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How to Download Movies from uTorrent in 2022

by Jayant

Maybe you never used the torrent but you must have listened to torrent through news, friends, etc. Some are using it for quite a long time but some have always wanted to use it but never did because they always wanted to know how to download movies from utorrent but never asks. Before I proceed to the Utorrent movies download process, have some basic understanding of Torrent and how torrent works?

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What is Torrent & How does it Work?

A torrent is a file-sharing platform (P2P) that works on Peer to Peer system. A torrent website is a place where you can download a torrent file for a specific file may it be video, audio, pdf, images, etc. On a torrent website, you can download a torrent file only which consists of location, size, the number of parts of a file (Video, Audio, etc.).

You cannot download any file directly from torrent like other downloading processes. You need a torrent client that downloads the file using torrent. There are a lot of torrent clients, but Utorrent and Bit Torrent are the most popular torrent client. If you are using Macbook or any device running on macOS, you can use Flox which is the best torrent client for macOS.

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Torrent works on Peer to Peer basis which gets popular in 2005. Microsoft also uses the P2P system to update Windows 10. Torrent is a great way for sharing files but when you share pirated/copyrighted content, it became an illegal file-sharing platform. Anyways, a file in the torrent is downloaded in parts. Like if a file has 100 parts then, it would first download all the parts one by one and then assembles those parts to make a single file. Seeders and Leechers are a thing that makes a torrent alive.

More the seeders longer would be the life and download speed of the torrent. More the leechers less would be the speed. Maybe you don’t know but during downloading the file from a torrent, your computer becomes one of the seeders. That means someone is downloading that same file from your computer as well.

Torrent is a complex system but the good thing is you don’t need to understand for downloading movies from Utorrent. The above para is enough to understand about basics of the torrent and to help you in downloading movies in utorrent.

Now, move on to How to download movies in utorrent.

IPVanish VPN is P2P friendly which means, torrenting with IPVanish VPN is possible with the fastest download speed. IPVanish VPN also has a strict No Log Policy which means no one will ever be able to know your internet history on the internet. Get IPVanish VPN and download movies from torrent anonymously.

How to Download Movies from uTorrent?

The next thing you gonna read can be applied to download everything and anything available on torrent, not just movies. So, downloading utorrent movies is not a big deal. It is super easy and just takes a few minutes. Just follow these simple steps and Boom, Now you have everything 😉

First Connect the IPVanish VPN and then proceed further. Using Torrent is tricky and you have to be extra careful to use torrent websites in a healthy manner. So better use IPVanish VPN and then proceed further.

1. Download uTorrent

how to download movies from utorrent

Before doing anything, first, download a torrent client. uTorrent is one of the best torrent clients. Utorrent is available for Windows, Mac, LINUX. Choose your OS and download it. If you want the ad-free version, you can buy a Pro version of uTorrent for ₹1,700 ($23). Here you can download uTorrent. Download and Open it.

Utorrent is also available for Android. You can download anything from the torrent on your android smartphone also.

For macOS Catalina users, you can use Folx. After the macOS Catalina update, macOS is not supporting uTorrent as of now. Till that time, you can use Folx.

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2. Go to Torrent Website

Now you have to show some google search skills. You know that torrent is illegal because of piracy and that is why the government of many countries including India, the US, Canada, etc. are against torrent sites. The government directs ISP to ban torrent websites. But, the developers of the torrent are so clever than the government. People behind these torrent sites change their IP as well as domain overnight. You might also need a VPN to visit a torrent website.

You can also use the proxy to visit the torrent website. Therefore, you have to search for a website name on google and open the first 4-5 results. I am not giving any link here because maybe that link gets a ban as soon as you visit this post.

So, you have to search on your own. You can visit the torrentz2 website (Google of Torrent World) or simply search for Extratorrents, Kickass, thepiratebay which are very popular torrent websites. Once you found the torrent website, open it. As of now, thepiratebay is working well.

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3. Fetch the torrent to Download

Now, you are on the Torrent site. Look for the file you wanted to download on the homepage. If you did not find the file you wanted to download, you have to fetch the file you wanted to download. Suppose, if you want to download ABC thing then search for ABC using the search bar. You can sort them by category, type, etc.


Choose that file that has more Seeders (S) and Leechers (L) as it is considered as a healthy torrent. When you find that file, open it.

4. Download the torrent

how to download movies from utorrent

On this page, you would get all the information regarding the torrent file. Here you would get the size of the file, time of torrent created, comments on the torrent, name of the user who uploaded the torrent, samples, and screenshot of the file, seeders, leechers etc.

You don’t need any of this information, just make sure torrent is healthy and has a good amount of seeders and leechers. When you are satisfied with the torrent file quality, download it. This would be just a torrent file of few kbs. This is not the original file that you are looking for. This torrent file would download the original file.

how to download movies from utorrent

For downloading, look for the download button or look for the magnet link. If you click on the magnet link, uTorrent would automatically get opened and the file would start downloading. If you download the torrent file then open the destination folder where you wanted to download the torrent file. Now open that torrent file. This would open uTorrent.

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5. Download Movies in utorrent

How to download movies from utorrent

How to download movies from utorrent

Your file is NOW downloading using utorrent. You can see the name, size, downloading, and uploading speed. Sometimes, uploading speed increases, in that case, right-click on the file which is downloading and go to Bandwidth Allocation > Set Upload Limit > set the lowest one. the uTorrent movies download process is quite fast but if you feel speed is not enough, check if your torrent is a healthy torrent or not.

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Once the downloading gets finished, you would see the Seeding thing in place of download. This means someone is now downloading the same file from your computer and uTorrent is seeding that file for his/her computer sitting somewhere around the world. You can remove it by Right Click on the torrent > Remove.

How to download movies from utorrent

How to Download uTorrent Movies: Wrapping up

So, this is how you can download Movies from Utorrent. Using the same way, you can download anything from torrent. Download Movies in utorrent is not legal in many countries, so make your country is not against downloading movies from utorrent otherwise, you will face serious consequences. You can use VPN to protect your online identity while downloading movies from utorrent.

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Torrent is a great platform to share your content with the world but sharing something which is copyrighted is not ethical. Sharing any software which is created by a developer with a lot of hard work and skills is not a good thing to do. Use the torrent to share your work, content with the world.

I hope you get everything about downloading movies from Utorrent. If you find it useful then share this post with your friends. If you have any confusion or query, let me know in the comments.

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Hi Jayant,

Clear enough instructions for downloading movies on a torrent site. But, I still don’t want any association with them – too much chance of corrupt files for a non-techie like myself. Guess I’ll stick to showbox for movies. Thanks,

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gaurav verma April 27, 2017 - 5:03 pm

hi. very good article to watch free movies
thanks for sharing .keep up the good work

Bibhrangshu mahapatra December 30, 2017 - 7:25 am

Thanks for the post.Very impressive & informative post.please tell me how to download it in mobile?

Jayant December 30, 2017 - 1:17 pm

You can download uTorrent Android app and rest of the procedure is same.


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