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How to Undo Send Email on Gmail – Unsend Email in Gmail

by Jayant
gmail undo send thetechtoys dot com

There is a quick setting on Gmail where you can undo send emails on Gmail. Here is everything you wanted to know.

Have you ever sent the right email to the wrong person? Or, the Wrong email to the right person? Sometimes, we even forget to add important information and we realize the same after pressing the send button. Well, that is not a big issue but if you are sending really confidential information or something personal then it may create a nuisance for you.

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If you are a professional, you just cannot afford to make such kinds of mistakes as it affects your professional personality and image if the recipient is a big player in your industry. For a healthy and long-term professional relationship, you have to have perfection in your tasks even in composing emails. A minor mistake of sending an incomplete or wrong email can turn out to be a real big problem for you and for your company.

But, if you are using Gmail, Gsuite or Google Workplace, then you can save yourself and your company from such silly mistakes. With just 2 clicks and modifications in Gmail settings, you can give yourself a window of 30 seconds in which you can perform Gmail undo send. With that, the sent email will be unsend and the recipient will not receive that incomplete, wrong email.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s just save you by undo sent Gmail.

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How to Undo Send Email in Gmail

To perform the function of Gmail undo send, you just need to follow these easy steps.

1. Go to Gmail Inbox. On the top right-hand side, you would see options with a gear icon. Click on that, then select See All Settings.undo-gmail-sent-email

2. Now, Enable ‘Undo Send‘. By default, it is not enabled. You just need to enable it.

3. Just below the Undo Send Enable button, you would see a number of seconds. By default, it is at 10 Seconds but I would suggest you select 30 Seconds instead of 10 or 20 Seconds as it would allow you more time to unsend email on Gmail or undo send email.

gmail undo send thetechtoys dot com
4. After selecting the time, just click on Save Changes below.

You are done with the settings for Gmail undo send. Now, every time you will send an email on Gmail, you would get an option of Undo the send Mail.

After sending the email, if you found that you have sent the wrong email to the right person or vice-versa, you can Undo Send the email on Gmail within 30 Seconds and it would allow you to change the email address or message or attachments. You have 30 Seconds to modify the sent mail and that is why I suggested you select 30 Second window instead of 10 or 20 Seconds as it allows you more time.

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Enable Undo Send in Gmail to Unsend Email

So, this is how you can undo send Gmail by enabling Undo Send option of Gmail. Undo Send Gmail option will give you 30 seconds window to change or modify your message and email address before sending the right mail to the right person. After 30 Seconds, the mail would be sent to the recipient and you cannot undo send Gmail after 30 seconds.

This is really helpful for some people who use Gmail to ping or to approach other people in their industry. Also, for those who use Gmail to contact their friends and family by sharing personal messages. With Undo Gmail Send, it is now easy to undo the sent mail on Gmail.

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