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How to Turn Off Shuffle on Spotify in 2023

by Jayant

The story of turning off Shuffle on Spotify started from that one tweet from Adele. On November 21, 2021, when Adele released her album ’30’, Spotify decided to turn off shuffle by default on album pages. There are music albums that tell you a story in form of music. In such albums, you don’t want to break the flow because of shuffling music.

Before Adele’s tweet, Spotify used to play albums on shuffle by default and when Adele tweeted about her album and how Spotify is ruining her album because of shuffling songs, Spotify introduced the option to turn off or turn on the shuffle on the Album pages. Now Spotify users can turn off the shuffle when listening to albums like 30 by Adele.

Apart from Adele’s 30, there are Linkin Park’s A Thousand Suns, Coldplays’ Ghost Stories, and Mike Posner’s Tear Drops and Ballons which are musical stories and have musical transitions that make more sense when they listen in their original order. You really don’t want to shuffle them.

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How to Turn off Shuffle on Spotify in 2023

If you are looking to turn off shuffle on Spotify, this brief but useful blog post is just for you. Here we are going to tell you how you can turn off shuffle on Spotify so that you can enjoy the album in its original form and with the artist’s intention.

1. Turn off Spotify Shuffle on Smartphone

Before you go and try to find the shuffle on Spotify, let me tell you. The shuffle option on smartphones, be it Android or iPhone, is available only to Spotify Premium users which is not cool but this is what it is. But don’t worry we are also going to tell you how you can still control the music you play on Spotify without a Premium account.

If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can follow the steps mentioned below to turn off shuffle on Spotify:

1. Open Spotify and go to the playlist or album that you can want to listen to.

2. Play any song from the Playlist or album.

3. Open the player and here you will Shuffle icon with 2 arrows crossing each other on the left.

4. Tap on that Shuffle icon and if that turns green, it will turn on the shuffle and by tapping it again, it will turn white/greyish which will make the shuffle turned off.


That’s how you can turn off shuffle on Spotify on smartphones. Now if you want are listening to Spotify on PC/Laptop, things get a little better.

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2. Turn off Spotify Shuffle on PC/Laptop

For turning off Spotify shuffle on a smartphone, you need Spotify Premium Subscription but things are different on PC or Laptop. You don’t need a Spotify Premium subscription for turning off the shuffle on Spotify on PC.

1. Open Spotify on your Laptop/PC. If you are not using the Spotify app yet, you can download the official Spotify app on Windows and macOS for free.

2. Now open the album or the playlist that you can want to play.

3. Play any song from that album or playlist.

4. You will see a Shuffle icon with 2 arrows crossing each other. The green shuffle icon indicates shuffle turned on and the white icon indicated shuffle turned off.


That is how you can turn off the shuffle on Spotify on PC/Laptop. The best part about PC and Laptop is that you don’t need a Spotify premium subscription to turn off shuffle on PC or laptop. Once you turned it off, you will be able to play music in order. No more random songs from the playlist.

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How to Turn off Spotify Shuffle on Smartphone without Spotify Premium

This is not how it looks. We are not going to give you a hack or anything to get the free Spotify premium feature. There is an inbuilt option that we are going to use to turn off the shuffle without Spotify premium.

For that, you need a PC/Laptop and your smartphone. Make sure you are login with the same Spotify account on both PC and smartphone. Here is how to turn off Spotify shuffle without Spotify Premium.

1. Open Spotify on a PC or Laptop. You can use the Spotify app as well as Spotify web for that. No problem with that.

2. Now play any song on the playlist or album on Spotify PC or laptop.

3. Once you played the song on a PC or laptop, open Spotify on your Smartphone and don’t close the Spotify app. If you are using the same Spotify account on both PC and smartphone, you will see the same song being played on your smartphone as well.

4. Now it is showtime. On your smartphone, you will see your PC or laptop name because you are playing music on PC with the same account. See screenshot.


5. Click on your PC name and choose ‘This Phone’. The song will start playing on your smartphone.


You need to repeat this same process every time you wanted to play a song of your preference. This gets annoying after some time but if you don’t want Spotify Premium, this is the only solution to bypass the shuffle thing of Spotify.

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How to Turn off Spotify Shuffle: Final Words

That is all about turning off the shuffle on Spotify. The best Spotify experience still lies in Spotify Premium but if you are a student or anyone who cannot afford or want Spotify Premium, you can shuffle the song like mentioned above. Turning off Shuffle on Spotify on a PC or laptop is still possible but for shuffling songs on a smartphone, you need a subscription.

Make sure you keep your Spotify app updated for new and improved features.

If due to any reason your Spotify shuffle got stuck and not responding on click or tap, you can simply close the app and restart it again to fix it. There could be a minor bug in the app which is causing a Spotify shuffle issue. Restarting the Spotify app will fix it in no time.

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