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Home Best of Best TWS Earbuds under Rs.3000 (May 2022)

Best TWS Earbuds under Rs.3000 (May 2022)

by Jayant
Best-truly-wireless-Earbuds-under Rupees-3000-in-India

You can always buy the best earbuds in your budget. If you are looking for the best tws under 3000, you will some of the value for money options that you can consider buying.

Below mentioned are truly wireless earbuds under 3000 that you can use for watching movies, tv shows, listening to music, podcast, games, and much more without the pain of handling the wires. All the tws earbuds under 3000 come with a deep bass output, lightweight design, sturdy build and attractive colors.

Charging these earbuds is also super easy. For those who are asking how to charge earbuds, simply put the earbuds in the case and it will start charging. Make sure the charging case is charged.

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So without any further ado, let’s jump right into our list of best tws earbuds under 3000.

5 Best TWS under 3000 in India

If you are looking for tws earbuds with best-in-class ANC, you better take a look at this list of best tws earbuds under 10000 and if you can expand your budget, you can get a better pair of best tws earbuds under 5000.

1. Oppo Enco Buds


Oppo’s Enco series is a popular TWS earbuds lineup from Oppo. Oppo is providing earbuds in every price spectrum and with Oppo Enco Buds, it has finally entered under 3000 category.

Oppo Enco Buds comes with TPU+PEEK double-layer composite diaphragm that is responsible for all the deep bass. You will get the best-in-class bass output with sub-bass. If you are EDM, or dance music fan, you are definitely going to love the bass output of Opp Enco Buds. For gaming, Oppo Enco comes with 80ms Low Latency game mode so that you can play games wireless using tws earbuds.

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If you are someone who attends a lot of calls, there is something for you as well. It comes with an Intelligent calling feature along with Noise Cancelation on calls. You get clear communication while Oppo Enco buds cut off all the ambient noise around you.

This tws under 3000 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 which is the latest Bluetooth version available right now. With Bluetooth 5.2, you can expect better connectivity with an extended distance range.

Dolby Atmos support, IP54 Dust & Water Resistant, and 24 hours of battery backup are some of the other reasons making Oppo Ecno Buds the best tws under 3000.

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2. realme Buds Q2


Here we have another pair of the best tws earbuds under 3000. Buds Q2 is a fully loaded product from Realme which is very impressive and sounds brilliant. For the price, realme is providing the best to their customers.

Talking about the Buds Q2, we have a 10mm Dynamic Driver which is optimized to give you a great sound with deep, dense bass output. The Bass Boost+ algorithm makes sure you get a satisfying level of bass. For all the electronic music lovers, who are looking for affordable and the best tws earbuds under 3000, Realme Buds Q2 is for you.

You are also getting Active Noise Cancelation in Buds Q2 which is unbelievable considering the price of the earbuds. Not just ANC, you will also find Touch controls on the Buds Q2. You don’t need to press the buttons to change the music, or attend the call, simply tap and control. For gamers, we have 88ms Low Latency Gaming Mode that you can use to play games with perfect synchronization of pictures and sound.

For connectivity, it also uses Bluetooth 5.2, just like Oppo Enco Buds. You can easily connect the earbuds with SmartTV, laptops, smartwatches, and much more. For sweaty gym sessions or running sessions, realme Buds Q2 are just ready with its IPX5 Water Resistant certification.

On a full charge, you can use the Buds Q2 for 28 hours which is slightly more than Oppo Enco Buds. Available in Grey & Black color, realme Buds Q2 is indeed the best tws earbuds under Rs.3000 in India that you can consider buying right now.

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3. Crossbeats Neobuds


Crossbeats is a popular brand when it comes to affordable products. You will find some of the best smartwatches, and earbuds from Crossbeats that too in affordable pricing.

Talking about Neobuds, it comes with a 13mm Driver which produces great sound, covering a wide range of frequencies. The driver is also capable to give you a solid, punchy, deep bass output. Considering the price of Neobuds, the sound driver works brilliantly. Touch controls on Neobuds are also a breeze. Simply touch and perform the function. No more annoying clicky sound.

