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How to Make Normal Laptop into Touchscreen Laptop

by Jayant
airbar turn normal screen laptop a touch screen

The touchscreen is the easiest way to interact with your machine. Due to its utmost convenience, manufacturers of consumer technology gadgets starts adapting touchscreen into the gadgets. Due to increasing number of touchscreen gadgets, software developers also start working on new operating systems which are more interactive and compatible with the touch screen. With that, we have Android, iOS, Windows 10 which gives you a better experience when used with a touchscreen.

Touchscreen laptops are the cool thing to use. With such a huge display and power, we can literally do anything. From composing new music to draw the finest cartoon character, we can do anything with our fingers on that huge display. But Touchscreen laptops are bit heavy on the pocket.

If you are going to buy a laptop, make sure you go through these 10 Things you should consider before buying a laptop. This Laptop Buying Guide would help you in deciding the best laptop for you that too in your budget, but if you want touchscreen laptop and have a limited budget, this post would make your day.

If you already have a laptop and missing the touchscreen element, go on my friend. You are going to meet a new thing today.

How to Make Normal Laptop Screen a Touch Screen

I am not kidding and this is not a blunder. You can actually turn a normal screen of a laptop into a fully functioning touch screen. But how would you do that?

airbar turn normal screen laptop a touch screen

Here we have a magical device called Airbar. Airbar is a new gadget by a Swedish company Neonode Inc. The developers of Airbar also won the CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree. Airbar is a long bar-like device that you can connect to your laptop via USB port to make a normal non-touch screen laptop into a touch screen laptop.

Airbar emits an invisible ray of light that senses the hand gesture including poking, pinching, swiping, zooming and scrolling when we touch the display and Airbar turn the hand gesture into an input for further output.

To use the device, all you need is to mount it on the bottom of your screen and plug it into USB port and boom, now you have a fully functioning touch screen laptop.

The Good thing about Airbar is that Airbar is Now Available in India too.

There are 3 different variants of Airbar. You can get Airbar for 13.3 Inch Screen, 14 Inch Screen and for 15.6 Inch Screen. It is really easy to use as mentioned above. Just plug and play. You can use Airbar any PC or Laptop running on Windows 8 or 10. If you own a Macbook Air in India, you have to wait for it. As of now, AirBar for Macbook Air is available in other countries but not in India.

airbar turn normal screen laptop a touch screen

You can Check the price of Airbar on Amazon and more info on official the Airbar Website. If you are in India, check the price here.

Turn Normal Screen into Touchscreen

So, this is how you can turn a normal screen into a fully functioning touch screen. Airbar would definitely satisfy the need of a touchscreen in a laptop. The Airbar is not a new thing, but it is now available for consumers and you can buy it on different platforms.

Do share your thoughts about the Airbar and would you like to buy it? Also, share it with your friends on social media.

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