idea about YouTube Go. Then it would ask for the mobile number and your Google Account. You would get a code on your provided mobile number and once you get verified, you would see the homepage of YouTube Go.

On the homepage, there are two options, Home and Saved. On the Home tab, you would see all the videos from your subscription. You can stream any video from the Home tab and you cannot play HD videos in Youtube Go. Moreover, you would also get a preview of the video in the Play and Save window. There are only 2 options, Basic and Standard (360P) quality that you can choose for streaming and for saving it offline.

share youtube video youtube go how to use youtube go

To save the video, tap on any video, choose the video quality and then tap on the Save button. Now swipe left to Saved tab to see the saving progress of the video.

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To change the saving location of the video, tap on 3 dots on Home Screen and then select Video Storage to change the saving location of the video. You can also delete all the videos from this option.

share youtube video youtube go

To share the saved video with your friend. First, make sure, the receiving phone has verified the Youtube Go app installed. To share the video, go to the Saved tab and tap on the Send Button.

Make sure, the receiving phone has chosen the Receive option. Now, select the video you wanted to share and simply tap on it. It would activate the Wifi hotspot and once the receiving device is found, the transfer would be completed in no time.

share youtube video youtube go

The sharing of the file is the same as we all experienced in Share it, Xander, and other file sharing apps. If you ever used those apps, this would be pretty easy and familiar to you.

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What is Missing in Youtube Go?

My experience with Youtube Go was pretty good but there are many features that are missing in the Youtube Go app. Like, you cannot Subscribe or Unsubscribe the channels, there is no comment section. You cannot Like or Dislike the video on YouTube Go app. Moreover, suggesting videos are limited to 8.

Otherwise, the Youtube Go app is very good for those who don’t live under the shield of unlimited WiFi. The whole app is clean, easy to use, and also eats up only 8MB of your phone’s internal storage. Youtube Go is similar to a lite version of the Youtube app.

That’s all about Youtube Go. What do you think about Youtube Go? Would it reach the mass who still deprived to enjoy Youtube?

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