Crossbeats Neobuds also comes with a dedicated low latency game mode which is good for those who spend their time on mobile gaming. You can now have the best gaming experience on truly wireless earbuds from Crossbeats. Not just gaming, conversations over Neobuds are also pretty good. It comes with 4 mic setup that makes sure you get crystal clear voice calling.

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On a full charge, you get 40 hours of power backup which is insanely impressive. What makes it more impressive is the fast charging stuff. Using a USB Type-C cable and mere 5 minutes of charge, you get 1 hour of playback.

Overall, Crossbeats Neobuds is a bang for the buck. If you are looking for affordable and the best tws earbuds under 3000, this is it.

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4. Noise Air Buds Pro


If you want earbuds from Noise, Buds Pro is something you can consider. It comes with almost everything that makes it a value for money product. The design of Buds Pro is also somewhat similar to Apple Airpods Pro.

Inside, Noise Air Buds Pro uses a 10mm driver that lets you enjoy music, tv shows, and movies. The driver is good enough to render every kind of frequency in the song. The bass output is satisfactory and you can always use the equalizer to tune the sound as per your taste and need.

Like other earbuds in this list, Buds Pro also offers you Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) that can easily cut off ambient noise up to -25db. You can activate ANC and transparency mode just by tapping on the back of your earbuds. Touch controls on Noise Air Buds Pro are very practical. You can control volume, skip, pause, play, and trigger voice assistant just by tapping on the earbuds. There is a certain pattern of touch controls for performing a different function. You will get used to it once you start using it.

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On a full charge, you can expect around 20 hours of playback with the charging case and 14 hours of playback when ANC is turned on. If you are someone who uses the earbuds around the swimming pool, during rains, or for a workout session, you can easily carry them with you as it also comes with IPX5 water-resistant certification.

Ergonomic design, Quad mic setup for clear calling, HyperSync technology, and touch controls are some of the other things making Noise Air Buds Pro one of the best tws earbuds under 3000 in India. Available in 3 colors, Buds Pro is an easy recommendation.

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5. realme Buds Air 2


Tuned by The Chainsmokers, Realme Buds Air 2 is another good option. It is slightly more than 3000 but if you can expand the budget a little bit, Buds Air 2 is something to consider.

For starters, it comes with a 10mm Driver with a dedicated chamber to boost the bass. The design of earbuds is made in a way that can provide more room to produce dense, deep bass output. Realme collaborated with The Chainsmokers to tune the buds Air 2 for better bass and all-over sound for that matter.

ANC on Buds Air 2 is brilliant. It simply removes all the ambient sound around you and gives you a sheer music experience without any kind of noise. Buds Air 2 ANC works well on Buses, Local trains, Metros, Parks, homes, or any other possible place you want to listen to music on. Simply tap and hold at the back to activate ANC and Transparency mode.

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and Realme’s R2 Chip, you can expect better battery capacity. On a full charge, you get 25 hours of backup and with mere 10 minutes of charge, you get 2 hours of backup. For gamers, there is a gaming mode with 88ms Low latency transmission, making it possible to play games without any delay in the sound. You just need to activate Game Mode from Realme Link App.

Available in 4 vibrant colors, Realme Buds Air 2 is definitely the best tws earbuds under 3000 you can buy right now.

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Best Truly Wireless Earbuds under 3000 in India: Conclusion

So here we are with the best Tws earbuds under 3000 that you can buy right now. Most of the earbuds come with ANC and Bluetooth 5.2 which is a good thing, making them value for money. Equipped with the latest tech is always better than outdated tech. Along with that, you will always find a 10mm Driver for producing sound. Buying decision more or less depends on the battery and which design you prefer to have.

If you can expand your budget, you can always get a slightly better quality product but for the budget-oriented best buy, the above-mentioned tws earbuds under 3000 are good to go. If you ever get the question of which earbuds are the best, simply see this list as we keep on updating this with new earbuds launches.

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